The Planner Scenario is a collective term for the universal structure of Ludo-Rathowm's world, named for the Grand God Planner, creator of the rules.

The Scenario was created to amuse Ludo-Rathowm.


Monsters are very important to the Planner scenario. They are born to be killed by the Protagonist Race and, to a lesser extent, other races.

They vary in power. So as to always provide a challenge for people of different levels, they are the primary source of "Experience Points", which people need to gain a level.


A level determines the strength of an individual, levels are gained through submitting experience points to a Level Store or a Level God. All beings under the Planner Scenario have a level cap (with the exception of the Demon King). This limits their power and helps maintain a balance.

When you are born you have a set level cap. It can be raised through artificial means, but not by too much. Different people level up at different rates, requiring more or less Experience Points to reach the next level. Levels can drop if people are too lazy. They also drop at different rates. Those who level up faster will drop levels faster and vice-versa.


Skills are everyday abilities that people make use of, they cover anything, from cookery to swordplay.

Skills are divided into three levels:

  • At skill level 1 one is able to proficiently perform a task and do it to a good standard.
  • At skill level 2 one is a genius in their field and can use an ability unique to them.
  • At skill level 3 one is unmatched and has attained legendary proficiency in their field, going down in history for their achievements.

When you are born your skills are hardcapped, they cannot increase. Most people are level 1 or lower. If you don't have a skill level – also referred to as skill level 0 – in something then you can manage it fine, but you'll never be anything more than average.

People with skill level 3 are very rare, as they tend to be able to tip the scales and disrupt balance. So far there has been only one level 3 swordsman in the history of the continent Fujiwara Ishimaru.

The Protagonist Race[]

The Protagonist Race is the species that takes the role of the protagonists in Ludo-Rathowm's great tragedy. Their conflicts with each other and the forces of the Demon King are the main highlight for the Gods.

Humans are the current Protagonist Race, preceded by the Round Ones and Dragonkind. The Round Ones were too weak and the Dragons were too strong, humans are a perfect balance of sturdiness and feebleness.

The Demon King[]

All protagonists need antagonists as watching a group of people from the same species living lives without a major threat is incredibly boring. That's why the Demon King and the Dark Lords were created to give the Protagonist Race something to fear and face off against. The endless conflict provides limitless entertainment for the Creator God.

The Demon King commands the Dark Lords, and the Dark Lords wreak havok on the Protagonist Race, so long as this balance of power is retained, Ludo-Rathowm will be entertained.

The Hero System[]

Demon King Nighcisa was unbearably savage, he ravaged humanity and whittle down their numbers to a small amount. This distressed Planner, as the scales were being tipped too far in the favor of the Demon King. So he created a failsafe for the Human race, he called it the Hero System.

Under the Hero System, a boy between the ages of 13 and 19 is chosen to become the Guardian Hero. When the Hero turns 20 years old, he loses his power and another boy is chosen. There can only be one Guardian Hero at any given time, and it is his job to be the chosen one that saves Humanity in times of peril, like typical JRPG protagonist.

In effect, the Hero is a "beat anything with a limiter" system, and allows the scales to tip back for the protagonists. He wields the legendary blade "Escude", whose power is inversely proportional to the total human population. When enough humans are dead, it becomes powerful enough to even defeat the Demon King.

All in all, these are the elements that make up the Planner Scenario, and were carefully desined to provide maximum entertainment for the Creator God.