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I adore this balance... it's beautiful.

—Planner, upon finishing his Hero System.

Japanese プランナー
Romanization purannā
Race Gods
Age / Birth ≈6220
Sex Male
Status Alive
Class Three Supreme Gods
World The Continent
Affiliation Gods
Mentioned in Rance X


Planner is one of the Three Supreme Gods, one of the most powerful entities in existence within the universe of the Rance Series. He was the first God created by Ludo-Rathowm, making him one of the very first existences created in the universe. Since the Creator God formed him directly from his own body, Planner's body structure is presumed to be similar to that of his father, a combination of Raw Souls without any data. He was created to be one of the main architects of The Continent, the world created by his father as a way to alleviate his eternal boredom, making him an extremely important figure that greatly contributed to the creation of the world.


Among the Three Supreme Gods of the hierarchy, Planner is arguably the one that has contributed the most in the formation of the structure of The Continent, making him the primal reason for the misery and chaos that has plagued the world of mortals. He was responsible for creating and managing the Planner Scenario, a collective term for the structure of The Continent. He created the system of Levels and Skill Levels set by birth on living beings, as well as Level Caps in order to serve as a restrictive measure to create balance. He formed the "scenario" that were to entertain his father, conceiving the idea of a Protagonist Race and an Antagonist Race to serve as forces of eternal conflict. He created the Demon King, the Dark Lords and Monsters as a way to inject drama and chaos into the lives of the protagonist race to ensure amusement for the Creator God. He's a figure of immense importance in the world, as his choices determine the path the mortal world takes, and all living beings in the continent adhere to the Planner Scenario in one way or another. He also designed the Hero System to give humanity a mechanism of survival against the Demon King in desperate situations.

Planner likes to meddle in the affairs of mortals, often granting wishes and twisting them either to fit his own agenda or maybe as a simple source of amusement. Possibly the first time he did this was during the Ssulal Era, when Demon King Ssulal herself managed to find a way to contact with him and asked him to grant the Demon King a protective barrier that would make her immune to any attack. He agreed to the petition and added the Invincibility Field on the Demon King System, as well as on Dark Lords. In exchange however, he placed a limited lifespan of 1000 years onto the Demon Kings, and established a rule that forces them to find a heir before their time ends or else they would be punished. 

He's also responsible for the disappearance of The Legendary Five, the strongest group of adventurers humanity has ever seen. The five managed to contact him as well through the Gate of Gods hidden in the Ancient Ruins and he offered to grant a wish each as a reward for getting so far:

Once again, Planner granted all these wishes but not without a cost. Chaos and Nikkou were turned into Dark Lord killing Swords, incapable of acting without a wielder. Ho-Raga was given knowledge of everything in existence and led to his descent to madness. Café changed into a figure of such charm and beauty that caused many to go crazy over her and was kept imprisoned as a political asset or a sex slave. He also granted all of them immortality, even though none of them asked for it.

His main goal in The Continent is to maintain a flow of tension and harmony; he is absolutely obsessed with keeping anything from permanently disrupting such a state, and believes in maintaining balance at all costs. This has lead to Planner's extreme dislike of Balance Breakers, as they disrupt the balance that he has so carefully planned out on his world. When Rance was born, Planner immediately noticed his lack of Level Cap and his chaotic nature, and wished to kill him immediately, but the newborn was spared as Ludo-Rathowm expected him to become a Brutal King that would bring extensive amounts of suffering and misery towards his race.

Personality and Appearance[]

Golden and crustacean in appearance, Planner is a strange-looking lifeform. His eyes in particular greatly resemble those of his father. A deceitful, trickster God, he directly influences the world more so than his brothers. He has a quick, imaginative and strategic mind capable of planning contingencies and different courses of action for many possible outcomes. He's a careful planner with a rigid and structured mindset that allows him to manage his scenario with efficiency and coherence. He's the main architect of the world, in charge of organizing it in a way that brings the most amusement to his father Ludo-Rathowm. More than anything, Planner appreciates balance and he likes to be in control. He does not mind extreme violence or death, so long as a society or race can eventually recover from it. He believes that when giving something, something else must be taken away to preserve order. This is why his gifts come with an extreme price - a price which he will not always disclose. He was very upset, to the point of tears and panic, when Demon King Nighcisa nearly drove humanity to extinction. When seeing the Hero System being the cause humanity to stave off Nighcisa's advances, Planner was overjoyed. The Devil King Rathowm, being his "brother" of sorts, also displays some of Planner's creative flair, as seen in his creation of the Devil Race and their strict societal rules.


He has a severe obsession over keeping balance and if disturbed it can lead to him getting immensely distressed. He can't stand the sight of losing the precious balance that he's constantly working to perfect, making him ruthless and determined in his decisions to keep his scenario stable at any cost. As the world stands, it's managed to serve as a great source of amusement and joy for the Creator God, maintaining a perfect balance of chaos and harmony. He has a strong dislike for Balance Breakers, as they are capable of disrupting his beloved balance and could potentially lead to a world that would no longer satisfy Ludo-Rathwom. Despite his hard-working nature, it is likely that it is not out of sheer loyalty to his father, but merely due to his obsessive nature with keeping his scenario perfect. While he might seem emotionally stable, he's quickly troubled and driven to panic in situations he couldn't predict or where he doesn't know how to react.

Alter ego[]


Planner has a separate form he takes for when he wants to directly involve himself in celestial or mortal affairs. He will appear in the persona of 1st Class God Nautoala, ruler of Neutrality. When in this form, he takes a more active approach in maintaining neutrality across the continent.


  • While not explicitly stated, it is presumed that he was also responsible for granting wishes to Yamanaka Kojika and Millie Lincle despite the fact that they did not meet him.