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Pigu-mini-spoils-2 Spoiler Alert: This page contains minor spoilers from the events of the games.
Don't worry too much about them but take it into account.

Don't be stupid, Sill's at home.

—Rance, denying the possibility of Pink Mask being Sill Plain.

Pink Mask
Japanese ピンク仮面
Romanization pinku kamen
Race Human
Sex Female
Class Heroine
World The Continent
Affiliation Free Cities Alliance
Appeared in Rance 4.1, Rance 4.2



Pink Mask is a female superhero in disguise, travelling around helping those in need and aiding adventurers that are in itchy situations. 

She made appearance only in the Rance 4.1 and Rance 4.2 games, where she first appeared in the dungeon infested with monsters below the Factory of the Happiness Pharmaceutical company. She mostly showed up in front of Rance, and assisted him in live or death situations, being somewhat of a Guardian Angel for him during his adventure in which he coincidentally didn't take Sill Plain with him, but Athena 2.0 instead.

She's a heroine, brave and righteous. She appears over the course of the games saving Rance from a certain death in more than one occasion. Many of his companions during this time believed her true identity to be Sill, but Rance strongly denies it, claiming that Sill's just a slave and that she couldn't be her because "she's at home". Regardless, what's certain is that hadn't been for her, Rance wouldn't have made it out alive in his adventure against the Angel Army. Despite this, Rance barely had a chance to talk with her, as she would run away immediately.


During his raid on the base of the Organization, at one point Rance found her in an itchy situation where she was defeated by several Elite Members of the Angel Army, who were claiming that she brought them a lot trouble and planned to gang-rape her as payback. As a way to repay his debt, Rance defeated the men and saved her this time. He asked her why was she following him, but she didn't answer, so Rance concluded that it was because she must be in love with him and attempted to have sex with her to repay her, but she ran away when he was distracted after noticing a familiar sensation upon groping her breasts.

The music that plays when encountering her, "Mysterious Pink Mask", is Sill's theme played in a minor key with different instrumentation. It is actually abundantly clear that she's Sill, but Rance never figured it out, not even years later.