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Pigu Geliciam
Japanese ピグ・ギリシアム
Romanization pigu girishiamu
Race Human, Puryo
Age / Birth 16 / GI1006
Sex Female
Ht. / Wt. 142cm / 32kg
Status Alive
Class Brawler
World The Continent
Affiliation Helman, Rance Castle
Level limit 45
Skill levels Writing Lv1 (?)
Appeared in Rance IX, Rance X


Pigu's appearance in Rance IX.

Pigu Geliciam is a girl born in the Helman Empire. Her father was a righteous journalist that tried to uncover Stessel as the corruptive minister he is, but they both ended up secretly captured by Stessel's men and Pigu was handed to Dr. Oama, a crazy Helman scientist who experimented on Pigu and wanted to turn her more "Puryo-like" and she gained the unique ability to split herself in several copies.

Pigu's family, her mother and her father, were experimented on as well. Her mother being the first one taken away. It is not mentioned actually in game, but it is hinted that the scientist half human half cockroach assistant is Pigu's father. She was later saved by the commander of the 1st Army Lelyukov, and she remained with him until the Helman Revolution in LP0006.

Pigu appears for the first time in Rance IX as a guest in Lelyukov's 1st army. She and Lelyukov are very fond of each other and have an almost father and daughter relationship. She later met Rance during the events of the Helman Revolution, who she joined in to take down Stessel from the government.

Personality and Appearance[]


As a result of the experiments Dr. Oama performed on her, she's half Puryo, half human. After the experiments, her appearance changed quite a bit, having a more pale skintone and bloody red eyes. Her hair also went through some transformations and has something that resembles a flower on the top of her head, which, oddly enough, she's able to willingly move. She's a very short and small girl but boasts quite a feminine figure with large hips and well rounded breasts.

Even though she has been through some horrible experiences, she doesn't seem to be bothered by it and talks about it almost non-chalantly. She has a very close relationship with Lelyukov, and he's almost like a father to her. 

Pigu's stamina is even bigger than Rance's.

She is a very cheerful person, and behaves like a little child but she is older than she looks. She has a tremendously big appetite like Puryo do, possibly due to her ability to split too. While she's innocent and joyful, she's also very weird and has very unusual habits.

Awkwardly enough, she's incredibly fond of sex. When Rance had rather rough sex with her, she claimed that she enjoyed the experience and she even managed to drain Rance out of his stamina. Usually it will only be Rance tiring the girl out, but at some point she was basically the one raping Rance. She grew very fond of Rance and after the Revolution ended, she moved to the Rance Castle. She quickly befriended Athena 2.0 since they are pretty alike and they tend to play together in the Rance Castle. She also gets along well with Miracle for some reason.


Four mini-Pigus taking a nap with Rance.

Ever since the experiments Dr. Oama made on her, she gained the unique ability to split into smaller versions of herself. Each copy is self-sentient but she has some level of control over them. These clones are not mere images or semi-corporeal copies, but real clones with flesh, blood and organs. To deal with them, they have to be killed like a regular human would, which makes them far more useful. Pigu literally splits herself with this technique and there is no "real" one among the copies, since they all become "Pigu".

The big drawback this has is that every time she performs this technique, the copies get smaller and smaller in size, since she literally "splits" herself. Continually splitting in several copies makes all the "Pigus" progressively smaller, to the point she can get to the size of a mouse. She can revert this state anytime she wants but she claimed that if she were to split into even more parts, she wouldn't have control of those parts and she would just die. 

Pigu when being experimented by Dr. Oama.

Also, her half-Puryo traits made her skin and body harder and stronger, allowing her to fight without wearing armor, which grants her a great agility boost and combined with her small body makes her an opponent very hard to land a hit on. Her copies make her a more dangerous opponent, but dividing in more than 8 Pigus becomes counter-productive due to how small they get from that point, so she never splits anymore than that in combat. Her current level by LP0006 is 30 and has a rather high cap of 45.

While these traits grant her good potential for combat, she lacks any sort of fighting skills and doesn't really have much experience on the battlefield. She isn't capable of wielding any weaponry efficiently and mostly relies in kicks and punches that are boosted by her natural strength as a half-puryo experiment. Also, splitting in combat makes her weaker and more vulnerable the more she does, but provides better versatility.


For more in depth gameplay information of each game refer to:

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  • In the Rance IX popularity poll she was ranked 7th, being the least popular among the heroines.
  • Pigu is the only one among the Main heroines of Rance IX that isn't fated to Rance.
  • Her special skill in Rance IX is to split herself into half size copies. She gets 3 Special buttons, so you can get up to (2-4-8) tiny, butt kicking mini-lolis. Basically, a one Loli Army.
  • Her special skill to divide herself and split the health among the copies resembles a lot to Sienna's special skill in Mamatoto. Given the amount of Mamatoto references in the game, it is likely this is another one.
  • In Rance IX Pigu's weapon is called "Puryo's fang" while her armor is called "Puryo's skin". This can be seen in the screen where one can upgrade the character's armor and weapon. The player can see plans of Pigu's body with the german word "Geheimnis" (secret) stamped on them.
  • She's the first human to be successfully genetically mixed with a Puryo. This would also make her the first female Puryo in a sense.
  • She is one of the few people capable of dominating Rance at sex.