Japanese パイアール
Romanization Paiāru
Race Dark Lord, Human (former)
Age / Birth 2519~ / NC????
Sex Male
Ht. / Wt. 140cm / 30kg
Status Demonic Blood Soul
Class Technician
World The Continent
Affiliation Root Ari, Kayblis Faction, Monster Realm
Level limit 120
Skill levels Science Lv3, Magic Lv1
Appeared in Kichikuou Rance, Rance X
Mentioned in Rance 03, Rance Quest



Pi-R's sister under cryogenic sleep.

A former human Pi-R is an insane genius, more than any other being in The Continent. The name Pi-R most likely comes from the mathematic formula, πr.

He is a member of the Kayblis Faction, he thinks of humans as lowly pathetic creatures and claims that he chose to become a Dark Lord for that very reason, although he looks down on pretty much everyone other than his sister.

As a human he organized advanced strategies for the armies of Humanity and used his skills to allow humans to fight on equal terms with the Dark Lords.  

Fascinated by Dark Lords and wishing to become a much more advanced being, he extracts the Demonic Blood Soul of a captured Dark Lord and consumed it, becoming one himself. 

At some point, his sister fell ill to an incurable disease. This is a tragedy for Pi-R who worships his elder sister like a goddess. Without her consent, he freezed her and began tireless research for a cure. He could've made her into an Apostle, but he believes that Dark Lords and apostles are impure creatures, and did not wish to taint her. His love for her drove him to extremes.

He turned innocent human girls into cyborg Apostles named PG series, in his research for cure. He plans to complete the research with PG-10, then use the PG technology on his sister. The PG stands for Perfect Girl and was made with the thought of make her sister transcend as the perfect being.

Personality and AppearanceEdit

He is a schemer, and is very cunning. He does not give value to anyone else but himself and his sister, believing every other living being to be useless vermin.

He is obsessed with his sister, and cannot bear the thought of her dying. He spends every waking moment researching a way to eternally preserve her. He's practically insane and a complete sociopath that cares about nothing outside of himself and his sister. However, he's still aware of his position as a Dark Lord and loyally serves his Demon King or, in the current scenario, Kayblis. 

He's been described as a rude and arrogant brat, and a mad scientist, not many Dark Lords trust him or the machines that he builds.

He has the physical appearance of a kid but he's from 2024 to 2984 years old.


PG-7 Kichikuou Battler

PG-7 in combat in Kichikuou Rance.

PG-9 Kichikuou Battler

PG-9 in combat in Kichikuou Rance.

He has magic Lv 1 skill, but rarely uses it. He seems to be physically weaker and more fragile than most Dark Lords but he's probably still a powerful mage since he had reached level 100 and had a cap of 120. However is true talents lie in technological research, he is the most advanced scientist and researcher on the entire continent.

He managed to breach the Invincibility field of a Dark Lord to steal and consume the Demonic Blood Soul, how he did this is unknown but it would have required a godlike Research and Development skill.

He is a genius, genius being an understatement, possibly the most intelligent being on the continent, but he only uses his mind to research the PG system in the hopes of eternally preserving his sister.

His two lesser apostles, PG-7 and PG-9 are fully functional and advanced battle cyborgs. However, they were not willing participants in his experimental procedures, but they are slaved to him and must obey his every command. They are pretty powerful fighters that can pull a hard fight to the armies of Leazas.

He also made a huge flying ship that serves for quick transportation across The Continent and can be used for surprise attacks, since aeronautical technology doesn't exist in the continent in the current era, specially not this advanced.

In Kichikuou Rance he made a special machine to capture Kurusu Miki and is the only Dark Lord that actually manages to do so if he gets the chance. Said machine was capable of catching and restraining a half awakened Demon King, which is an impressive feat that made him proud.




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