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Draft Verison 0.3. Collected by Afker, #Alice_In_Hgameland, Dalnet

Last updated 2002 November 13

Since it's a direct transcript of conversions, it's going to be very confusing. Read at your own risk (also, not all info gaurenteed to be correct).

A revised guide to Persiom will come out sometime in June if people bug me enough.

Part 1[]

[02:49] <Afker> nite!
[02:52] <Elementasts> I still need to figure out hwo to get rid of the bird
[02:52] <Elementasts> hehe
[02:53] <Afker> it's ok
[02:53] <Afker> just play it last
[02:53] <Afker> well, you can't read japanese, so the story doesn't matter as much...
[02:53] <Afker> so then doesn't matter if you play bird early
[02:54] <Afker> oh
[02:54] <Afker> after you solve the game with any character (which I did, so you'll inherit it)
[02:54] <Afker> when you start a new game and pick a character
[02:54] <Afker> it'll ask you if you want to play normal mode or easy mode
[02:55] <Afker> easy mode will make you skip all the battles/dungeon-puzzles
[02:55] <Afker> so you just go through the story
[02:55] <Elementasts> which choice is normal mode?
[02:55] <Afker> mmm
[02:55] <Afker> hold on
[02:56] <Afker> after clicking "Yes" (to confirm playing with that character), the choice appears
[02:56] <Afker> top is easly, bottom is normal
[02:56] <Elementasts> so bottom is normal
[02:56] <Elementasts> :(
[02:56] <Afker> I recommend play normal with the boy, then do the rest in easy mode
[02:56] <Elementasts> how come?
[02:57] <Afker> miner stuff
[02:57] <Elementasts> like what?
[02:57] <Elementasts> harder?
[02:57] <Afker> 1. the boy is designed to be played first
[02:57] <Afker> just by his position in the game
[02:58] <Afker> and if you just get the game, you'll probalby play with him
[02:58] <Afker> and the first time you can only do normal mode
[02:58] <Elementasts> yea
[02:58] <Afker> so most players will be playing the boy in normal mode, and then the easy mode opens up, so they'll play other characters with easy mode
[02:58] <Elementasts> but why shouldn't I play with the others in normal mode after I finish with the boy?
[02:58] <Afker> because gameplay is more or less the same
[02:59] <Afker> characters develope differently yes
[02:59] <Elementasts> but arent their stats different?
[02:59] <Elementasts> yea
[02:59] <Elementasts> thats what I meant
[02:59] <Afker> but most ppl just want the story/CG after they go through the first player (-:
[02:59] <Afker> doens't matter much
[02:59] <Elementasts> ah well
[02:59] <Afker> your own choice
[02:59] <Elementasts> yea
[02:59] <Afker> I started with the girl
[02:59] <Elementasts> XD
[02:59] <Elementasts> see what I mean
[02:59] <Afker> used her in normal mode
[02:59] <Afker> then played the others in easy
[02:59] <Elementasts> you dont always start with the first choice
[03:00] <Elementasts> XD
[03:00] <Afker> though after I got all the story and CG, I decided to play the boy in normal mode
[03:01] <Afker> so does the game run now?
[03:01] <Elementasts> yea
[03:01] <Elementasts> started up Richwin
[03:01] <Elementasts> but the bird is still there XD
[03:02] <Elementasts> Il figure out hwo to get rid of the bird first before I ask for gameplay questions
[03:02] <Afker> ok
[03:02] <Afker> try this
[03:02] <Afker> hide both e1 and e2, see what happens
[03:02] <Afker> and hide all the save files too
[03:02] <Afker> hide every single (ASD) file
[03:02] <Elementasts> put them in separate folders
[03:02] <Elementasts> put them in separate folders?
[03:03] <Afker> yeah
[03:03] <Afker> I think e1 and e2 are the environment variables
[03:03] <Elementasts> Ill try it
[03:03] <Afker> that keeps track of some game settings that are unrelated to save files
[03:04] <Afker> cuz it does remember a lot of things, the game, like how much of different CG have you got
[03:04] <Afker> and that's independent of your savegames
[03:04] <Elementasts> I see
[03:05] <Elementasts> ok...
[03:05] <Elementasts> the bird is gone
[03:05] <Afker> nice
[03:06] <Afker> probably the choice of easy and normal mode is also gone
[03:06] <Elementasts> it was the e files
[03:06] <Elementasts> not the save files
[03:06] <Afker> (-:
[03:06] <Elementasts> let me try it now
[03:07] <Afker> k
[03:07] <Afker> so how did you even guess the bird is hidden character?
[03:09] <Elementasts> well

[03:09] <Elementasts> seeing as
[03:09] <Elementasts> there are only 3 swords
[03:09] <Elementasts> XD
[03:10] <Afker> smart (-:
[03:10] <Elementasts> and the bird wouldnt even be able to carry those big things
[03:10] <Afker> hahahahaha
[03:10] <Afker> the bird is really strong actually
[03:11] <Elementasts> well it is an anime game
[03:11] <Afker> (-:
[03:11] <Elementasts> but it'll look awkward if he tries
[03:11] <Afker> (-:
[03:11] <Afker> most of this game should be easy enough to figure out by trial and error
[03:12] <Elementasts> Im gonna start with JK
[03:12] <Afker> that's good
[03:12] <Afker> JK = Joker King
[03:12] <Elementasts> hey it gave me a choice
[03:12] <Afker> he has 3 or 4 endings
[03:12] <Elementasts> of yes or no
[03:12] <Elementasts> what does it mean?
[03:12] <Afker> diff girls to choose from
[03:13] <Afker> the boy, Kuroa, has 2 endings I think
[03:13] <Afker> and the girl only has one ending
[03:13] <Afker> Kuroa has either 2 or 3 ending, but only one girl
[03:13] <Elementasts> no I mean
[03:13] <Elementasts> after I cose JK
[03:13] <Elementasts> a choice popped up
[03:13] <Afker> then say Yes
[03:14] <Afker> it is asking are you sure you want JK
[03:14] <Afker> with a description of JK
[03:14] <Elementasts> oh
[03:16] <Elementasts> ok
[03:16] <Elementasts> Im in this bar
[03:16] <Elementasts> a choice popped up
[03:16] <Afker> dont' think it matters much
[03:16] <Elementasts> what does it mean?
[03:16] <Afker> do the top one
[03:16] <Elementasts> ok
[03:19] <Elementasts> this woman popped up
[03:19] <Elementasts> and then a pig
[03:19] <Elementasts> then a cat
[03:19] <Elementasts> then a witch
[03:19] <Elementasts> XD
[03:19] <Afker> yeah
[03:19] <Afker> the witch hired you for something
[03:20] <Elementasts> oh
[03:21] <Elementasts> but who's the redhead?
[03:21] <Afker> the girl with the pig?
[03:21] <Afker> she's one of the bar tenders
[03:21] <Afker> she's renting you a room in the bar
[03:22] <Elementasts> ah
[03:22] <Elementasts> ok another choice popped up
[03:22] <Elementasts> three choices
[03:22] <Afker> ok
[03:22] <Afker> you need to learn to recognize some japanese here...
[03:22] <Elementasts> what does this one mean?
[03:22] <Afker> the bottom one is "System"
[03:22] <Elementasts> k
[03:22] <Afker> definitely recognize this one
[03:23] <Afker> the strokes are easy, so maybe copy it down
[03:23] <Afker> inside system, you get:
[03:23] <Elementasts> save
[03:23] <Elementasts> load
[03:23] <Afker> Save, Load, Status, Various Modes, Return to Title Screen, Return
[03:23] <Elementasts> in status
[03:23] <Elementasts> there are three buttons
[03:23] <Afker> top is "return"
[03:23] <Afker> second one is Item
[03:24] <Afker> third is Equipment
[03:25] <Afker> you can easily switch between equipment and item
[03:25] <Afker> and within equipment, there's a green button on the left
[03:25] <Afker> it's a "Magical Little Box"
[03:25] <Elementasts> whats that?
[03:25] <Afker> basically you get to store extra equipment htere
[03:26] <Elementasts> ones that youd ont equip?
[03:26] <Afker> let's get to it later, when we actually have some stuff
[03:26] <Afker> yeah
[03:26] <Elementasts> ok how baout various modes
[03:26] <Afker> inside Various Mode
[03:26] <Afker> the first is CG mode
[03:26] <Elementasts> the second one has tetris blocks
[03:27] <Afker> yeah
[03:27] <Afker> well,
[03:27] <Afker> for CG mode, it collects game-related CGs you've seen so far
[03:27] <Afker> second choice is:
[03:27] <Elementasts> oh yea
[03:28] <Elementasts> Iceman alreayd left
[03:28] <Afker> Girl Monster Something Mode
[03:28] <Elementasts> O_o
[03:28] <Elementasts> what do you do in there?
[03:28] <Afker> well, at the end of each dungeon level
[03:28] <Afker> wait
[03:29] <Afker> ok, let's just say that this mode displays the CG for girl monsters
[03:29] <Afker> I'll explain more of this later
[03:29] <Elementasts> what are the tetris blocks for?
[03:29] <Afker> third mode is "Secrete House Mode"
[03:29] <Afker> the blocks are for uncovering the screen
[03:29] <Afker> right now it's completely covered
[03:29] <Elementasts> whats in the screen?
[03:29] <Afker>  displays the CG for girl monsters
[03:30] <Elementasts> only one pic?
[03:30] <Afker> more
[03:30] <Afker> you'll find out
[03:30] <Elementasts> ah
[03:30] <Elementasts> ok
[03:30] <Afker> for secret house CG mode, it holds CG obtained from the "Secret House"
[03:30] <Afker> will explain later
[03:30] <Afker> next one is music mode
[03:31] <Afker> that's it
[03:31] <Elementasts> music mode?
[03:31] <Elementasts> I dotn see it
[03:31] <Afker> plays the music/sound effect in the game
[03:31] <Afker> the fourth choice
[03:31] <Elementasts> there is no thir choice
[03:31] <Elementasts> there is no fourth choice
[03:31] <Elementasts> :(
[03:32] <Elementasts> in the cg mode
[03:32] <Afker> mmm
[03:34] <Elementasts> do I have to unlock it?
[03:34] <Afker> maybe
[03:34] <Afker> proabbly aftert you solve it once
[03:34] <Elementasts> I see
[03:34] <Elementasts> ok
[03:34] <Afker> so, let's save for now
[03:34] <Elementasts> done
[03:34] <Afker> and return to the original 3 chices
[03:35] <Elementasts> ok
[03:35] <Afker> try to learn these ones also
[03:35] <Afker> the top one, is to sleep
[03:35] <Afker> the second one is to leave the room
[03:35] <Elementasts> what does it do?
[03:35] <Elementasts> sleep, I mean
[03:35] <Elementasts> aside from recovering hp
[03:35] <Afker> (for the second choice, the first two characters mean "Room", second two characters mean "From", and last two characters mean "Exit")
[03:36] <Afker> learn them separately
[03:36] <Afker> cuz in other menus you see exit from other stuff
[03:36] <Afker> han
[03:36] <Afker> nah
[03:36] <Afker> sleep doens't recover hp
[03:36] <Afker> sleep just advances you to the next day
[03:36] <Elementasts> then what does it do?
[03:36] <Elementasts> -_-
[03:36] <Elementasts> so this is timed too?
[03:36] <Afker> kind of
[03:37] <Elementasts> I expected it to be open-ended :?
[03:37] <Afker> there are a limited number of dungeon exploring you can do per day
[03:37] <Elementasts> I expected it to be open-ended :/
[03:37] <Afker> and some special plot events
[03:37] <Elementasts> oh
[03:37] <Elementasts> so I guess I'll leave the room?
[03:37] <Afker> so by sleeping, you go to the next day in order to trigger more plot things or explore more dungeon
[03:37] <Afker> yeah
[03:38] <Elementasts> erk
[03:38] <Afker> so you see the girl bartender
[03:38] <Elementasts> more choices
[03:38] <Elementasts> yea
[03:38] <Afker> then you meed the guy bartender and someone else
[03:38] <Elementasts> and the male ones
[03:38] <Afker> ok
[03:38] <Afker> so the choices
[03:38] <Afker> you should recognize something in there
[03:38] <Elementasts> exit?
[03:38] <Afker> yeah
[03:38] <Elementasts> eaxit bar probably
[03:39] <Afker> that one says "Exit to outside"
[03:39] <Elementasts> its the fifth choice right?
[03:39] <Afker> yup
[03:39] <Afker> also
[03:39] <Elementasts> so what does the sixth do?
[03:39] <Afker> something else
[03:40] <Afker> sixth is system
[03:40] <Afker> learn it
[03:40] <Afker> or maybe don't have to
[03:40] <Elementasts> ah
[03:40] <Afker> it's always there
[03:40] <Afker> and it's always last, I think
[03:40] <Afker> but it's handy for other hgames
[03:41] <Elementasts> sso what do the first four do
[03:41] <Afker> cuz system is a term that shows up at lots of hgames
[03:41] <Afker> first one
[03:41] <Afker> "look at surroundings"
[03:41] <Afker> last two charafters mean "Look", learn that one
[03:41] <Elementasts> ok
[03:41] <Afker> the second and third are "Call <a bartender> over"
[03:42] <Afker> sometimes they have some info
[03:42] <Afker> you can try remember who is who, but not that important
[03:42] <Afker> 4th is "Return to room"
[03:42] <Afker> the last two characters is "Return", which also appeared elsewhere in the game (-:
[03:42] <Elementasts> k
[03:42] <Elementasts> so what do the first three really do?
[03:43] <Elementasts> to affect the game
[03:43] <Afker> well, sometimes you need to look around to find a person to talk to (and a new choice would appear)
[03:43] <Afker> and sometimes you talk to bartender for plot info, or just for amusement
[03:43] <Elementasts> ah
[03:43] <Elementasts> ok Ill ttry the choices
[03:44] <Afker> ok, the BR patch seems to work
[03:44] <Elementasts> uuhhh
[03:45] <Elementasts> I talked to the blue haired bartender
[03:45] <Afker> ok
[03:45] <Elementasts> and he seem to be selling stuff
[03:45] <Elementasts> 10, 20 , 30 40,
[03:45] <Afker> before that
[03:46] <Afker> the top is osake (alchohol)
[03:46] <Afker> then Juice, and food, and "noting"
[03:46] <Afker> nothing
[03:46] <Elementasts> nothing is 40 bucks
[03:46] <Afker> no, previous page
[03:47] <Afker> previous manu
[03:47] <Afker> menu
[03:47] <Elementasts> I mean
[03:47] <Elementasts> there are four products
[03:47] <Elementasts> what is the fourth
[03:47] <Afker> the 10~40 are different alchohol
[03:47] <Elementasts> ah
[03:47] <Elementasts> what do they do?
[03:47] <Afker> redwine
[03:47] <Afker> beer
[03:47] <Afker> gin
[03:48] <Afker> last one translates to "Beautiful Young Boy (well, teenager)"
[03:48] <Elementasts> XD
[03:48] <Elementasts> what is that?
[03:48] <Afker> don't buy stuff from him
[03:48] <Afker> buy it from the girl bartender
[03:48] <Elementasts> but what does the stuff do?
[03:48] <Afker> there's an easteregg
[03:48] <Elementasts> eh?
[03:49] <Afker> anyways
[03:49] <Elementasts> wait wait
[03:49] <Elementasts> so the beatiful young boy is a liqour?
[03:49] <Afker> the first menu after he shows up, 3 choices: "buy stuff", "hear news/intellegence/info", and "thanks (bye)"
[03:49] <Afker> yeah
[03:49] <Afker> name of a liqour
[03:50] <Elementasts> what is the easteregg?
[03:50] <Afker> easter egg
[03:50] <Afker> well, I think it's easter egg
[03:50] <Afker> it means stuff hidden by programmers, for fun
[03:50] <Afker> usually it's some bonus stuff
[03:51] <Elementasts> so what did you mean by syaing there's an easteregg?
[03:54] <Afker> in the bar
[03:54] <Afker> d-:
[03:54] <Afker> ok, I'll tell you
[03:54] <Elementasts> I dont get it
[03:54] <Elementasts> :3
[03:57] <Elementasts> what does the stuff he is selling do?
[03:57] <Afker> just food
[03:57] <Afker> and drinks
[03:57] <Elementasts> for what?
[03:57] <Afker> cuz he runs a bar
[03:57] <Elementasts> no use at all?
[03:57] <Afker> ignore him
[03:57] <Elementasts> ok
[03:57] <Afker> to go the girl
[03:57] <Elementasts> k
[03:57] <Afker> Punashia
[03:57] <Elementasts> is she the oen with the easter egg?
[03:58] <Afker> yeah
[03:58] <Afker> so,
[03:58] <Afker> first choice is still "buy stuff"
[03:58] <Elementasts> and hwo's the pig?
[03:58] <Afker> it's her pet or something
[03:58] <Elementasts> I see
[03:58] <Afker> you still get same menu from her
[03:58] <Elementasts> she sells the same stuff
[03:58] <Afker> yeah
[03:59] <Afker> but, if you get everything from her at least once
[03:59] <Elementasts> what happens?
[03:59] <Afker> well, within each catagory
[03:59] <Afker> after you have ordered each item at least once, an additional item will show up
[04:00] <Afker> and if you have ordered every single thing in all the menus, including the additional one for each catagory
[04:00] <Afker> that another additional item will show up, called B Bomber
[04:00] <Afker> I'll let you discover what that is
[04:00] <Elementasts> hehe
[04:00] <Elementasts> wait
[04:00] <Elementasts> so all the extra sutff that pops up except for the B bomber does nothing?
[04:01] <Afker> it's just additional items
[04:01] <Afker> like another liquor
[04:01] <Afker> that's more expandive
[04:01] <Elementasts> k
[04:01] <Afker> you need them to get b bomber
[04:01] <Elementasts> ah
[04:02] <Elementasts> second choice is info again right?
[04:02] <Afker> yeah
[04:02] <Afker> it's "hear about recent happenings"
[04:02] <Afker> but I think it's personal inquery
[04:02] <Elementasts> and what is the third again?
[04:03] <Afker> third one is asking about the guy bartender (Katan) and the blond guy (Robert)
[04:03] <Elementasts> oh
[04:03] <Elementasts> and what does that do?
[04:03] <Afker> next one is play with pig
[04:03] <Afker> just information
[04:04] <Elementasts> play with pig?
[04:04] <Afker> yeah
[04:05] <Elementasts> also just info?
[04:05] <Afker> amusment, more like
[04:06] <Elementasts> ok
[04:06] <Afker> now leave the bar
[04:06] <Elementasts> leave?
[04:06] <Afker> exit
[04:06] <Afker> to outside
[04:06] <Elementasts> wait
[04:06] <Elementasts> who's this blonde guy?
[04:06] <Afker> he's another adventurer
[04:07] <Afker> not really important
[04:07] <Elementasts> so I guess the first choice is info
[04:07] <Elementasts> and the last one is goodbye?
[04:07] <Afker> probalby...
[04:07] <Afker> I skipped him already d-:
[04:08] <Elementasts> he does nothing mportant?
[04:08] <Afker> usually not
[04:08] <Elementasts> wait let me ask 
[04:08] <Afker> k
[04:08] <Elementasts> every character starts out like this?
[04:08] <Elementasts> in a bar?
[04:08] <Afker> no
[04:08] <Afker> only JK does
[04:09] <Elementasts> ack
[04:09] <Elementasts> so everyone's is different 
[04:09] <Afker> every character starts different
[04:09] <Afker> yeah
[04:09] <Elementasts> damn
[04:09] <Afker> it's ok
[04:10] <Elementasts> ok so Ill leave the bar
[04:10] <Afker> yeah,
[04:10] <Afker> then you arrive at "Cat's house"
[04:10] <Elementasts> theres this old woman merchant
[04:10] <Afker> that's the item shop
[04:10] <Elementasts> hehe
[04:10] <Afker> save first
[04:11] <Elementasts> they have ice cream coolers
[04:11] <Afker> then, top chice is buy/sell items
[04:11] <Elementasts> XD
[04:11] <Afker> for 20 gold, you can buy healing medicin
[04:11] <Afker> restores 50% of health I think
[04:11] <Elementasts> k
[04:12] <Afker> for 50 gold you get key
[04:12] <Afker> that can open locked chests
[04:12] <Elementasts> if you run out of keys
[04:12] <Afker> or 100 gold you get capture-rope
[04:12] <Afker> you'll see
[04:12] <Afker> explain later
[04:12] <Elementasts> you can no longer open chests?
[04:12] <Afker> rope is to make capture girl monster easier
[04:12] <Afker> you still can
[04:12] <Elementasts> uuh
[04:12] <Afker> need to click at the right time
[04:12] <Afker> you'll see
[04:12] <Elementasts> so only for locked chests?
[04:13] <Afker> all chests are locked
[04:13] <Elementasts> then why buy the key at all?
[04:13] <Afker> so now, practice buying things
[04:13] <Afker> easier
[04:13] <Elementasts> ah
[04:13] <Afker> keys always open
[04:13] <Elementasts> do you only get one try with the chest?
[04:13] <Afker> click need to be at right time
[04:13] <Afker> yeah
[04:13] <Elementasts> damn
[04:13] <Elementasts> rope is used automatically?
[04:14] <Afker> no
[04:14] <Afker> again
[04:14] <Afker> to capture, you can either click at the right time, or use rope
[04:14] <Elementasts> hmm
[04:14] <Afker> rope always succeeds
[04:14] <Afker> but clicking is free
[04:14] <Elementasts> so its like chest
[04:14] <Afker> only once chance again
[04:14] <Afker> nod
[04:14] <Elementasts> wait
[04:14] <Elementasts> if you fail the click thingy
[04:14] <Elementasts> can you still use the rope or key?
[04:15] <Afker> chest disappear, monster run away
[04:15] <Elementasts> damn
[04:15] <Elementasts> ok
[04:15] <Elementasts> do I buy 1 key or 2 medicine?
[04:16] <Afker> one medicine
[04:16] <Afker> your inventory box pops up
[04:16] <Elementasts> and how do oyu sell stuff?
[04:16] <Afker> then you can place the medicine there
[04:16] <Elementasts> yea
[04:16] <Afker> to sell
[04:17] <Afker> click and drag things in your inventory, drag to the old lady, and release
[04:17] <Afker> she'll tell you how much money you get before you sell it
[04:17] <Afker> after practice buy/sell, load
[04:17] <Afker> cuz we don't want to buy/sell anythying yet
[04:18] <Elementasts> wait
[04:18] <Elementasts> I cant sell yet
[04:18] <Elementasts> ok
[04:18] <Elementasts> I figured out how to sell
[04:19] <Elementasts> you need to "buy" somethign first
[04:19] <Afker> yeah
[04:19] <Elementasts> ok I left her
[04:20] <Afker> mmm
[04:20] <Afker> second option was to talk to her
[04:20] <Elementasts> yea
[04:20] <Afker> now you get to the map
[04:20] <Elementasts> yep
[04:21] <Afker> top left: level house
[04:21] <Elementasts> what is that?
[04:21] <Afker> when you earn enough exp, you need to go there to level up
[04:21] <Afker> doesn't happen automatically
[04:21] <Elementasts> darn
[04:21] <Afker> to the right, Bar
[04:21] <Afker> where you live
[04:21] <Elementasts> ok
[04:21] <Afker> to the top right most, the witch's home
[04:21] <Afker> second row
[04:22] <Afker> left, "Research Institute"
[04:22] <Afker> captered girl monsters are sent here for research
[04:22] <Afker> to the right, cat's house, the item shop
[04:22] <Elementasts> what is the witch's home?
[04:22] <Afker> to the right, hospital
[04:22] <Afker> the home of that witch you met
[04:22] <Elementasts> what do I do there?
[04:22] <Afker> slighterly lower, to the right, is the church
[04:23] <Afker> then higher to the right, the dungeon
[04:23] <Afker> she hired you to do something,
[04:23] <Afker> so just report back to her every day or something
[04:23] <Elementasts> ok
[04:23] <Afker> bottom right, Other-Dimension Tower
[04:24] <Elementasts> and the last one is the dungeon
[04:24] <Afker> you see another example of alice ripping off themselvs
[04:24] <Afker> the one above the tower is dungeon
[04:24] <Elementasts> ripping off themselves?
[04:24] <Afker> character design
[04:24] <Elementasts> but its a map
[04:24] <Afker> remember the puppet that was in Rance 5 and Mamatoto? <edit: "Rance 5" should be "Kickikuou Rance">
[04:25] <Elementasts> yes
[04:25] <Afker> well
[04:25] <Afker> look closely
[04:25] <Elementasts> I dont see him
[04:26] <Afker> you are at the tower right?
[04:26] <Elementasts> I didnt go in yet
[04:26] <Elementasts> wait tell me what the capital does
[04:26] <Afker> oh
[04:26] <Afker> capital?
[04:26] <Elementasts> oops
[04:26] <Elementasts> hospital
[04:27] <Afker> there's a doctor in there, and a nurse
[04:27] <Elementasts> and they heal you?
[04:27] <Afker> kind of
[04:27] <Elementasts> wait if I go in does this subtract from the places I can go to?
[04:27] <Afker> just visit them every day
[04:27] <Afker> no
[04:27] <Afker> that's infinite
[04:28] <Elementasts> ok
[04:28] <Afker> the limit is only in number of dungeon levels you can explore
[04:28] <Elementasts> k
[04:28] <Elementasts> Im guessing this red house will be unlocked later
[04:29] <Afker> red house?
[04:29] <Elementasts> the one with yellow squiggly thing son its roof
[04:30] <Afker> where is it?
[04:30] <Elementasts> below the item shop
[04:30] <Afker> oh
[04:30] <Afker> nah
[04:31] <Afker> can ony go there if you play the girl I think
[04:31] <Elementasts> ah
[04:31] <Elementasts> so this map  is the same for everyone?
[04:31] <Afker> yeah
[04:31] <Afker> except what's unlocked, which differs
[04:31] <Afker> let's visit the witch now
[04:32] <Elementasts> ok
[04:32] <Elementasts> shouldnt we do it in order?
[04:32] <Afker> doesn't matter
[04:32] <Elementasts> like the levle house first?
[04:32] <Afker> no
[04:32] <Afker> just visit the witch
[04:32] <Elementasts> k
[04:32] <Afker> I'm teaching you the essentials first, let you discover the rest
[04:32] <Elementasts> ok
[04:32] <Elementasts> I know what the last 2 optiosn do
[04:32] <Afker> top choise is talk to her, second shoice is talk to cat
[04:32] <Elementasts> XD
[04:33] <Elementasts> ok I tlaked ot witch
[04:33] <Elementasts> what do these 3 choices mean?
[04:33] <Afker> there are diff topics, exhaust them
[04:34] <Afker> ie, to the point that nothingnew is being said
[04:34] <Elementasts> ok
[04:34] <Elementasts> I left her
[04:34] <Elementasts> tell me what the options in the other buildings do pls
[04:35] <Elementasts> I am in the level house
[04:35] <Afker> first is talk
[04:35] <Elementasts> yes
[04:35] <Afker> lear the last two characters, it means "talk"
[04:35] <Elementasts> wait
[04:35] <Elementasts> shouldnt it be level?
[04:35] <Afker> if you have enough exp, you can level up
[04:35] <Elementasts> ah
[04:35] <Afker> but you don't have enough exp
[04:36] <Afker> or maybe youlevel up when youtalk, I forgot
[04:36] <Elementasts> and he does this automatically?
[04:36] <Afker> you need to talk to him
[04:36] <Afker> each time, he level you up once
[04:36] <Elementasts> ok
[04:36] <Elementasts> each time?
[04:36] <Afker> yeah
[04:36] <Elementasts> what if you have enough exp for two levels?
[04:36] <Afker> so if you have exp enough to level up 3 times, need to talk three times tup level up 3 levels
[04:36] <Elementasts> ah
[04:37] <Elementasts> ok Im in the reserch place now
[04:37] <Elementasts> hehe
[04:37] <Elementasts> the devil is back
[04:37] <Elementasts> XD
[04:37] <Afker> second choice is...
[04:37] <Elementasts> eh?
[04:38] <Afker> that's a quize
[04:38] <Elementasts> second choice is leave
[04:38] <Afker> learn the last two characters
[04:38] <Elementasts> from level house
[04:38] <Afker> oh
[04:38] <Afker> thought you are at reasrch place
[04:38] <Elementasts> yea I am now
[04:39] <Elementasts> but tell me what the first does
[04:39] <Afker> quiz on 2nd first
[04:39] <Elementasts> ok
[04:39] <Elementasts> he just talked to me
[04:39] <Afker> yeah, it's "talk"
[04:39] <Afker> learn the last two characters
[04:40] <Elementasts> ok
[04:40] <Elementasts> and what about the first option?
[04:40] <Afker> "To Heaven's Door"
[04:40] <Afker> in there
[04:40] <Elementasts> XD
[04:40] <Afker> if you have captured girl monsters, they'd be sent here
[04:40] <Afker> you can pick one
[04:40] <Elementasts> ah
[04:41] <Afker> and lucifier will "process' them, and put them intp capsuls, which you can use in dungeons
[04:41] <Afker> we'll cover that later
[04:42] <Elementasts> ok
[04:42] <Elementasts> Im in the hospital now
[04:42] <Elementasts> what does the first option do?
[04:42] <Afker> visit the doctor's room
[04:42] <Elementasts> oh
[04:43] <Elementasts> does he heal you for free?
[04:43] <Elementasts> oh wait
[04:43] <Elementasts> another menu popped up XD
[04:43] <Afker> second one is "chat about health"
[04:43] <Elementasts> what does the first choice do?
[04:44] <Elementasts> so its basically talk again
[04:44] <Elementasts> and the first one?
[04:44] <Afker> quiz
[04:44] <Elementasts> talk 
[04:44] <Elementasts> right?
[04:45] <Elementasts> but what's the difference between the two?
[04:45] <Afker> the top one is talk to doctor
[04:45] <Afker> second one is chat about health
[04:46] <Elementasts> so no difference except the topic?
[04:46] <Afker> probalby
[04:46] <Elementasts> so when will he heal you?
[04:46] <Afker> don't worry about that
[04:46] <Elementasts> k
[04:46] <Elementasts> Im in the church now
[04:47] <Elementasts> yes talk with nun XD
[04:47] <Elementasts> is there anything else the church will do?
[04:47] <Afker> not really
[04:47] <Elementasts> k
[04:48] <Elementasts> now I went to the interdimensional tower
[04:48] <Elementasts> XD
[04:48] <Elementasts> hehe
[04:48] <Elementasts> they made him into a vending machine
[04:48] <Afker> (-:
[04:48] <Elementasts> so what does the first choice do?
[04:48] <Afker> the top chise is the "Equipement Vending Machine"
[04:49] <Afker> in it
[04:49] <Afker> top choice is "Sell equipment"
[04:49] <Afker> seond choice is buy a crappy stick
[04:49] <Afker> club
[04:49] <Afker> third is "stop" (exit)
[04:49] <Elementasts> what does the stick do?
[04:49] <Afker> a crappy weapon
[04:50] <Elementasts> will it change?
[04:50] <Afker> no
[04:50] <Afker> always that one
[04:50] <Elementasts> dang
[04:51] <Elementasts> so the first choice is useless?
[04:51] <Afker> first?
[04:51] <Afker> it's to sell equipment
[04:52] <Elementasts> does he give better money then the old lady?
[04:52] <Afker> old lady don't deal with eq
[04:52] <Afker> only item
[04:52] <Elementasts> ah
[04:52] <Elementasts> wont the crappy stick unlock anything?
[04:53] <Afker> no
[04:53] <Elementasts> ok
[04:53] <Elementasts> so what is the second choice?
[04:53] <Elementasts> buy map?
[04:53] <Afker> Outher-Dimentional Map
[04:54] <Afker> basically, special dungeon levels
[04:54] <Afker> you buy a map to unlock it, then you can challenge it
[04:54] <Elementasts> challenge?
[04:54] <Afker> level 2~5 can only challenge once, level 1 can challenge infinite times
[04:54] <Afker> yeah
[04:55] <Afker> no money, so ignore for now
[04:55] <Elementasts> uuhh
[04:55] <Elementasts> wait
[04:55] <Elementasts> level 1 can challenge infinite times?
[04:55] <Afker> yeah
[04:55] <Elementasts> but its the cheapest one
[04:55] <Afker> dont' worry, will become obvious
[04:55] <Afker> exactly
[04:55] <Elementasts> ok
[04:56] <Elementasts> but
[04:56] <Afker> you only need to buy map once
[04:56] <Afker> 1 is easiest
[04:56] <Afker> 5 hardest
[04:56] <Elementasts> ah
[04:56] <Elementasts> so there are 5 different secret levels
[04:57] <Elementasts> ok
[04:57] <Elementasts> now what do I do?
[04:57] <Afker> dungeon
[04:57] <Elementasts> k
[04:57] <Afker> meet an old guy
[04:57] <Afker> he's a knight
[04:57] <Afker> he gives you items
[04:58] <Elementasts> oh
[04:58] <Elementasts> he gave me this stone thing
[04:58] <Afker> first increases your HP by 150% of your total
[04:58] <Afker> so if your max HP is 100, then using it increases HP by 150, regardless how much you have now
[04:58] <Afker> move it into your inventory
[04:58] <Elementasts> why do you get it so early?
[04:59] <Afker> hard to find
[04:59] <Afker> doesn't matter
[04:59] <Afker> second item
[04:59] <Elementasts> k
[04:59] <Afker> changes an exmpty space on the dungeon map into a fixed floor tile
[05:00] <Elementasts> empty space?
[05:00] <Afker> third item, the candy, allows you to move again in a turn
[05:00] <Afker> next item is key, always opens chests
[05:00] <Elementasts> ah
[05:00] <Afker> btw, the two green buttons that appear when item is highlighted, top is "use", bottom is "discard"
[05:00] <Afker> after the key, he gives you a sword
[05:01] <Afker> with attak power +1
[05:01] <Afker> you can see it if you select it
[05:01] <Elementasts> ok
[05:01] <Elementasts> numbers hsowed up
[05:01] <Afker> drag it over your field to equip it
[05:01] <Afker> you'll see your weapon's rating
[05:02] <Afker> it decreases with usage
[05:02] <Elementasts> it gives me 53 atk power
[05:02] <Afker> not power
[05:02] <Afker> it's ...
[05:02] <Afker> forgot the word
[05:02] <Afker> at 0, it breaks
[05:02] <Afker> there are ways to fix it to increase the value
[05:02] <Elementasts> durability?
[05:02] <Afker> bingo
[05:02] <Elementasts> so everytime you use it it goes down?
[05:03] <Afker> next he gives you armer, with defense +1
[05:03] <Afker> I think it randomly chooses to go down or not
[05:03] <Elementasts> dang
[05:03] <Elementasts> can I get better weapons?
[05:03] <Afker> yeah
[05:03] <Afker> through chests
[05:03] <Elementasts> what the strongest item possible?
[05:03] <Afker> click on the knife
[05:03] <Afker> you see on the left is this bar thing
[05:04] <Elementasts> ok
[05:04] <Afker> remember it
[05:04] <Afker> we'll talk aobu tit later
[05:04] <Elementasts> ok
[05:04] <Afker> also note that now (after you take the armor), you can switch between item and eq mode
[05:04] <Afker> now leave
[05:05] <Elementasts> uh-oh
[05:05] <Afker> ?
[05:05] <Elementasts> I threw out the armor Xp
[05:05] <Afker> either load, or don't worry about it
[05:05] <Afker> not that good anyways
[05:05] <Elementasts> k
[05:06] <Elementasts> Im on this tactical map now
[05:06] <Afker> now you are offered to see a demo
[05:06] <Afker> pick the top choie (center item really.  the top line isn't a choice)
[05:06] <Afker> then it tries to explain
[05:07] <Afker> try to absorb as much of it as you can
[05:07] <Elementasts> ok
[05:09] <Elementasts> are the blue tiles water?
[05:10] <Afker> they are empty space
[05:10] <Afker> technically, they are "Other-Dimensional Space"
[05:10] <Elementasts> ok so as far as I can understand
[05:10] <Elementasts> you click on tiles to make then disappear
[05:10] <Elementasts> oh
[05:11] <Elementasts> so you cant walk on them?
[05:11] <Afker> no
[05:11] <Afker> cuz they are in other dimension
[05:11] <Elementasts> ok
[05:11] <Elementasts> so you click on tiles to make them disappear
[05:11] <Elementasts> and they add to your movement?
[05:12] <Afker> clicking on "Normal Tiles"
[05:12] <Afker> uncovers it
[05:12] <Afker> some have extra steps hidden under it
[05:12] <Afker> some don
[05:12] <Afker> don't
[05:12] <Elementasts> ah
[05:12] <Elementasts> how about those little puppets?
[05:12] <Afker> the darker ston tiles are called "Fixed Tiles"
[05:12] <Afker> those are enemies
[05:13] <Elementasts> so the enemy is a puppet?
[05:13] <Elementasts> I mean
[05:13] <Afker> if they stand on something (like steps), then youwon't receive the steps, unless they are defeated
[05:13] <Elementasts> damn
[05:13] <Afker> they aren't pupets
[05:13] <Afker> d-:
[05:13] <Elementasts> so different sprite for each enemy?
[05:13] <Afker> yeah
[05:13] <Elementasts> ok
[05:13] <Afker> they don't move
[05:13] <Afker> but a few have ranged attacks
[05:13] <Elementasts> hmm
[05:14] <Elementasts> and what about htos epyramid things?
[05:14] <Afker> after the tutorial, the top choice is "enger dungeon"
[05:14] <Afker> the pyramids block your wak
[05:14] <Afker> way
[05:14] <Afker> you can turn them into "normal tiles"
[05:14] <Afker> however,
[05:14] <Afker> if you do that,
[05:14] <Afker> then 3 flat tiles (normal or fixed) will become other dimensional space
[05:15] <Elementasts> ah
[05:15] <Elementasts> and how does the scrollign work?
[05:15] <Afker> once you enter the dungeon, you are at an elevator, clock on red button to proceed (the number shows which floor youare going to)
[05:16] <Elementasts> hmm
[05:16] <Elementasts> wait
[05:16] <Elementasts> I am in a menu now
[05:17] <Afker> save first
[05:17] <Elementasts> ok
[05:17] <Afker> top choice is enter dungeon
[05:17] <Afker> do it
[05:17] <Elementasts> what about second?
[05:17] <Afker> forgot
[05:17] <Afker> me not there right now
[05:17] <Afker> probalby leave
[05:17] <Afker> the thrid is probably check ranking of adventurers
[05:18] <Elementasts> ranking?
[05:18] <Afker> don't worry
[05:18] <Elementasts> I dont understand anything in the ranking XD
[05:19] <Afker> ignor
[05:19] <Afker> enter the dungeon
[05:19] <Elementasts> k
[05:19] <Elementasts> so I can go to any number?
[05:19] <Afker> no
[05:20] <Afker> only 1 will be available
[05:20] <Elementasts> dang
[05:20] <Afker> oen by one
[05:20] <Elementasts> what happens when I try to go to other levels?
[05:20] <Afker> just won't let you
[05:20] <Elementasts> k
[05:21] <Elementasts> I clicked on the red buttn
[05:21] <Elementasts> I am now on this map
[05:22] <Afker> k
[05:23] <Afker> there are 4 buttons
[05:23] <Afker> camp:
[05:23] <Afker> in there are some settings
[05:24] <Afker> there's an Auto battle, under that is "auto uisng pills", which means game will automatically use the medicine for you if your hp is below something
[05:24] <Afker> most bottom one (beneath all the on/off), is the "Retreat from Dungeon", which sends you back up stairs
[05:24] <Afker> rest aren't important
[05:25] <Afker> next to camp is item/eq
[05:25] <Afker> you can change/use stuff here
[05:25] <Afker> after that is the 3-wishes
[05:25] <Afker> you get 3 wishes each tim you try a dungeon level
[05:25] <Elementasts> hmm
[05:26] <Afker> first is "To move again", only available after you have moved
[05:26] <Afker> second is "destroy other deminsional space", that makes one of those blue space a fixed tile
[05:26] <Afker> and next one is "give me 3 more stpes"
[05:26] <Afker> last is "return" (to previous menu
[05:26] <Afker> use your wishes wisely
[05:27] <Afker> above 3 wishes is the "turn end"
[05:27] <Elementasts> 3 more steps?
[05:27] <Afker> each tern you can only move once
[05:27] <Afker> yeah
[05:27] <Afker> right now you should start with 7 steps
[05:27] <Elementasts> isnt that the same as move again?
[05:27] <Afker> moving on map decreases steps
[05:27] <Afker> no
[05:27] <Afker> each term you can only move once
[05:28] <Afker> which can be 1~3 steps
[05:28] <Elementasts> ok
[05:28] <Afker> move again allows you to move twoce in a term
[05:28] <Afker> 3 extra steps increase your total step available
[05:28] <Elementasts> ah
[05:28] <Elementasts> hmm
[05:28] <Elementasts> in the map
[05:28] <Elementasts> the monsters are stepping on a green tile
[05:29] <Afker> the map is 90% randomly generated
[05:29] <Afker> killing a monster on special tiles activates those tiles
[05:29] <Afker> if green tile is activated, you see green light up in top right screen
[05:29] <Afker> if all 3 light up, you get a treasrure chest
[05:29] <Afker> then all 3 go dim again
[05:29] <Elementasts> oh
[05:30] <Afker> ok
[05:30] <Afker> that's it for now
[05:30] <Afker> I need to get important stuff done, and you know enough to experiement on the rest
[05:30] <Elementasts> ok
[05:31] <Elementasts> uh wait
[05:31] <Elementasts> explain combat first
[05:31] <Elementasts> pls?
[05:31] <Afker> ok
[05:31] <Afker> enter one
[05:31] <Elementasts> ok this bunny girl
[05:32] <Afker> you see this red line going down
[05:32] <Elementasts> yes
[05:32] <Afker> above it is a red button saying "retreat"
[05:32] <Afker> below it is "auto off", which means atuo battle
[05:32] <Elementasts> k
[05:32] <Afker> on the right, bottom is the medicine if you have any.  clicking on it uses it
[05:32] <Afker> and you ccan use other item or switch qu
[05:33] <Afker> eq
[05:33] <Afker> top red is "capture"
[05:33] <Afker> when you click
[05:33] <Afker> redline stps
[05:33] <Afker> stops
[05:33] <Elementasts> ok
[05:33] <Afker> and depend on where it stop, damage is dealt (or not dealt)
[05:33] <Afker> CR is critical hit
[05:34] <Afker> to capture the girl, you need to weaken her
[05:34] <Afker> but not kill her
[05:34] <Elementasts> just like Pokemon XD
[05:34] <Elementasts> so if I click capture when her hp is not low enough she runs away?
[05:34] <Afker> clicking on the red "capture" button send you to capture mode
[05:34] <Elementasts> hmm
[05:35] <Afker> there, top left is "retreat", bottom left is 'return to regular battle"
[05:35] <Afker> then you can do 40% or 10% damage (so it's harder to kill her)
[05:35] <Elementasts> ah
[05:35] <Afker> if you get her hp to less than the white highlight zone (which changes from battle to battle)
[05:36] <Afker> then you get one shot at capturing her
[05:36] <Elementasts> what happens during that?
[05:36] <Afker> the top red button is "give up"
[05:36] <Afker> the bottom button is "use rope", if you hae any
[05:36] <Afker> you have a one-shot chance to "get" her
[05:37] <Afker> if you don't, she runs away.
[05:37] <Elementasts> what is this one shot chance?
[05:37] <Afker> if you do, then you get her
[05:37] <Afker> that's one shot
[05:37] <Elementasts> do I need to click the bar at the right time?
[05:37] <Afker> just need to click on the right time
[05:37] <Elementasts> ah
[05:37] <Afker> doesn't matter where (as long as not over button)
[05:37] <Elementasts> but that only happens if her hp is low enough?
[05:38] <Afker> if it's lower than the white bar
[05:38] <Elementasts> k
[05:38] <Afker> the white highted part of her hp
[05:38] <Elementasts> hmm
[05:38] <Afker> that's about the important stuff
[05:38] <Afker> go experiment
[05:38] <Elementasts> and what do the stats mean?
[05:39] <Afker> I should've been gone 3 hours ago
[05:39] <Elementasts> hmm
[05:39] <Elementasts> k
[05:39] <Elementasts> hehe
[05:39] <Elementasts> sorry
[05:39] <Elementasts> Ill go play try it now

Part 2[]

[03:58] <Elementasts> in Persiom
[03:58] <Elementasts> how come I cant use any items?
[03:58] <Afker> I like the heroin in that game a lot
[03:58] <Afker> hmm
[03:58] <Afker> I forgot
[03:59] <Afker> it's ben a while
[03:59] <Elementasts> like the bunny girl capsule
[03:59] <Afker> oh
[03:59] <Afker> can't use it during battle
[03:59] <Afker> I tought you meant in Toshin Toshi
[03:59] <Elementasts> I cant use it outside of battle either
[03:59] <Afker> use it on the dungeon map
[03:59] <Afker> click on the capsul
[03:59] <Afker> then select a enemy
[03:59] <Afker> the bunny capsul sucks totally
[04:00] <Afker> zero damagge d-:
[04:00] <Afker> but it's fun
[04:00] <Elementasts> hehe
[04:00] <Elementasts> I'll try it
[04:00] <H-junkie> ooh
[04:00] <Afker> H-junkie: ?
[04:00] <H-junkie> so dats wat u n Elementasts were tawkin bout
[04:00] <H-junkie> persiom?
[04:00] <Afker> yeah
[04:01] <H-junkie> i scollrd up when i was back from 1 day n 15hrs of away
[04:01] <Afker> lol
[04:01] <H-junkie> n saw dis lengthy chat
[04:01] <Afker> eh?
[04:01] <H-junkie> bout items n bars n stuff
[04:01] <Afker> oh
[04:01] <Afker> d-:
[04:02] <H-junkie> i'm gettin it from Delphox btw
[04:02] <Afker> getting it aint good enough.  play it
[04:02] <H-junkie> LOL
[04:02] <H-junkie> kay....kay..
[04:02] <Elementasts> its da bomb
[04:02] <H-junkie> i'll play my games
[04:02] <Afker> can't be in the fan club unless you play the games
[04:02] <Afker> d-:
[04:02] <Elementasts> lolz
[04:02] <H-junkie> lol
[04:02] <Afker> toshin toshi 2 is really the best
[04:03] <Elementasts> maybe need to finish at least one?
[04:03] <Afker> really long but involved story plot
[04:03] <H-junkie> hmmm
[04:03] <H-junkie> dats a good rule
[04:03] <Afker> with a few big twists
[04:03] <Afker> that's ok
[04:03] <Afker> don't need to finish
[04:03] <Afker> just need to play
[04:03] <Elementasts> Afker
[04:03] <Elementasts> I click on the capsule
[04:03] <Afker> probalby pick yes
[04:04] <Afker> off the top of my head
[04:04] <Afker> d-:
[04:04] <Elementasts> but gives me a messsage
[04:04] <Afker> hmm
[04:04] <Afker> then?
[04:04] <Elementasts> wont let me use it
[04:04] <H-junkie> k...afk fer a bit
[04:04] <Afker> laterz
[04:04] <Elementasts> do I need ot stand beside an enemy?
[04:04] <Afker> did you click on the big capsul pic on the corner, or the capsul icon with all the other items?
[04:05] <Afker> no
[04:05] <Elementasts> capsule icon
[04:05] <Elementasts> with the bunny girl
[04:05] <Elementasts> with all the other items
[04:05] <Afker> hmm
[04:07] <Elementasts> any ideas?
[04:08] <Afker> no
[04:08] <Afker> screen shot it, with NJStar
[04:08] <Elementasts> yep
[04:08] <Afker> hopefully no korean characters this time
[04:08] <Elementasts> hehe
[04:11] <Elementasts> there we go
[04:11] <Afker> oh
[04:11] <Afker> that's why
[04:11] <Afker> go back to the map
[04:11] <Elementasts> ?_?
[04:11] <Afker> the dungeon map
[04:11] <Afker> mouve your mosue to the bottom of the window
[04:12] <Elementasts> k
[04:12] <Elementasts> oooh
[04:12] <Elementasts> XD
[04:12] <Afker> d-:
[04:12] <Elementasts> lolz
[04:12] <Afker> if you have mor ethan one capsul
[04:12] <Afker> you can click on the large icon in the corner to switch
[04:12] <Elementasts> ah
[04:13] <Elementasts> what do all the capsules do anyway?
[04:13] <Afker> releases the monster at the enemy
[04:13] <Afker> and they duke it out
[04:13] <Elementasts> ah
[04:13] <Afker> bunny will never win
[04:13] <Elementasts> hehe
[04:13] <Afker> cuz zero damage
[04:13] <Elementasts> poor bunny
[04:13] <Elementasts> cant you level them up?
[04:13] <Afker> no
[04:13] <Elementasts> ah well
[04:14] <Afker> the good thing is
[04:14] <Afker> it's more predictable than your own attacks
[04:14] <Afker> so if you need to capture a new girl
[04:14] <Elementasts> use a capsule instead?
[04:14] <Afker> instead of trying to attack her just right so she doesn't die (and then accidentally click on the 40% when you need the 10%)
[04:15] <Afker> you figure out which capsule will deal the right damage
[04:15] <Afker> or a combination of capsules
[04:15] <Elementasts> I see
[04:15] <Afker> so then you do the capsules on the monster you wanna capture
[04:15] <Afker> then you enter the fight with monster already weaked at where you want her to be
[04:15] <Afker> so you can just rope her
[04:16] <Afker> another thing is
[04:16] <Afker> if you wanna kill a monster, but don't want to walk there, or can't walk there
[04:16] <Afker> can use capsules
[04:16] <Afker> but the biggest use is to watch those H-scenes
[04:16] <Afker> d-:
[04:16] <Elementasts> to make the capsules?
[04:16] <Afker> yeah
[04:17] <Elementasts> hehe
[04:17] <Afker> so
[04:17] <Afker> one of the minigame room at the end of the dungeon level
[04:17] <Elementasts> and where can I get a new knife once my knife breaks?
[04:17] <Afker> gives you those tetris tiles
[04:17] <Afker> ehh
[04:17] <Afker> chests
[04:17] <Afker> or you buy the crappy club from vending machine
[04:17] <Elementasts> cant buy them?
[04:17] <Afker> no
[04:17] <Elementasts> oh
[04:17] <Afker> only the club is for sale
[04:17] <Elementasts> k
[04:18] <Elementasts> those minigames
[04:18] <Afker> all other eq must be gifts or chest items
[04:18] <Afker> yeah
[04:18] <Elementasts> I played one of them
[04:18] <Afker> one of them gives you tiles
[04:18] <Afker> one gives you gold
[04:18] <Elementasts> yea
[04:18] <Elementasts> that one
[04:18] <Elementasts> the arkanoid thingy
[04:18] <Afker> the gold is the pingpoig one
[04:18] <Elementasts> is the tetris the green one?
[04:18] <Afker> the rock-paper-scissors one I think gives you repaires depending on how many times you won
[04:19] <Elementasts> so which is the tetris one?
[04:19] <Afker> each repair addes about 10 pts to durability
[04:19] <Afker> tetris one is the 
[04:19] <Afker> hammer
[04:19] <Elementasts> hammer?
[04:19] <Afker> you use hammer to hit things that pop out
[04:19] <Afker> IIRC
[04:19] <Elementasts> it says hammer on the block?
[04:19] <Afker> no
[04:19] <Elementasts> what does the block look like?
[04:19] <Afker> just save and load
[04:19] <Afker> and remember
[04:19] <Elementasts> k
[04:20] <Elementasts> oh yes
[04:20] <Elementasts> what does thie stick do?
[04:20] <Afker> hmm
[04:20] <Elementasts> the one in the row of items
[04:21] <Afker> description is it destroys something
[04:21] <Afker> I forgot what
[04:21] <Afker> I don't use items often
[04:21] <Elementasts> how about the lantern?
[04:21] <Elementasts> oh
[04:21] <Elementasts> so theyre not that important?
[04:21] <Afker> candle?
[04:21] <Afker> it turns one outerdimensional space into fixed tile
[04:21] <Elementasts> the lantern one
[04:22] <Afker> oh
[04:22] <Afker> it turns all outerdimensional space on the map currently into fixed tiles
[04:22] <Afker> I think
[04:22] <Afker> basically a super version of the candle
[04:22] <Elementasts> ah
[04:22] <Elementasts> hmm
[04:22] <Elementasts> this chest has a menu
[04:23] <Afker> eh?
[04:23] <Elementasts> its a "Lucky" chest
[04:23] <Afker> oh
[04:23] <Afker> you get to pick what type of equipment you want
[04:23] <Afker> in the triditional order I think
[04:23] <Elementasts> oh
[04:23] <Afker> so tope is probably weapon or helm
[04:23] <Afker> then it goes down like hte list of duriability  I think
[04:24] <Elementasts> gave me a big axe
[04:24] <Afker> cool
[04:24] <Elementasts> XD
[04:24] <Elementasts> +9 Axe
[04:24] <Afker> diffferent types of weapons have different hit/miss characteristics
[04:24] <Afker> and strength of the weapon depends on what level of dungeon you are on
[04:24] <Afker> so later you can get +90 short knife
[04:24] <Elementasts> but its the same for all weapons of that type?
[04:25] <Afker> yeah
[04:25] <Elementasts> what does this bean do?
[04:25] <Afker> bean?
[04:26] <Elementasts> bean sprout
[04:26] <Elementasts> its beside the rope
[04:26] <Elementasts> on the row of dungeon items
[04:26] <Afker> hold on
[04:26] <Elementasts> k
[04:27] <H-junkie> gone till tomoraw
[04:27] <Elementasts> seeyaz
[04:28] <Afker> send me a screen shot
[04:28] <Afker> with cursor hanignover it, so I can read the description in japanese
[04:29] <Elementasts> ok
[04:33] <Afker> 3 extra steps
[04:33] <Elementasts> bleh
[04:33] <Elementasts> how about the bell?
[04:33] <Afker> need antoher screen shot, with cursor over it
[04:34] <Elementasts> k
[04:37] <Elementasts> there
[04:37] <Afker> for one turn, receive no long range attack
[04:37] <Afker> receive no longe range damage
[04:38] <Elementasts> and the candy lets you move again right>
[04:38] <Afker> think so
[04:38] <Elementasts> and Im guessign the bomb lets you attack from long range
[04:38] <Afker> forgot, maybe
[04:39] <Elementasts> I'll have to get oen of each item
[04:39] <Afker> just save, then test them out when you have them

Part 3[]

[20:40] <Elementasts> hehe
[21:20] <Afker> yes?
[21:20] <Elementasts> I found a female doll
[21:21] <Afker> (-:
[21:21] <Elementasts> and brought her to the witch
[21:21] <Afker> you are her new master
[21:21] <Elementasts> what do I do with her now?
[21:21] <Afker> *shrug*
[21:21] <Elementasts> eh?
[21:21] <Afker> the doll is magical powered
[21:21] <Afker> the witch might know something
[21:22] <Elementasts> but what is she for?
[21:22] <Elementasts> she just sorta stays in my room
[21:22] <Afker> she's a magical android
[21:22] <Elementasts> yes but is she important?
[21:23] <Elementasts> or will she just stay in your room for the rest of the game?
[21:23] <Afker> mmm
[21:23] <Afker> mwahahahahahahahahahahaha
[21:23] <Elementasts> ?_?
[21:23] <Afker> s4ecret
[21:24] <Elementasts> :(
[21:24] <Elementasts> is it automatic?
[21:24] <Elementasts> I mean
[21:24] <Elementasts> will her purpose trigger automatically?
[21:24] <Afker> hehehe
[21:25] <Elementasts> I just hope a choice doesnt pop out and I pick the wrong one :P
[21:25] <Elementasts> oh yea
[21:25] <Afker> can't make a 'wrong' choice per se
[21:25] <Elementasts> is there really a maximum number of times you can go into the dungeon in 1 day?
[21:25] <Afker> there's no "bad ending" in this game
[21:26] <Afker> yeah ther is
[21:26] <Elementasts> k
[21:26] <Elementasts> and what is that max?
[21:26] <Afker> but there are different endings
[21:26] <Afker> probalby 3 for JK, I'm suprised you ddin't find that
[21:26] <Afker> 5 for the young princess I think
[21:26] <Afker> and maybe  7 or 10 for the ex-slave
[21:26] <Elementasts> uhh
[21:26] <Elementasts> I mean
[21:27] <Elementasts> the max number of times you can go into the dungeon
[21:27] <Afker> oh
[21:27] <Afker> no
[21:27] <Afker> the limit is how many levels you can descend
[21:27] <Elementasts> yea
[21:27] <Elementasts> how many levels can you descend in a day?
[21:27] <Afker> 3 for JK
[21:27] <Afker> the numbers I cited
[21:27] <Elementasts> O_o
[21:28] <Elementasts> but Ive already descended to the 6th level
[21:28] <Afker> the same day?
[21:28] <Afker> without sleeping?
[21:28] <Elementasts> yea
[21:29] <Afker> maybe you slept and didnk't know
[21:29] <Afker> coz maybe plot events make the day pass
[21:29] <Elementasts> but Ive never gone back to the bar
[21:29] <Afker> eh
[21:29] <Afker> but you said she stays in your room
[21:29] <Afker> the doll
[21:29] <Elementasts> I mean before that
[21:30] <Afker> oh
[21:30] <Elementasts> before I got the doll
[21:30] <Afker> maybe the first day is special
[21:30] <Elementasts> even without the doll I will have gone 5 levels already
[21:30] <Afker> or maybe I remembered the limit wring
[21:30] <Elementasts> hmm
[21:30] <Afker> anywyas, you'll discover the limit by yourself
[21:31] <Elementasts> maybe there is no limit?
[21:31] <Afker> there is
[21:31] <Afker> I know
[21:31] <Elementasts> k
[21:31] <Afker> go register your nick with the nickserv, so I can autoop you
[21:32] <Elementasts> I already registered
[21:32] <Elementasts> also
[21:32] <Elementasts> is there any other way to repair your items other than the mini-game?
[21:32] <Afker> yeah
[21:32] <Afker> there's one item that can do it
[21:33] <Afker> and the brown boxes sometimes has this guy who repairs for you
[21:33] <Elementasts> the white haired guy?
[21:33] <Elementasts> the dwarf guy I mean
[21:33] <Afker> no
[21:33] <Afker> that guy increases the number of eq your magical box can hold
[21:34] <Afker> did you register this nick (Elementasts) with nickserv?
[21:34] <Elementasts> who is the one that repairs then?
[21:34] <Elementasts> yea
[21:34] <Afker> a tall man, probably green hair, almost nude
[21:34] <Elementasts> hmm
[21:34] <Afker> just wearing a loincloth
[21:34] <Elementasts> seems Im not registered anymore
[21:35] <Elementasts> how much does he repair you for?
[21:35] <Afker> full amount for one eq if I recall correctly
[21:35] <Elementasts> ok
[21:36] <Elementasts> oh yea
[21:36] <Elementasts> does dying in a dungeon do anything bad?
[21:37] <Afker> no
[21:37] <Afker> just kicks you out, and some exp penality (never negative, just earn less)
[21:37] <Elementasts> good
[21:37] <Elementasts> I thought I'd get a worse ending XD
[21:38] <Afker> no
[21:38] <Afker> d-:
[21:40] <Elementasts> hehe
[21:40] <Elementasts> Ill try to find out the limit
[21:41] <Afker> hehe

Part 4[]

[15:37] <Afker> hey wha'ts up
[15:40] <AfkServ> mmm
[15:41] <Elementasts> :3
[15:42] <Afker> got a question?
[15:42] <Elementasts> yea
[15:42] <Elementasts> a went into a box
[15:42] <Afker> fire away
[15:42] <Elementasts> and this big guy popped out
[15:42] <Afker> green hair?
[15:42] <Afker> or
[15:42] <Elementasts> he was supe fast but kept dealing 1 damage
[15:42] <Afker> lol
[15:43] <Afker> kakaro's ghost
[15:43] <Elementasts> any importance?
[15:43] <Afker> not really
[15:43] <Afker> that's kakaro's ghost
[15:43] <Afker> from mamatoto
[15:43] <Afker> (-:
[15:43] <Elementasts> it is?
[15:43] <Afker> yeah
[15:43] <Elementasts> kewl
[15:44] <Afker> btw, you can message chanserv to op yourself
[15:44] <Elementasts> k
[15:44] <Elementasts> and the purple minigame is retarded
[15:44] <Elementasts> XD
[15:44] <Afker> purple...
[15:44] <Afker> help me, I don't relate to them by colors
[15:44] <Afker> the watermelon one?
[15:45] <Elementasts> yes
[15:45] <Elementasts> XD
[15:45] <Afker> yeah, just try to avoid the real watermelons, but try to get the ones that have stuff in it
[15:45] <Elementasts> the stupid seal's face is so funny
[15:45] <Afker> lol
[15:46] <Elementasts> hes just asking to die
[15:46] <Elementasts> but one of them had those puppet enemies
[15:46] <Elementasts> what happens if I pop those?
[15:47] <Afker> for watermelons that have stuff in it, you want to get hit by it
[15:47] <Afker> so you obtain extra items
[15:47] <Elementasts> but this particular watermelon had an enemy in it
[15:47] <Afker> yeah
[15:47] <Afker> cuz that looks like the thingy you are controlling
[15:47] <Elementasts> it'll also give me extra stuff?
[15:47] <Afker> I usually don't play that one
[15:47] <Elementasts> hhmm :3
[15:48] <Afker> so I'm not sure anymore
[15:48] <Elementasts> hehe
[15:48] <Afker> it's like, cuz it has stuff hidden in there, it's a fake watermelon
[15:48] <Afker> so you are supposed to do opposite things to the fake things
[15:48] <Elementasts> I see
[16:03] <H-junkie> uuuuuurgh~
[16:03] <H-junkie> good mornin..............
[16:03] <Afker> greetings
[16:04] <H-junkie> bleah...its 7 in de morn awready?
[16:04] <Elementasts> yea
[16:04] <Elementasts> 7 AM
[16:04] <Elementasts> rise and shine
[16:04] <H-junkie> my sleep dusn't feel as long as it should be..........
[16:04] <Elementasts> I woke up at 3 :p
[16:05] <Elementasts> you should be happy to get as much sleep as you did
[16:05] <H-junkie> hmmm.....guess i should........
[16:05] <Afker> hehe
[16:05] <Afker> I gottta go afk now
[16:05] <Elementasts> k
[16:05] <Afker> any last min questions?
[16:05] <H-junkie> ah well....gonna be gone again........
[16:06] <Elementasts> hmm
[16:06] <Elementasts> oh yea
[16:06] <Elementasts> I encountered a girl on a motorcycle in a box
[16:06] <Afker> the thief
[16:06] <Afker> she steals your money
[16:07] <Elementasts> damn
[16:07] <Afker> what about her
[16:07] <Elementasts> and what does the dwarf guy in green pants do again?
[16:07] <Afker> increase your magic box's capacity by one each time
[16:07] <Afker> so you can hold more eq
[16:07] <Elementasts> her?
[16:08] <Afker> are you lagging?
[16:08] <Elementasts> I dont know
[16:08] <Afker> "what about her" refers to the theif
[16:08] <Afker> I asked what about her before you mentioned the dwarf
[16:08] <Elementasts> ah
[16:08] <Elementasts> hmm
[16:08] <Elementasts> must be lag then
[16:09] <Afker> well, there is a way to get her.  and that'll stop her from stealing again
[16:10] <Elementasts> how?
[16:10] <Afker> I'll leave it up to you to find out d-:
[16:10] <Elementasts> -_-
[16:10] <Elementasts> I also encountered the bird
[16:11] <Afker> ?
[16:11] <Elementasts> thethe secrect bird character
[16:11] <Afker> oh
[16:11] <Afker> yeah.  plot events
[16:11] <Elementasts> why'd joker king grope the girl's boobs?
[16:12] <Afker> cuz he likes to
[16:12] <Afker> that's the way he is
[16:12] <Elementasts> and the girl just let im do that?
[16:12] <Afker> those 3 ppl
[16:12] <Afker> no she didn't
[16:12] <Afker> she got pissed
[16:12] <Afker> I think
[16:12] <Afker> don't quite remember
[16:12] <Elementasts> but how'd Joker king get close enough?
[16:13] <Afker> cuz she wasn't expecting what he was going to od
[16:13] <Afker> do
[16:13] <Elementasts> oh
[16:13] <Elementasts> so what's the deal with those 3 people?
[16:14] <Afker> they are a bandit group
[16:14] <Afker> under the command of that mystery woman
[16:14] <Elementasts> the witch?
[16:14] <Afker> no
[16:15] <Afker> a woman in china dress, with a fan in her hand
[16:15] <Elementasts> then why does the bird guy give me a heal?
[16:15] <Afker> I think, not quite sure anymore, that she's interested in one of the three legendary swords
[16:16] <Elementasts> hmm
[16:17] <Afker> anything else?
[16:18] <Elementasts> why'd the bird guy giv eme a heal after fighting him?
[16:18] <Afker> don't think he gave you it
[16:18] <Afker> you found it
[16:18] <Afker> and they wanted it
[16:18] <Afker> so you guys fought
[16:18] <Elementasts> oh
[16:18] <Afker> and eventually you develop this pattern
[16:18] <Elementasts> and who's the little kid that the witch introduces to me?
[16:19] <Afker> when you *see* the heal on the floor, you just know they'll be showing up
[16:19] <Afker> someone else who wants to become a withch I think
[16:19] <Elementasts> ah
[16:19] <Afker> no plot importance
[16:19] <Afker> just kind of randomly there
[16:19] <Elementasts> I see
[16:20] <Afker> I was hoping she has a more developed story...
[16:20] <Elementasts> well she did visit me the next morning
[16:20] <Afker> oh well, Persiom is another of those small releases
[16:20] <Elementasts> small?!?!
[16:20] <Afker> relatively
[16:20] <Elementasts> relative to what?
[16:20] <Afker> compared to Rance 5, daiakuji, they are small <edit: Kichiku Rance>
[16:21] <Afker> Persiom is small
[16:21] <Elementasts> oh
[16:21] <Afker> d-:
[16:21] <Elementasts> but it takes longer