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General info
Game mechanics


Name Size Effect
Cane Negates 1 Black tile penalty (Black tile manifest when you escaped from battle, resulting in experience loss)
Rope 100% success rate at catching attempt (monster girl only)
Key 100% success rate at opening attempt (any chest)
Plant Adds three extra movement points
Candle Turn 1 blue tile into passable tile
Lantern Turn ALL blue tiles visible into passable tiles
Bell for one turn, receive no long range damage
Bomb Give damage equal to you attack power to all enemy in sight
Candy Move again
Radish Increase maximum HP by 10 permanently
Cucumber Heals for 150% of your max health, overflow kept until loss or map is complete
Medicine Restores 50% of your max health (used automatically each turn if your HP falls below 50% at the end of that turn)
Mouse 'n Cheese Resurect player, used automatically
Golden Statue Sell for money
Girl Monster container Send the corresponding Girl monster into target