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Fighting strength and skill aren't needed to stand at the top of a country. It's charisma... strength of character!

—Peperon Chao, on what it means to be a leader.

Peperon Chao
Japanese ペペロン・チャオ
Romanization peperon chao
Peperon Ciao.png
Race Human
Sex Male
Class King
World The Continent
Affiliation Free Cities Alliance, Kingdom of Parancho
Appeared in Rance IX, Kaeru nyo Panyon


Peperon Chao is the former King of the small Kingdom of Parancho within the Free Cities Alliance and the father of Pitten Chao and Poron Chao.

He is a highly regarded ruler and is beloved by his subjects for being incredibly kind and just. Under his ruling, Parancho prospered into a self-sufficient utopia free from much of the conflicts that plague the rest of the Continent.

Due to his old age, he planned to retire from his position and pass down leadership of Parancho to his older son Pitten. Pitten refused his offer, believing that Poron possessed the qualities required to be an efficient King that he lacked and instead suggested a plan to his father involving a false succession competition between the two sons and staging a coup against his father during it in order to prove Poron's abilities while also allowing him to gain confidence in himself. After suffering through many hardships to return to his kingdom and defeat his brother, Poron proved himself to have both the strength, determination and leadership ability to be an effective ruler and he was crowned Peperon's successor soon after. Following this, Peperon spent the rest of his days living happily in his Kingdom with his sons.

At some point during his travels, Patton Misnarge stayed in Parancho, where he befriended the royal family. Patton looks back fondly on his time in the Kingdom, expressing amazement that a nation could be as peaceful as Parancho and noting Peperon's kindness and hospitality.


As the King of the prosperous nation of Parancho, Peperon is a gifted monarch. Throughout his reign, the Kingdom thrived and lived in virtual peace. As Parancho is a small nation with barely a fraction of the resources of world powers such as Leazas, Peperon's ability to lead his nation to greatness reflects his outstanding governing talent.

In addition, Peperon was noted to be a talented warrior in his youth, and while he hardly shows any of it in his current old age, it is reflected in his sons, who both possess outstanding physical capabilities.