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The Pentagon was a Zeth-based rebel organization focused on improving the rights of non-magic users within the country.

The Pentagon was founded in GI0956 following the introduction of the pressure-free education system to Zeth public schools, which led to a steep drop in the number of lower-class citizens capable of passing the magic exam. The initial intention of the organization was to increase the educational opportunities available to second-class citizens, but it later expanded its focus to improving the living conditions of second-class citizens throughout the country.

The Pentagon becomes far more brutal and ruthless under Nelson Server.

While initially very moderate, with a goal of attaining equal rights between magic and non-magic users within Zeth through organized protests and community service work, the group saw a sudden shift in its political leaning in LP0002, after being taken over by Nelson Server, an ambitious man with a burning hatred of the nobility who desired to invert the social structure in order to oppress the magic users that had ridiculed him for his entire life. The group became far more radical, employing violent and relentless raids on the estates of nobles and performing public executions of major political figures to reinforce their power. While Nelson's persuasive words managed to keep the majority of the members within the Pentagon even after the major reformation it went through, the more moderate members broke away and formed the group Ice Flame, which carried the same egalitarian intentions that the Pentagon initially had.

The Pentagon was a very large organization composed of tens of thousands of members. While the majority of the members were second-class citizens, there were several first-class citizens that were for various reasons in opposition to the current government system that provided the group with financial backing. The leader of the Pentagon held the title of Admiral, and was advised by a council of the seven other highest-ranking members, collectively known as the 8 Knights.

The male and female Pentagon uniforms.

The standard Pentagon uniform consisted of dark blue tunic with gold lining, a matching tricorne hat with the organization's signature star emblem on it, boots and a cape. The male uniform included pants whereas the female uniform had a short miniskirt. As the organization was composed of non-magic users, its members relied on conventional weaponry such as swords and bows for combat. While the group boasted large numbers, its members varied greatly in fighting ability, with only the members of the 8 Knights having notable strength. As a result, it relied heavily on sheer force of numbers to overpower its opposition, and fell quickly when against a more formidable enemy.

The Neo-Pentagon was formed following the defeat of the Demon Army.

During the events of Rance VI, the Pentagon launched a large scale operation known as "Liberate the Motherland", where it raided the towers of each of the Four Lords of Zeth to deactivate the Maginot Line in order to weaken Zeth's military power. In actuality, however, the group had been infiltrated by the Apostle Aurora, who had tricked it into removing the Maginot Line in order to allow a Demon Army force led by the Dark Lord Camilla into the country. Nelson Server suffered from a mental breakdown shortly after the realization of his mistake and the group quickly dissolved without his leadership.

Following the defeat of the Demon Army, surviving members of the 8 Knights Elizabeth Lacock and Rodney Rodney reformed the group as "Neo-Pentagon" and attempted to take advantage of the weakened state of the country in order to accomplish their anti-magic agenda, but were quickly crushed, ending the organization for good.

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  • The organization's name is derived from the location of the United States of America's Department of Defense, also called the Pentagon.
    • That said, portrait art of Orion in Rance VI's Alice's Mansion (seen only in the JP version) depicts the name "Pentagon" next to a drawing of a pentagram, which may imply some linguistic confusion, at least on Orion's part.
  • All of the members of the 8 Knights are named after different classes of British Naval Warships.