Pencilcow is the country of the Kalar race, set between Helman andZeth in the western zone of the Kinani Desert, roughly in the center of The Continent. It was founded during Demon King Gele's era by Index Kalar, the first Kalar queen, and the Black Haired, Hunty Kalar. The country was made to unify the kalars in one location and gather them in the Crystal Forest, where magical barriers and traps are set to protect innocent persecuted Kalar from being harvested by humans for their crystals.

Population: 2017

Capital: Crystal Forest

Leader: Pastel Kalar

The country is mostly a giant forest with a mountain at its center called the Soaring Dragon Mountain. Access is forbidden to all male humans that dare venture into Kalar domain and are typically killed on sight by the Kalar Guard.

Since Kalar are an all-female race, Kalars must use human male to reproduce, so they sometimes capture males and keep them encaged while dairy extracting sperm for them for breeding purposes until the male dies. 

They also have a tomb dedicated to all the former Kalar queens, where some of the spirits from the queen still roam.

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