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I’m supposed to be the symbol of a hopeful future for Helman now. Whether I want it or not, that’ll be true as long as I call myself the prince. There’s no problem with that. Also... I owe the citizens. I never thought about that when I was in the imperial family, but... our lives were built on sacrificing the lives of the people. So this time, I have to do stuff for them.

—Patton Misnarge, resolving to change his ways.

Patton Misnarge
Japanese パットン・ミスナルジ
Romanization Patton Misunaruji
Patton Misnarge.png
Race Human
Age / Birth 34 / GI0988
Sex Male
Ht. / Wt. 208cm / 210kg
203cm / 128kg (Rance IX)
190cm / 87kg (Rance 03)
196cm / 110kg (Kichikuou Rance)
Status Alive
Class Guard, Brawler
World The Continent
Affiliation Helman, Patton Faction
Level limit 70
Skill levels Unarmed Combat Lv1 (?), Guard Lv1 (?), Pro Wrestling Lv2 (?), Sword Combat Lv1 (pre-Rance IX), Unarmed Combat Lv2 (pre-Rance IX)
Appeared in Rance III, Rance 03, Kichikuou Rance, Rance VI, Rance IX, Rance X, Naguri Makuri Tower, Nise Naguri Makuri Tower, Mamanyonyo
Mentioned in Rance IV


Patton Misnarge is the former Prince of the Helman Empire, one of the major countries in The Continent.

As the son between Helman's previous emperor and one of his many concubines, he had a challenging childhood. Shortly after Patton was born, his mother Paelina Misnarge died mysteriously, so he grew up under the care of Hunty Kalar. Due to his mother's status, he had to work hard to prove himself worthy of being the successor. For a while, he was the favored successor as the emperor's only male heir, but the situation changed when the emperor's rightful wife Empress Pamela Helman gave birth to Sheila Helman. The nation was divided on who the successor should be, divided between the Patton faction and the Sheila Faction. He suffered a crushing defeat in Leazas and lost the rights to the throne. And thanks to Sheila's real father and Prime Minister Stessel Romanov, she was crowned as the Empress of Helman.

His failure as a prince and after his defeat in his failed invasion attempt over Leazas destroyed his reputation and Stessel deemed him as dead during the 7th Helman-Leazas War. After Sheila became the empress, Stessel declared supporting Patton would be treason.

Ever since his defeat, he has been training in secret to become a better man and has been travelling around the world with other members of the Patton Faction that support him to death. Hunty Kalar, the woman that raised him in exchange of his deceased mother, Freak Paraffin, one of his mentors, and his childhood friend Hubert Lipton, the son of Thoma Lipton who was almost like a father to Patton. These four secretly formed the Patton Faction, dedicated to taking down Stessel and giving Patton his rightful place as the emperor.

Personality and Appearance[]

Patton is an incredibly tall man of over 2 metres height. He has a vigorous and fit body filled with muscles, when some refer to him in an insulting manner they call him a "sack of meat" due to how big and tough he is. He shares the physical traits typical of the descendants of Zanageth Helman that can be easily recognized by anyone, boasting a huge muscular body, blue hair and a very squared face. He's very similar to his father the former emperor in appearance.

During his earliest years, Patton was a very playful and cheerful boy. Many citizens loved his joyful and optimistic demeanor. However, over the years the complicated political life and the loss of support of the people, that was secretly manipulated by Stessel Romanov, caused Patton to become more rebellious, ill-mannered and obnoxious. Eventually he became a depraved and arrogant man and grew furious to the way the townsfolk treated him and believed him not suited to be the emperor.

Patton in the Rance IX opening

After his exile however, he was at first mad with his country, but would later grow over the years, training and travelling all over the world changed his manner of thinking immensely. He learned and changed a lot from his exile and seeing disputes, wars and citizen's point of view shaped his ideals and beliefs. He has his charisma and managed to get a lot of people to join in the revolution in Helman after his return, even after how much his reputation was ruined, and proves to be a great leader.

Patton is usually a very stubborn and tough man, he's not the type to give up easily. After his exile he became a lot more polite and amiable. He's a very friendly and respectful individual and he likes to party around with his friends. He gives a "big bro" vibe towards those around him. After his exile he recovered a lot of his playful and joking old traits. Even while battling he's calmed and with a fun-loving demeanor, making jokes on deadly situations or slapping his butt to taunt his opponents.


Patton's a very powerful fist-fighter.

Patton was always trained into swordplay and was fairly competent with it, possessing Sword Combat Lv1 skills. However, his lack of motivation and rebellious nature never let him realize of his true potential. 

After being defeated in Leazas and starting serious training, he realised that he was far more fond of and skilled with martial arts. He has a Lv1 skills in Unarmed Combat and a Lv1 Guard Skill. His biggest strength is a Lv2 Pro Wrestling skill which, combined with his huge and robust body, makes him a deadly and dangerous opponent. In the battlefield he's mostly focused in protecting allies and attracting the enemies attacks, due to his incredible endurance and raw tenacity. As a Lv2 user, he has a unique skill of his own called Chaotic War Dance, an incredibly powerful barrage of punches capable of continuosly attacking his opponent non-stop, albeit it carries side effects for Patton.

He fights primarily with his fists all the time and since his defeat he has trained in several adventures all over The Continent, which have granted him great experience and fighting strength. Patton became a force to be reckoned. He had an incredibly high cap of 70 and by the Helman Revolution in LP0006 his level was 50, becoming one of the strongest human fighters in the world.

In most games he takes the role of a damage-sponge, being a highly durable unit that protects allies and has high counter rate, combined with a good enough damage, makes him a valuable unit.


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Personal History[]

Patton is welcomed to the world by Hunty.

Patton was born in the year GI0988 as the Helman Emperor's first son and Prince, yet he isn't the emperor's wife's son but the son of a concubine called Paelina Misnarge. Since the empress never had any children, he's raised as the heir.

However, his mother mysteriously died right after he was born. Thoma Lipton and Hunty Kalar, acquaintances and close friends of Paelina, make a vow to take care of Patton and to turn him into a great man. Patton wasn't princely at all but a lot of people liked him. He formed a close friendship with his mentor's son, Hubert Lipton and with Aristoles Karm, and the three of them formed a group when they were children. They often played together and grew together.

By the year GI1005 the emperor, who had been ill for the last few years, stopped appearing in public and everyone thought Patton would be the only heir, but then the Emperor's second wife gave birth to Sheila Helman.

Patton loses support over the years.

Ten years later, Patton has lost a lot of standing and support due to manipulation schemes secretly set by Pamela and Stessel Romanov, who try to make Sheila the next empress. He's driven further away from his position and many nobles consider the fact that he's a concubine's son bad.

Even the emperor, who used to support him, begins to treat him coldly after several deceptions. Unable to deal with the complicated political strife, Patton gets tired of it all and loses motivation. He starts skipping on sword practice and politics lessons and plays around more, becoming a delinquent.

In the year LP0002, Patton, who became a complete failure of a prince, begins living a depraved life, and falls completely for Dark Lord Noce's sweet words and begins his plan to invade Leazas. He thinks that if he succeeds no-one will object his succession. No-one supports him with the exception of his mentor, General Thoma Lipton, who commands the Helman 3rd Army, and Hunty Kalar. A transportation device is secretly set up inside the Leazas Castle by the Dark Lords. In one night, tens of thousands of soldiers from Helman's 3rd Army appear and occupy the Leazas Castle in the blink of an eye. Leazas's royalty, as well as its major generals, are captured overnight and Helman occupies 40% of Leazas territory including its capital, making it an overwhelming victory for the Helman Army.

Patton rejoiced over his victory against Leazas.

Leazas lost many soldiers in the initial attack but they manage to re-organize enough to reach a stalemate. Patton calls for reinforcements from the emperor, knowing that with them, crushing the remnants of the Leazas Army and occupying the whole country would be a simple task. While he waits for the reinforcements, he ignores the Leazas regular army and gathers his troops in the southern Free Cities Zone to make his victory much bigger. However, Princess Lia had sought help from Rance before being captured. Rance never does anything unless it's for his own gain, but many things happened and he eventually became the Supreme Commander of the Leazas Liberation Army and crushes the Helman Army with several vicious schemes. The Helman units that had advanced into the Free Cities Zone, Fletcher's 10.000 soldiers and Henderson's 5000, are annihilated. The previously ecstatic Patton starts getting severely nervous.

Patton's life was barely saved by Hunty.

The Leazas Liberation Army led by Rance absorbs Leazas soldiers from all over and becomes a large enough force to surround the Leazas Castle where Patton is hiding. Patton had requested reinforcements several times but the emperor failed to respond. Stessel actually had maneuvered the situation to let Patton die in the battle. General Thoma protected Patton to the very end but was finally brought down for good by Rance

Patton, who's lost his most trusted mentor, turns to Dark Lord Noce for support but the Dark Lord claims that he does not need Patton anymore since he has already fulfilled his objective. Patton and Hunty fight Noce but they are defeated. In a desperate move, Hunty manages to transport them to a different location safe from Noce, although she was quite scarred by the fight.

Patton: Shit, I won't forgive Noce nor my father! Hunty: What are you getting all fired up for? I'm gonna go find some food, so you rest! Patton: ....

The fighting ends with the Leazas side victorious and the Helman 3rd Army destroyed. The blame for the failure all goes to the stupid Prince of Helman Patton and Stessel claimed that he lost his life recklessly in the fighting. Patton's reputation is throughly destroyed.

Patton spends the following months licking his wounds in a secret location. Thanks to Hunty he could be reunited with his childhood friend Hubert and with Freak Paraffin, who choose to stay with Patton and support him from now on in his quest to retrieve the throne. Saved from the brink of death after his invasion of Leazas, Patton could not return to his country and lives a secluded life. He spent a little time moping, but broke out of it in time and decided to take the opportunity to gather some information and do some training. While training he realised that he is far more adept to martial arts than he is to swordplay. By LP0003 he became a fairly strong fighter and has improved a lot. With the other members of the Patton Faction he adventured in the Naguri Makuri Tower and the Nisenaguri Makuri Tower, conquering both.

In LP0004 he met Poron and Pitten in the small Kingdom of Parancho and formed a casual friendship with them. This year, Stessel also found out that Patton is still alive and sends assassins from the Dark Wings after him several times. He used to just be protected by Hunty, but at this point he's gotten strong enough to defend himself.

Patton gets to meet Rance in Zeth.

He later goes to one of the major world countries Zeth, where mages reign supreme, in order to continue with his training, but he gets captured and locked up in a certain facility where he meets Rance (Rance VI events). He finds out that he's the very same person that defeated him and destroyed all his aspirations and even considers getting revenge. However, the situation and mutual interest makes them work together and he eventually realizes he doesn't have a grudge anymore and even becomes a fan of Rance after seeing his skill first-hand. At this time, Patton witnessed the previously segregated Zeth going through a lot of political change after the chaos and helped him a lot into shaping his manner of thinking. He also got to experience closely how poor citizens live in a big and unequaled country.

Patton changed into a more respectful and noble man.

The following year in LP0005, a revolt occurs in Zeth when a powerful group aims to restore mages to power. Patton works with Milacle Tou, who's feared by many due to her unmatched magic power, to suppress the revolt effectively. 

He participated in the 2nd Toushin Toshi Tournament and won, getting his name forever recorded in the newly formed tournament. He visited several places and grew as a person after meeting many different people. Hubert was preparing the Revolution in Helman by this time, while Rance was unifying JAPAN with the Oda House(Sengoku Rance events).

The next year in LP0006, Patton returned to his homeland in Helman for the first time in four years. He's changed a lot in these four years and is not the pathetic stupid prince he was when he left, and started preparing for the Revolution and gathering allies from all over Helman. When he felt confident to start the Revolution he headed to the Rance Castle and tried to convince Rance to help him in his revolution. He managed to get him to help, under some conditions, and even named him the supreme general of the Revolutionary Army (Rance IX events). He also gets to re-encounter with his half sister Sheila Helman, who accidentally ended up with Rance after a series of coincidental events. He holds no anger towards her and they get along pretty well.

Patton and Hunty finally confess their love for each other.

The revolution that was intended to take three years is accomplished in only a few months with Rance's help. Stessel's regime ends but with the chaotic events that caused the Revolution awakened the most powerful Toushin left behind by the Holy Magic Sect, M.M Rune's Toushin MM. A group formed by many of the strongest fighters in Helman and Rance's party is put together, helping Hunty and Patton to destroy the ultimate Toushin that threatened humanity since the Sect's era. Despite the fact that the revolution took place to make Patton the emperor, he rejects the idea and chooses to turn the Helman Empire into the Helman Republic and make Sheila the president, this time with her holding the power for real. He and Hunty finally become an item together and the two of them depart in a journey searching other items of the Holy Magic Sect.

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During the events of Rance X, Patton and Hunty aid in the defense of the human nations. At some point after RA0002, Hunty gave birth to his son, Hero Helman and he began training his niece, Lelikov Helman in martial arts. In RA0009, he joins Miracle's Twelve Knights to fight against Rance's dark lords.


  • In the Rance VI popularity poll he was ranked 7th among all characters and in Rance IX he was ranked 5th among the male characters. In Rance 03 he ranked 11th despite holding a villain role.
  • In the early stages of Rance III, and even while working on the game, Patton was supposed to be just a stupid prince that died and that was it, but Purin from the development staff came up with all sorts of background for him and ended up getting attached to him, being saved from his fated death.
    • TADA describes him as "A character who miraculously overcame the fate given to him by his creator (the director of the game). That's Patton-kun.
  • He's one of the tallest human characters in the series.
  • Patton is one of the few male characters that has managed to befriend Rance.
  • Since Sheila doesn't carry royal blood, he's the only true heir to the throne and, while he doesn't use it, his real name is Patton Helman. This matters little though due to the shift to republicanism the nation went through after the Helman Revolution at the end of Rance IX.