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About[edit | edit source]

From left to right, Hubert Lipton, Patton Misnarge and Hanty Kalar.

The Patton Faction is a small group of people who support Patton Misnarge's quest to reclaim his legitimate place as Emperor of Helman.

It was created after prince Patton's exile from the country following his shameful defeat during the invasion of Leazas in LP0002, in Rance III. In the aftermath, Patton was publicly pronounced dead. The group was reformed after the events of Rance IV, gathered together thanks to the efforts of Hanty Kalar

Members[edit | edit source]

Patton Misnarge[edit | edit source]

Patton is the leader of the Faction, its namesake, and its key member. As the true heir to the throne of Helman, he made it his goal to become a worthy Emperor and overthrow Stessel Romanov's despotic regime. Initially seeing himself as unready, he traveled across The Continent in order to train himself and become a better man.

Through his charisma, powerful presence, and the support of his friends, he attracted those who agreed with his ambition and built a revolutionary army that fought to change the Helman Empire.

Hanty Kalar[edit | edit source]

Hanty is a legendary Kalar woman of astonishing fame, known as one of the most powerful magic users in history. She was one of the architects of the murder ofM.M Rune, ending the Dark Lord War.

Due to Hanty's unusually long lifespan, she maintains a complicated relationship with Patton. She is a mother figure, raising Patton after the death of his biological mother, one of his closest friends, and his guardian. Hanty sees him as the most precious person in her life and eventually the two develop romantic feelings for each other.

Hubert Lipton[edit | edit source]

Patton's childhood friend. They share a very strong bond and were raised together like brothers, alongside Aristoles Karm (who does not side with Patton). Hubert is the son of Patton's mentor and father figure, Thoma Lipton, once considered the strongest human in the world.

Though not as skilled as his father, Hubert is dependable soldier and wielder of the powerful blade Shiranui. He shares Patton's passion for personal growth and justice and proves himself a reliable ally in the fight for Helman. 

Freak Paraffin[edit | edit source]

A member of the Council of Eight of Helman that always supported Patton. He's a wise old magician, born in a forgotten age over 700 years ago. Considered the brains of the group, Freak believes Patton will guide Helman to a brighter future.

A legendary researcher of the Magic Arts, Freak has made great advancements in the Magic Sciences in his many years. He was once appointed to transfer his mind into the body of a Toushin but instead placed it into an immortal bronze body that does not age.

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