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General info
World of Pastel Chime
Game mechanics
Items and Equipment

At the beginning of the game you are asked to distribute your parameter to 3 categories:

  • Mind
  • Skill
  • Body

Mind affects most of the status connected to magic so most of the status increase in magic will be dependent on this parameter for e.g when you take meditation class it will increase your MP 1x your mind

Skill affects status connected to accuracy and speed.

Body affects status connected to physical power i.e. HP attack etc


  • 1st column
    • Strength (力) : Affects damage output and attack speed of most weapons. Affects how many times needed to brute force a locked door.
    • Quickness (素早さ ) : Affects attack speed of light weapons, how many times needed to pick a lock and disable a trap.
    • Spell Cast (詠唱) : Affect the damage output and casting speed of your magic.
    • Accuracy (正確さ) : Affects the accuracy of the weapon and damage output of dagger type weapons ( short range scout weapon )
  • 2nd column:
    • Red (赤) : Resistance and Damage Level for Red Colored Magic (Fire based)
    • Blue (青) : Resistance and Damage Level for Blue Colored Magic (Water/Ice based)
    • Silver (銀) : Resistance and Damage Level for Silver Colored Magic (Holy/Lightning based)
    • Dark (闇) : Resistance and Damage Level for Dark Colored Magic (Darkness based)
  • 3rd column:
    • HP : self explanatory
    • MP : self explanatory
    • CP : used in skills ie power attack but more imporatantly used by scout for opening locked door, locked chest, trapped chest, and trap.

Game Mechanics

1. At the beginning of the week : Any people who lvled up will be announced as well as any new item in the shop. Afterward you will be asked to choose which lesson you wanted to attend.(see Session Class) Also if you leveled up you will be asked to choose which job you wanted to lvl up.(see Classes)

When you chose which lesson to attend you can choose 3 lvl of class: Normal, Private, and Helping. Helping cost no money while the other two are. Private gains more stat than Normal, but cost more expensive. The effectively of the lesson also depends on your start parameters.

2. During the week : You will have the lesson you choose as well as a few scene(if applicable)

3. Weekend : You can access the skill shop, normal shop, and check your stat/changing your equipment. Later on in your game you can also change the lvl of the dungeon your accessing.

In weekend your main objective is to gain experience by exploring dungeon and fighting enemy as well as increasing your relationship with the girl your after. Your party need to be consisted of 1 main heroine and 1 sub character. Remember you can only bring max 20 item in your bag so sell all those useless stuff u picked up.

Dungeon Exploration

You basically have 3 hours from 2-5 to explore the dungeon (In the portable version, it's extend until 6, so you basically have 4 hours to explore), by walking or even standing will move the clock. Looking at the map will pause it.

You need a scout (or most likely, scout skills) for dungeon exploration period, no argument. At the beginning you might be able to make do w/o but deeper inside the effect of traps and the sheer number of locked door makes scout indispensible for dungeon exploration. I recommend Natsumi, 'cause she got more CP than Sawatari (who unknownly take 1 lesson of Magic class) so you can last longer in opening chest/door, or by all means, you need to build your scout level for at least level 2 in order to gain access to the Trap and Trapped Box Disable as well as Open Locked Door and Locked Chest, and if you planning to go to Lucy's route, then you have an extra scout for you to exploit :)

You will meet monster (green soul flying around, sometimes hidden), chest(sometimes hidden or trapped), Heart point(increase relationship point), Door(locked or not), and lastly the most annoying one are traps (Poison, Instant Kill a person, Auto warp outside, Damage All Member, Damage 1 Random Member, MP/CP Drain, Monster Encounter, Loses a thing in your bag, Loses some unopen chest in the map, Forgeting your already open map, and Time Consuming.)

At the end of exploring you will be asked whom you wanted to spend time with if you spend time with a char which has max "relationship point" with you the relationship will lvl up and sometime it will carry over to Sunday event(ie date or other event). If you have nothing on Sunday you will be able to get supplementary lesson which will increase your stat by 1 or you can got to town to improve your sense (there's a talk going on, sense level are used in order to gain more point in heart event in the dungeon) or working part time in the shop(wage dependent on your current level multiple with 100)