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There are 2 main dungeon in Pastel Chime Continue, both of them are randomly generated map, randomly generated chest, and with the same monster combination.

General Layout[]

  1. Green Soul. A monster. Always standing, except if you got near it, it will chase you. Usually hidden, and you need to trigger it to make it appears and got preemptive attack. If not, beware for surprised attacks.
  2. Heart Icon. Increasing Relationship Point. There are 2 Heart Icon every floor.
  3. Treasure Chest. Self explanatory. Beware for trapped chest.
  4. Door. Self explanatory.
  5. Traps. Self explanatory

初級ダンジョン (Elementary Dungeon)[]

Created for Lv1 student. Consist of 20 floor down. The max level of weapons you can found here are lvl 1 to 6, which is also rare to found lvl 6 weapon. Lvl 5 for the armors, and lvl 4 for the accessories. No, there's no any prize for clearing this dungeon.

上級ダンジョン (Senior Dungeon)[]

Created for Lvl 4++ student. Also consist of 20 floor down. You can unlock the senior dungeon after midterm, even if you haven't reach floor 20th in the elementary dungeon. Here lies weapon for lvl from 5 into 9, armors and accessories for lvl 8, which is also rare to get lvl 9 weapons, but you usually can get it at floor 20th.

Floor 20th[]

This is the lowest floor of the Senior Dungeon. Beware, going into floor 20th unprepared will give you instant gameover. The monster here are the strongest of all type. This is some example by being prepared :

  1. At least, your main status reach 999 or higher (The game stopped counting till 999, but it's actually really going up.). If you're a warrior, make sure you're strength is at max, etc.
  2. Lots of enemy in Floor 20th are monster with high magic resistance. As I've never played as Mage, I can't help you.
  3. Use a weapon with the shortest waiting time, yet the highest damage output. A weapon called Sevenstar is the best weapon so far in this criteria.
  • Sevenstar output are (77% strength) + 100, which can reach 999 if you keep building your strength.
  • Sevenstar need 777 accuracy to make it drop till 1 for it's waiting time.
  • Sevenstar able to hit 7 times and can reach the farthest enemy.
  • Sevenstar need lvl 5 of Scout.
  • You can find it in floor 18th, 19th, and 20th, or stealed from all of the enemy in Floor 20th (make sure you've already acquired Scout's lvl 8 skills)

Here is the monster list for this floor:

  • Bone General

The Strongest Bone Type Monster. Now has Triple Attack. Not to mention, it's Shield Attack are more powerfull than before.

  • Shinigami Penguin

The Strongest Penguin Type Monster. Like it's name, it's aqcuired Devil Scythe's skill, Instant Death. It's Sleep Magic now hit all ally.

  • Cyclops

The Strongest Troll Type Monster. Has huge HP (approx 2000), and now has skills effect to make your action/wait time+2.

  • Blob

The Strongest Slime Type Monster. It's color are red. The most weakest monster in Floor 20th.

  • Kamira

The Strongest Succubuss Type Monster. Now accompanied with 2 bat and now has acquired Sleep Magic.

  • Kaeru Daiou

The Strongest Toad Type Monster. Not so strong, but not so weak either.

  • Hell Scythe

The Strongest Death Scythe Type Monster. Now has Dual Attack which can inflict Poison and Instant Death to 1 ally.

  • 妖狐 (Youko)

The Strongest Nekomata Type Monster. Now has Tripple Attack (randomly attack all ally or just 1 ally), Dark Magic which inflict major damage to 1 ally, and Fire Magic attack which inflict major damage to all ally.

  • Grand Dragon

The only new monster for Floor 20th. It's HP are almost the same like Cyclops, but with more DEF. Has Lava Breath which inflict major damage to 1 ally, and Light Magic attack which inflict major damage to all ally.

Monster Pattern[]

  1. 1 Grand Dragon + 3 Hell Scythe
  2. 6 Grand Dragon
  3. 2 Grand Dragon + 2 Kamira
  4. 3 Kaeru Daiou + 2 Youko
  5. 1 Shinigami Penguin + 3 Bone General + 3 Youko
  6. 3 Hell Scythe + 1 Grand Dragon
  7. 7 Hell Scythe (Beware, it's instant gameover if you're cannot beat all of them in 1 turn)
  8. 2 Bone General + 2 Kaeru Daiou + 1 Shinigami Penguin
  9. 2 Kaeru Daiou + 2 Youko
  10. 3 Bone General + 3 Shinigami Penguin + 1 Kaeru Daiou
  11. 3 Cyclops + 2 Kamira
  12. 2 Cyclops + 2 Kamira
  13. 3 Blob + 2 Shinigami Penguin
  14. 2 Blob + 3 Kaeru Daiou
  15. 6 Shinigami Penguin