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Pastel Chime 3
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Black Chaos Clinic

All of the Items and Equipment in Pastel Chime 3 Bindseeker will be listed here.


Each character can only equip one accessory. So, make sure you choose carefully.

Equipment List[]

Name English Name Price Explanation
ライフリング Life Ring 5000G Increase Max HP by 100
アライブリング Alive Ring 14000G Increase Max HP by 300
フォースリング Force Ring 42000G Increase Max HP by 500
チャクラシール Chakra Seal 5000G Increase Max SP by 50
ソーマシール Soma Seal 14000G Increase Max SP by 75
丹田シール Abdomen Seal 42000G Increase Max SP by 100
パワーリスト Power Wrist 5000G Increase Strength by 10
ストロングリスト Strong Wrist 14000G Increase Strength by 20
オウガリスト Ogre Wrist 50000G Increase Strength by 30
チーフガード Cheap Guard 5000G Increase Defense by 10
ミッドガード Mid Guard 14000G Increase Defense by 20
ハイガード High Guard 50000G Increase Defense by 30
ひらめきの円環 Flash Torus 5000G Increase Magic by 10
みちびきの円環 Guidance Torus 14000G Increase Magic by 20
めざめの円環 Awaking Torus 50000G Increase Magic by 30
知覚マッシュS Perception Mash S 5000G Increase Agility by 10
知覚マッシュM Perception Mash M 14000G Increase Agility by 20
知覚マッシュL Perception Mash L 50000G Increase Agility by 30
イダテンの靴 Idaten's Shoes - Movement+1 (Treasure Box in Chapter 6 & 12)
ヘルメスの靴 Hermes's Shoes - Movement+2 (Treasure Box in Quest 43)
炎のお守り Fire's Charm 20000G Changing Fire Elemental Defense into "Strong" (低)
氷のお守り Water's Charm 20000G Changing Water Elemental Defense into "Strong" (低)
風のお守り Wind's Charm 20000G Changing Wind Elemental Defense into "Strong" (低)
雷のお守り Lightning's Charm 20000G Changing Lightning Elemental Defense into "Strong" (低)
光のお守り Light's Charm 20000G Changing Light Elemental Defense into "Strong" (低)
闇のお守り Dark's Charm 20000G Changing Dark Elemental Defense into "Strong" (低)
ガスマスク Gas Mask 50000G Gain "Immunity"(無) of Poison (毒)
抗体 Antibody 50000G Gain "Immunity"(無) of Paralysis(麻痺/マヒ)
お札 Charm 50000G Gain "Immunity"(無) of Death(即死)
青いおまじない Good Luck Charm "Blue" - Relationship Level x1.5 for Boys After Battle (After clearing Chapter 2)
赤いおまじない Good Luck Charm "Red" - Relationship Level x1.5 for Girls After Battle (After clearing Chapter 2)
EXPレーダー EXP Radar - Gain Passive Ability "EXP Boost" (2nd Play only)
卒業認定書 Graduation's Approval Certificate - Gain Passive Ability "Bind Master" (2nd Play only)
ハニーのかけら Hanny's Pieces - Gain Passive Ability "Hanny" (2nd Play only)


Each character can equip only three items. Choose carefully which item will you bring into battle

Item List[]

Name English Name Price Explanation
エイドバンド Aid Band 200G Regenerate 200 HP
毎日一本 A Bottle Everyday 500G Regenerate 500 HP
ヒヨコ300 Hiyoko 300 800G Fully Recovered HP
マナビタンC Manabitan C 200G Regenerate 50 SP
マナビタンZ Manabitan Z 500G Regenerate 100 SP
メンタル皇帝液 Emperor's Mental Liquid 800G Fully Recovered SP
ヤルキーニ茸 Motivation Mushroom 200G Regenerate 10 Tension
ヤルキナール錠 Be Motivated Pill 500G Regenerate 20 Tension
ヤルキナールG Be Motivated G 800G Regenerate 30 Tension
アンバランスゲイン Unbalance Gain - HP and SP Fully Recovered, but Tension become 0
バランスゲイン Balance Gain 1000G Regenerate 500 HP & 100 SP
スーパーゲイン Super Gain - HP and SP Fully Recovered & Tension Increased by 20
鬼の呪符 Demon's Amulet - Damage Increased x1.5 for one turn
剛鬼の呪符 Brave Demon's Amulet - Damage Increased x2 for one turn
インスタントガード Instant Guard 600G Damage Taken Reduced by 50% for one turn
インスタントシールド Instant Shield 1000G Damage Taken Reduced by 80% for one turn
カワセミスコープ Jade Scope 400G Accuracy +50% for one turn
ファルコンスコープ Falcon Scope 1000G Accuracy +50% and Critical for one turn
ヒラリセンサー Hirari Sensor 400G Dodge Chance +50% for one turn
ミキリセンサー Abandon Sensor 1000G Dodge Chance +80% for one turn
加速スイッチ Acceleration Switch 600G Movement+2 for one turn
倍速スイッチ Double Accell Switch 1200G Movement+3 for one turn
咬み合う蛇の紋章 Uroboros Crest - Able to move twice for one turn