Pastel Chime 3 Bindseeker
パステルチャイム3 バインドシーカー
Pasuteru Chaimu 3: Baindoshīkā
(c)アリスソフト Box art
Brand Alice Soft
Release date February 15, 2013
Genre / Rating SRPG / 18+
Base price 8500
Voice Partial
Pastel Chime 3 - banner
Guild Quests
Black Chaos Clinic

Pastel Chime 3 is the third game in the Pastel Chime series. The game's soundtrack was released as Alice Sound Album Vol. 22.

Story Edit

It takes place 8 years after Pastel Chime Continue. At that time, Colwayd, the new continent is just 20% explored. They just able to built one Port City, as a human last headquarters. Since then, many graduated Adventurer from various School goes exploring the new continent, including our Main Hero and Heroines from previous Pastel Series (Only Collete from Pastel Chime 1 whos didn't become Adventurer, later, she will be working as a Scientist).

In just 8 years, Colwayd already 80% explored. Humans now had built Coral City, the new capital for Colwayd. Colwayd also now had several Port City spread in several beach. There's also exist Adventurer Academy in Colwayd, Agaresta Academy. As this is an Adventurer Academy, not all student didn't really wanted to become an Adventurer anymore. The age of Adventurer already died out, people didn't really want to put their life on line again. Maybe this was because of Colwayd almost fully explored, so there's no meaning to become Adventurer again.   

In the meantime, the last part of Colwayd still remains mystery, which people called it, Line.

The story begins with a disaster in Tornes Village, our main Hero, Kaitos, is an A rank Adventurer. People called him "Black Ace" as he made several bad misunderstanding, and unable to reach rank S because of that. He worked with Aoba Kaito, the main Hero of Pastel Chime 1, who already reach S rank. Together they finding some clue about the disasters, and met with a mysterious man in hood.

Later, Kaitos has been called to help the orientation for Agaresta Academy. He met with a beautiful teacher, which turns out to be his ex-girlfriend, Emily Sinclair. After doing introduction and guiding several student on the way, a man which Kaitos saw from Tornes Village appear. Kaitos chased him to a ruins, where he met with a Witch guiding several Monster, later named is a Mashin (魔神, Demon God). With all of the ruckus there, the Witch lose all focus and made all of the Mashin escaped. The Witch kissed Kaitos for the mistake he made, and Kaitos wondering why she did that. Outside, noticing Kaitos and 2 of her student missing, Emily goes to search. She finds Kaitos unconscious... with his young body.

This is how the story start!

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