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Pastel Chime: Learning to Love
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General Info
Minor Characters
Gameplay & Monsters
Skills & Items

General gameplay[]

Pastel Chime's gameplay is that of a relatively simple dungeon crawler with randomized maps. Chests, traps and stairs are randomly placed, though stairs will have priority in hallways and chests in tiles away from walls. Events aren't very common in this game's dungeon, but some random small flavour events occur (and will probably repeat) as you go through the dungeon. The dungeon background, tileset and monsters change, but only the latter is really relevant.

As you go around you'll run into enemies either by random encounter or fixed encounters guarding a pathway. If you are fast enough, running is an option for the first, but you need to fight hallway guards as that encounter will remain (though you'll get other enemies).

Battles give you a front and back row which only affect if enemies can attack you depending on their range. You can switch between those without spending turns. The enemies get 3 rows which works the same, but they will only be moved a row if the row in front of them dies out. Attacks are done by regular weapon attacks, skill attacks or magic. Skills or magic can buff or debuff enemies. Items are also an option.

Treasure can be found on the map and from monster drops and it can be any item that can be found in the shop. Finding and selling one to the shop unlocks it for buying and this carries over in every new playthrough.

It sounds like most RPGs, but the most important element is time. This prevents you from grinding out enemies (with diminishing rewards as well) as you need to progress down deep enough to not fail your exams.

You get the option of taking one of the girls with you if they want and/or taking a Lancer. Lancers are magical humanoid tools that function as mercenaries based on class archetypes.

Character & class[]

You only build one and whilst you can build it whichever way you like, the initial class you pick will affect stat growth. You'll want base your growth around these base stats so as to not waste lesson days and credits on it. These base class stats are:

  • Spirit/心 which affects the same named stat, magic attack/defence and casting.
  • Skill/技 which mostly affects agility, accuracy and evasion and has minor effect on casting
  • Body/体 which mostly affects strength, attack and defence and has minor effect on magical power and defence

The 4 classes are Warrior/戦士, Scout/スカウト, Magician/魔法, Diviner/神術士 and you can only have 12 points max between them.

Strength/筋力, Agility/敏捷, Chanting/詠唱, Spirit/精神 are stats that affect your characters abilities themselves.

Attack/攻撃, Accuracy/命中, Defence/防御, Evasion/回避 are more closely tied to how well they can use the equipment they wear which ties into the ease of use stat on equipment. Light elemental/明要素 (Red/赤色, Silver/銀色) and Dark elemental/暗要素 (Blue/青色, Darkness/闇色) are the magic equivalents of that. The higher the relevant stat, the better it works up to its limit.

All these stats can be trained, but you require school credits to pay for classes/class training/skills. You get those by beating monsters in the dungeon. You can however buy an item to get skills for money instead. A Mock combat/模擬戦 option allows you to save credits and you get some XP too.


Time is limited in the dungeon as you only get from 2 to 6 PM to delve down.

Time is spent in the following amounts:

  • 1 minute for each step.
  • 3 minutes for running from a battle
    • Note that this apparently gets added to the already spent battle time
  • 2 minutes for a 1-2 turn battle then +1 minute for every extra turn
  • 3 minutes for each attempt to unlock or break (also takes HP) a door
    • 0 minutes if you use a universal key
    • 1 minute if you leave as you take a step back.

You can spend 15 minutes to recover in the infirmary if you go back yourself, however party members recover as soon as you exit. Getting wiped out loses you a lot of time too and there are traps that can waste your time.


Rewards seem to be diminishing, so these aren't noted. Their HP is given in ranges if I had the notes for it as their HP can differ.

Resists/weaknesses have a scale from weakest to strongest its: 死ぬー->やめてー->やだなー->普通だよ->わりと平気->平気だよ->きかないよ. They affect physical and elemental attacks, but non-elemental magic ignores it all.
Their weaknesses will be noted using this as a scale from 1-7, except if its 4 as that's neutral. So below 4 is weak and above 4 is resist.

Floors 1-10[]

Enemy JP name Name HP Notes
Pastel1 Slime
スライム Slime 16-19 3 to fire/ice/lightning
Pastel1 Ghost-chan
おばけちゃん Ghost-chan 12-15 3 to lightning
Pastel1 Acorn Fairy
どんぐりの妖精 Acorn Fairy 33-40 3 to fire
Pastel1 Fist Fighter
こぶしファイター Fist Fighter 34-44 5 fire, 3 to ice/lightning
can double attack
Pastel1 Koumorin
こうもりん Koumorin 16-19 Ranged attack
Pastel1 Horn Rabbit
ホーンラビッ Horn Rabbit 20-25 5 to ice, 3 to fire
Pastel1 Heavy Snake
ヘビースネーク Heavy Snake 20-25 2 to ice
Pastel1 Mage Potpourri
魔法師ポプリ Mage Potpourri 23-27 5 to elemental, 3 to physical.
Pastel1 Ice Goldfish
氷きんぎょ Ice Goldfish 222 Event floor only
Pastel1 Dungeon Bear
ダンジョングマ Dungeon Bear 172 Unwinnable boss fight

Floors 11-20[]

Enemy JP name Name HP Notes
Pastel1 Cherry Boy
チェリーボーイ Cherry Boy 33-38 2 to physical, 5 to elemental
Pastel1 Bone Warrior
ほね戦士 Bone Warrior 41-50 2 to fire, 6 to ice/lightning
ranged attack
Pastel1 Roadblock
とうせんぼ Roadblock 72-86 3 to elemental
rampages to hit all
Pastel1 Iron Maiden
アイアンメイデン Iron Maiden 51-62 5 to physical/fire/ice, 2 to lightning
can sleep
Pastel1 Kaniras
カニラス Kaniras 45-58 5 to physical, 3 to fire/lightning, 2 to ice
Pastel1 Fairy Miron and Tirol
妖精ミロンとチロル Fairy Miron and Tirol 48-54 2 to all.
can heal
Pastel1 Land Goldfish
りくきんぎょ Land Goldfish 66-79 5 to physical, 2 to fire/lightning, 6 to ice
Pastel1 Ant Rider
アリライダー Ant Rider 80-85 3 to elemental
buffs attack

Floors 21-30[]

Enemy JP name Name HP Notes
Pastel1 Cold Gaze
冷たい視線 Cold Gaze 91-112 2 to physical, 6 to elemental
can stun
Pastel1 Dungeon Bear
ダンジョングマ Dungeon Bear 100-123
Pastel1 Popo
ポポ Popo 88-107
can heal
Pastel1 Santa Froze
サンタフローズ Santa Froze 65-79 1 to fire, 7 to ice, 2 to lightning
Pastel1 Cellar Penguin
穴ぐらペンギン Cellar Penguin 77-91 2 to fire, 7 to ice
Pastel1 Drago
ドラゴ Drago 103-117 6 to fire, 2 to ice
ranged attack
Pastel1 Red Horn
レッドホーン Red Horn 96-115 3 to ice
buffs attack
Pastel1 Red Bat
レッドバット Red bat 41-48 2 to physical, 6 to rest
ranged attack
Pastel1 Zombie Slime
ゾンビスライム Zombie Slime 84-102 2 to fire/lightning, 6 to ice
event monster

Floors 31-40[]

Demon and Setsuna only appear on floor 40 in a certain route

Enemy JP name Name HP Notes
Pastel1 Zombie Slime
ゾンビスライム Zombie Slime 84-102 2 to fire/lightning, 6 to ice
event monster
Pastel1 Bone Commando
骨コマンドー Bone Commando 117-135 3 to physical/fire, 6 to ice
ranged attack
Pastel1 Poison Jizou
毒地蔵 Poison Jizou 133-149 7 to fire, 2 to lightning
can sleep
Pastel1 Snake Fly
スネークフライ Snake Fly 91-109
Pastel1 Black Kaniras
黒カニラス Black Kaniras 117-140 7 to physical, 1 to fire/ice
can stun and buff defence
Pastel1 Mysterious Book
不思議な本 Mysterious Book 64-77 1 to fire, 7 to ice/lightning
can sleep
Pastel1 Will O Wisp
ウィル オ ウィスプ Will O' Wisp 65-80 7 to fire, 2 to ice
can hit multiple targets
Pastel1 Perfect Guard
パーフェクトガード Perfect Guard 99-111 5 to all
can guard
Pastel1 Demon
魔人 Demon 284-347 can power up
Pastel1 Setsuna
刹那 Setsuna 393 Solo fight with her on 40

Floor 41[]

The various fights with Kaina and Setsuna depend on the route.

Enemy JP name Name HP Notes
Pastel1 Zanbaken Swordsman
斬馬剣士 Zanbaken Swordsman 266-301 3 to lightning
can do multi-hits
Pastel1 Walks with butterflies
蝶と散歩中 Walks with butterflies 140-168 2 to physical, 7 to elemental
Pastel1 Crying Dragon
泣きの竜 Crying Dragon 209-253 6 to fire/ice
ranged attack
Pastel1 Blocking
ブロッキング Blocking 316-370 5 to elemental
can buff defence
Pastel1 Demon
魔人 Demon 284-347 can power up
Pastel1 Kaina
甲斐那 Kaina 1200 Meusel route with Setsuna
Pastel1 Setsuna
刹那 Setsuna 816 Meusel route with Kaina
Pastel1 Kaina
甲斐那 Kaina 1485-1732 With Setsuna
Pastel1 Setsuna
刹那 Setsuna 1092-1140 With Kaina, can poison.
Pastel1 Setsuna
刹那 Setsuna 1888 Solo fight
Pastel1 Kaina
魔王 甲斐那 Demon Lord Kaina 50932 Survive for 10 turns