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You savage...I hope you all die. Stupid, dumbass, fool!! Your mom's fat! I bet you don't have any friends...!!...haah...haah...die, diee!!

—Partie, expressing her intense hatred for Rance.

This Character has reached their Level Cap
Partie Burr
Japanese パーティ
Romanization pāti
Race Human
Sex Female
Class Outlaw
World The Continent
Affiliation Angel Army, Archibald
Level limit 18
Skill levels Whip Combat Lv1 (?), Confectionery Lv1 (?)
Appeared in Rance 4.1, Rance 4.2


Partie Burr was the leader of the Rabbit Group Division of the Angel Army, the extremist Organization that fought for the rights of Monsters. Her division was specialized in infiltration, espionage, sabotage and, sometimes, guerrilla operations and even terrorist attacks. She adores her boss and Leader of the Angel Army, Archibald, and is willing to do anything or go anywhere for him.

Partie knitting a scarf for Archibald.

She made first appearance in Rance 4.1, where Rance accidentally contacted her with a communcation device he found after killing a group of Hannies that were following her orders. She was only seen through a broadcast, where she appeared knitting while giving orders from the base of the Angel Army to those in charge of attacking the offices of Happiness Pharmaceutical, even though Arnie Rolento was the one in charge of the operation. When Rance contacted her, he made no effort in hiding the fact that he was her enemy, openly claiming that he was trying to ruin their operation, and even asked her through the communication device to have sex with him, which only led Partie to cut the communcation and label Rance as an enemy of the Angel Army

She later made physical appearance near the end of the game after Summon-chan was defeated by Rance and successfully ruined their plan set by Arnie. As a result, Partie decided to perform a nigh raid assault on the main offices of Happiness Pharmaceutical with many warriors of the Rabbit Group with the objective of releasing the Holy Gal Monster Wenlina that the company was using for the development of a new drug. They were easily able to defeat the simple bodyguards and police officers the company set and she successfully managed to reach the President Doharas Happiness, helding him captive and threatening with taking his life if he didn't release Wenlina. However, the president claimed to lack knowledge of the Gal Monster she was talking about, which only infuriated Partie and called him a liar. It was at that time that Rance and his party appeared to save the President Doharas, fighting Partie and his group and defeating them in the process. Upon being defeated, she was restricted and imprisoned on a local room of the Offices. After Rance formed a party with the objective of taking down the Angel Army, they were soon faced with the problem of not knowing the location of their Base, so Rance came up with the idea of "torturing" Partie in order to get information.

Partie in the "Torture Room" with Rance.

She makes immediate appearance in the follow-up Rance 4.2, where the game begins with Rance interrogating Partie. Over the course of the game, Partie remains locked up in the Offices and Rance gets information from her by employing different sexual methods of her. In the beginning she was furious and constantly insulting him, and completely unwilling of give Rance any information of her Organization. At first, he asked her the location of the Angel Army and, while she refused to reveal. Rance then removed her underwear and exposed her vagina, closely inspecting it along with Genri. He threatened with raping her, but she cried out because she wanted her first time to be with her beloved Archibald, so she revealed him that it was located in the Romance Park in the town of Ice. Despite the fact that she gave him the information, Rance still raped her anyway, claiming that "his hips slipped".

During the game, he makes use of many things in order to get information from her, as she keeps refusing everytime and after losing her virginity stopped caring about being raped by him. She grows more used to his tricks and he's forced to employ more extreme methods to make her talk, from SM tools, to give her an Enema. By the end of the game, she's terrified of Rance and just hands over any information to avoid any more torture.

Personality and Appearance[]

Partie is a young girl with a feminine demeanour and girlish looks, boasting a long pink hair and a unique uniform of her own due to her status as a Commander of one of the main units of the Angel Army. She's an attractive girl, as Rance noted her to be really cute on first sight and ranked her high. 

Partie threatens with taking Doharas' life.

Her personality is much less delightful than her appearance suggests. She's violent, ruthless, cold-blooded and very aggressive, with little concern over the well-beings of others. She believes that Happiness Pharmaceutical is an evil company for using Wenlina for making a Drug for profit, claiming them to be the real good guys. She uses this moral code to justify all her acts, even if it involves hurting innocent civillians or other such unrelated people. She's rude and ill-mannered, with a somewhat tomboyish attitude that certainly makes her looks more like a delinquent. 


Despite all these personality traits, Partie is a somewhat feminine person, as she at first showed embarassment over exposing her private parts, or thought of her virginity as something very valuable to her, since she wanted to give it to her beloved Archibald, the leader of the Angel Army, and her boss. Partie's completely devoted and selflessly loyal to him, and she loves him immensely, being the main reason why she even joined the organization. Despite this, she still seems to hold concern over the rights of Gal Monsters and made her best to free Wenlina , as she truly considered those that mistreat monsters to be evil people. While her actions and procedure was far from agreeable, her intentions were positive and she believed on that what she was doing was right. Due to her tremendous love for Archibald, Partie developed a pretty harsh rivalry with the commander of the Bear Unit, Arnie Rolento, and they were in constant competition with the other. Both looked down and tried to ridicule the other as much as possible, as both remarked on how the failure of the other was "pathetic". Despite this rivalry they share, they are still willing to cooperate and work together for the sake of Archibald.



Partie was the Commander of the Rabbit Unit of the Angel Army, which grants her a high hierarchical position within the organization that allows her to lead most of its members, being below only Archibald himself, and an equal to Arnie Rolento. She had the authority to lead a platoon to assault the offices of Happiness Pharmaceutical, and was given permission to act based on her own judgement depending on the situation. While her abilities to sneakily get away with her plans was signifantly less impressive than that of her rival Arnie, Partie proved to be an efficient and reliable leader for as long as the Angel Army existed.

In battle, she fights by wielding two wips in syntony with great profficiency. She has an unpresented Whip Combat Lv1 skill, making her a master at battling with these tools despite the fact that they were not designed for combat purposes. Her Level Cap is also fairly low, being only 18, and also her current Level, but her high profficiency with her weapon allows her to still represent a fairly tough opponent even to powerful adventurers. She's also skilled at other daily chores, such as knitting and pastry making, even boasting a rare Confectionery Lv1 skill. She was also shown to have a quite strong mental fortitude, as she was able to withstand several hours of being raped by Rance with many different sex toys without revealing information.


  • She's one of the few humans to reach her Level Cap, though it's a fairly low one.
  • She's the only character known that has a Whip Combat Skill Level.