Ozawa Matsuri
Japanese 小澤 祀梨
Romanization ozawa matsuri
Race Human
Sex Female
World Daiteikoku
Affiliation Empire of Japan

Ozawa Matsuri is a character and admiral in Daiteikoku.


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  • Role in Japanese Fleet
    • Admiral
    • One of many female candidates selected by Tougou
    • Chosen for her skills
      • Top of academy class for information warfare
      • No combat experience
    • Later serves as aircraft commander
  • Personality: Initial Impression
    • Cutting-edge mind, personally aloof
    • TO DO: Research more about quirks and social style
    • Mousey appearance belies blunt and shameless nature
    • Far from innocent - speaks plainly about ecchi things
    • Guarded with personal secrets
  • Getting to know her (collapse for spoilers)
    • Becomes more comfortable with trusting Tougou and staff
    • Passionate about her sexuality
      • "Boys Love" yaoi art collection ('No yaoi' disclaimer)
      • Really likes to be scolded and punished
    • [Other traits from her story]
    • [Tease her hacking mission / VR dive-gone-wrong: may have 'dire consequences']
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Ozawa Matsuri is one of the several new Admirals chosen by Tougou Tsuyoshi (the main protagonist) to enter the command ranks of the Japanese Imperial Navy. As a fresh academy graduate, the top performer of her class for information warfare, Tougou selects Ozawa based on her skills and promising potential. Some are suspicious of Tougou's true motives for choosing the attractive, petite woman for his staff, but Tougou is hopeful that the brilliant Ozawa will serve the Navy well.

Later in the game, Ozawa acts as commander of the Japanese aerial forces.


Ozawa's quick-thinking genius is offset by her complete ignorance to tact and social expectations. Her mousey, unassuming appearance belies a shameless nature, and she bluntly pursues her goals and personal interests regardless of others' opinions. 


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---But all of that changes when a dangerous hacking mission with full-dive virtual reality goes wrong, threatening dire consequences.

Voice Actor : Maki Izumi

Original Inspiration[]

Ozawa Matsuri is likely a parody of Imperial Japanese Navy Admiral Ozawa Jisaburou.


Recruitment: Default Admiral

Command Points: 360

Passive Skill: None*

Level 0

Radar +60%
No Ship Skill*
No Ship Skill
No Ship Skill


  • Growth rate +4%
  • Passive Skill changes when aircraft carriers become available to: "Large Sky System" - Aircraft attacks +10% in same battle zone
  • Personal Events unlock second ship skill: Fighter +40%


  • Radar is equivalent to speed, so put her against opponents with the same weapons and she will attack first.