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General info

This article is made using this guide as a basis.

Adult Mode may be toggled on or off in the options as you see fit. You will also have the choice of pairing: either Canaan X Celeste or Celeste X Canaan, and Axe X Hakuhou or Hakuhou X Axe. This choice allows you to choose who will top and who will bottom, top being the first name 'X' the second name who will be the bottom.

Compared to Ouji-sama Lv1, this game is isometric so following the map might be a little more difficult to some, but it's still relatively easy to find your way.

Some tips:

  • Hunger is probably one of the most important mechanic of the game, which makes Return Trees one of the most useful item in the game. Always have some on you, it will always be useful.
  • Hungry-kun are the same as in Ouji-sama Lv1, they are ghosts that will decrease your Hunger meter. However, cupcakes have been replaced by dango that will in turn increase your Hunger meter.
  • Capturing boymonsters can be very useful, so make sure you've sold a few to the Character Shop in case you need it for later. After that, you'll be able to have a party of up to three characters (Canaan, Celeste, and boymonster).
  • You might find the Photograph God, Juhrry. To check the photographs, go to your inventory.



OujiLV2 Prologue

This map serves as a tutorial

The game starts with a prologue that serves as a tutorial. It exposes the different mechanic of the game, like Hunger, or interacting with places and characters. It shouldn't be difficult so I'll let the attached image do the explaining.

■□■ Ruins 1(Deadline: 4 days) ■□■

  • After event ★1 , return to the town and go to the inn.
  • Purchase pots at the Lawnmower Shop (200G), collect the 4 dyes at each ● spots on the second floor, as well as the Dyeing skill in Treasure Chest 3.
  • Equip Dyeing skill at the Skill Shop (Note: While the black dye is not essential, having it unlocks a scene at Ruins 4)
  • Upon returning to town, a dyeing event will occur. Go back to the Street-Pass Hanny (せんぼハニー) again.
  • A battle occurs, HP380, HP400, Exp60, G160, and a boy monster is summoned.
  • Enter the Headquarters building in the center of floor 1 to obtain the key. The door in ① becomes passable.
  • Talk with the Root Spirit at ★3 and exit automatically the ruins.

Monsters that are encountered in D1: Can Can (capturable), CHIKUWABU (capturable), Pastry Boy (capturable), Green Hanny, Yankee, Chatsumi

OujiLV2 R1 F1

R1 F1: Ruins 1, Floor 1

OujiLV2 R1 F2

R1 F2: Ruins 1, Floor 2

■□■ Ruins 2(Deadline: 6 days) ■□■

  • Event occurs upon entering the watermelon field on Floor 1, and again when exiting. After this, return to town to hear the story about cowbells.
  • Encounter the old man who won't listen to you again at ★1, then go to ★2 after reading the lithograph.
  • Talk with the Can Can Party on Floor 1's ★3. After they leave, go ahead and get the Fight! Skill.
  • Obtain Matador costume from Treasure chest 6 on Floor 2.
  • If you step on Floor 2's ★4, a series of battles will occur (Tent can be first): 1:HP150×2 | Exp30 | G78 2:HP150 | Exp12 | G60
  • Go to Floor 2's tent and get a series of battles: 1:Minions x3 HP150 | Exp30 | G78 2:Axe+Minions x2 Exp55 | G160
  • Find a minion in the shade of a plant in the Mamatabi field on Floor 1. Fight the Thieves again: Minion, Minion x3, Axe + Minion, in this order. Obtain Mamatabi fruit at ①.
  • An event occurs when you enter the watermelon field with the cowbell, the Matador outfit, and the Fight! Skill equipped.
  • Reunite with the collapsed man on Floor 1's ★2, and this place will become passable (※: This only works if you have the Mamatabi fruit in your inventory, otherwise get a GAME OVER.)
  • The next day, fight the Watermelon hammers on the map to obtain the seeds, and exit to clear Ruins 2. Exiting with the seeds means you will complete the Ruins so be careful.
  • ※While capturing boymonsters is not mandatory, having a Killer Shota will be required later on so make sure you capture one while you're here.
  • Subquest: Hannisuke's sighs (ハニ助のため息): Occurs when you go to Lawnmower shop after starting Ruins 2. If you go there after the next day, you will have the conversation again. Go to the Skill Shop for a scene. After that, if you have a fragment of machinery when you shop at the Lawnmower shop, an event will occur and you will be asked to collect the fragments of machinery.

Monsters that are encountered in D2: Watermelon Hammer (capturable), Killer Shota (capturable), Taiga-chan (capturable), Uppi, Blue Hanny, Rust, Thieves

OujiLV2 R2 F1

R2 F1: Ruins 2, Floor 1

OujiLV2 R2 F2

R2 F2: Ruins 2, Floor 2

■□■ Ruins 3(Deadline: 7 days) ■□■

  • Encounter two Doctor-san at ★1 and get the Syringe.
  • Contact the fish at the waterfront on Floor 1 (blue ●). Take the Nyanjarashi at the water's edge in the back (white ● part).
  • Fight with Splish-Splash at the water's edge, get sulfuric acid after the battle if you got sprayed (Anytime until the end of Ruins 3)
  • Immediately after entering Floor 2, find a minion at ★2 then go to the Thieves tent.
  • From then on, you'll have to pick up the minions and carry them to the soft soil area on Floor 2. There are a total of 12 collapsed minions, and you can only carry 3 at a time, so pick up 3 and carry them to the soft soil. The hole can be dug by making contact with the yellow area with a Killer Shota as a companion.
  • Before entering the white area of Floor 3's ★3, you need Nyanjarashi (without it, game over).
  • Reunite with Elder at ★4 and take him to the soft soil room. ※: If you exit the dungeon with Elder, you'll collect a scene. However, leaving before passing the tent on Floor 2 means you will have to go back to get him at ★4. To collect the scene the next day, check the tent before returning to town.
  • After the thieves are healed, pick up the key found on the top of the soft soil's hole (①). Visit the Thieves' tent to get a whale.
  • Go ahead from the door on Floor 2's ②, an event will occur on Floor 1's ★5. After the event, you can leave normally (can be unlocked with the switch on Floor 1's ②). Return to the town after checking the door on Floor 1's ①. Note that returning to town will force the day to end after the event. ※: After this, the subquest "I-TA-KO trees" is unlocked but has to be finished before the end of Ruins 3.
  • The next day, go to the Floor 1's ① door again to proceed, and when you get on the magic circle at the destination, there will be a boss battle (HP1600 Exp250 G300).
  • Go further and get red dungeon mushrooms at the exit. Return to town to finish Ruins 3. Note that you will not be able to enter Ruins 1-3 after that!
  • If you arrive at the end and exit the dungeon and you don't get the scripted event where you give the ingredients to Lowell, go back to the first floor and fight Splish-Spash, you might have forgotten to collect sulfuric acid.
  • Subquest: Find the Differences (間違い探し): Occurs randomly at the end of the day after you enter Ruins 3. Click on the part of the room that has changed since the day before. If you succeed, you will meet a certain person. The part that changes is not the same for everyone, so if you are worried, you might want to save a picture of the room the day before. It can either be one of the painting on the wall, a flower in the flower pot or a teacup on the table that is missing. Succeeding will make Spy Itou available, you will be able to hire him for 700 Golds just like you could in Ouji-sama LV1 after collecting all Spy Memo.
  • Subquest: Dungeon Mushrooms (ダンジョン茸): Go to SKLcraft with reddish dungeon mushrooms. Sirie Skillcraft will ask you to bring 6 in total. Your reward will be the "Mind Reading" Skill (Celeste).
  • Subquest: I-TA-KO trees (イ・タ・コの木): Go with Helmut to each of the trees in Ruins 1-3 and pick the flowers. The day after you pick them, your HP will start to decrease a little. The morning after that, you will get the fruit in an event. An event (with CG) will be added after Ruins 3.

Monsters that are encountered in D3: Doctor-san (capturable), Goat-san (capturable), Splish-Splash (capturable) Okayu Fever, Red Hanny, Gates 95 (turns into Gates 98 after a few turns), Goat-san & Dragon Knight (Appears after a few turns in battle with Goat-san)

OujiLV2 R3 F3

R3 F3: Ruins 3, Floor 3

OujiLV2 R3 F1

R3 F1: Ruins 3, Floor 1

OujiLV2 R3 F2

R3 F2: Ruins 3, Floor 2

■□■ Ruins 4(Deadline: 10 days) ■□■

  • The door on Floor 1's ① is locked so go to the right.
  • The yellow, pink, and purple squares are flowers, and the keys to the doors in the same color squares. Optimize your movements to get to the doors as the flowers will wilt if you lose more than 10 points of the Hunger Index.
  • An event occurs at ★1, and you will be sent to a mysterious corridor. (There is no way to get the dango on the floor)
  • Get inside the center room of the Mystical Corridor, then the room on the left side next to the start, then the room above. There are no monsters or treasure chests in the mysterious corridor and the Hunger Index does not decrease, so there is no map of it. (The choices do not seem to matter within Lv2...)
  • Return to ★1 after warping back, obtain the key to Ruins 4 from treasure chest 6 in the room ahead. Use the key to open the door at ② and proceed.
  • ※ If you look at the map of the corridor from the 2nd round onwards, you may find something good if you check the desk in front of the cat.
  • Talk to the painter Kairaba at ★2 in the park on Floor 1. After that, the pink squares on both sides become passable. Talk with Hakuhou at ★3 before taking the stairs to Floor 2.
  • ■ Collect deliciousness points, dangerousness points as well as curry ingredients (order doesn't matter) ■
OujiLV2 Curry

The curry minigame when you have all the ingredients



- Yoderu Onion 「よーでるタマネギ」 (Yodel Onion): Get it in the onion field

- Gakurai Carrot 「業雷にんじん」: Read the sign board then choose Canaan. Trying to pull the carrot without reading the sign leads to a bad ending

- Dansoku Potato 「男色イモ」(Sodomy Potato): Get it on potato field (where Hakuhou is, don't forget to get deliciousness points)

- High-grade cow meat 「高級うし肉」: Get it in the fridge

-Crying Roux 「哭きのルー」: Bought at Hanisuke's shop for 200G


- Sahara Masa 「サハラマサ」: Get it by leveling up to lvl13+


- Chatsumi 「ちゃつみ」: Along the wall below the stove

- Curry that has been left for a day 「1日寝かせたカレー」: Get it at SKLcraft


- Nigiri Rice 「にぎり飯」: Fight Samerai

- Golfish 「金魚」: Fight Goldfish Tamer

- Kitty [にゃんにゃん]: Get it on Floor 3

- Pudding [プリン]: Get it by peeking into the Thieves' tent twice

- Anpan 「あんぱん」: Get it at Spy Itou's place

DEADLY: (Game over)

Okayu Ichiban Shibori 「おかゆ壱番しぼり」: Get it on the shelf

Hanny Curry「ハニーカレー」: Get it by fighting the Gates 98 on Floor 3.

Suspicious Medicine 「あやしい薬」: Get it at Character Shop

Deliciousness points: (total=12)

-Talk to Hakuhou 3 times in the potato field (+4)

-Listen to the Can Can Party at the HQ twice (+2)

-Talk to Lowell (+4)

-Talk to Kurusu Mikimoto (+2)

Dangerousness points: (total=5)

-Talk to Arnica (+3)

-Talk to Aida (+2)

※ Get all the deliciousness points before cooking curry, if you forget to get Hakuhou's for example and end up with a ratio of 8 deliciousness for 5 dangerousness, you will get softlocked!

  • Obtain the "Heat Adjustment" Skill from Treasure Chest 2 on Floor 3 and "Chopping" Skill from Treasure Chest 4. Equip them before attempting to cook curry. Use both of those Skills against the Pastry Boy after interacting with the stove to access the curry-making minigame.
  • Make a good curry. You can get the Gourmet Armor by making a Curry using all the "REQUIRED" ingredients, and cancelling the rest of the points. You can get the Gourmet Sword by adding the Sahara Masa to the recipe.
  • Go down the stairs past Kairaba the Painter and talk to the black-haired maniac on Floor 2's ★4. You can bring a green-haired boymonster (Can Can, Doctor) to get past the green-haired maniac, and a pink-haired boymonster (Goat-san, Captain Vanilla) to get past the pink-haired maniac.
  • Sleep for the day to get an event that night. Talk to the Thieves in the park on Floor 1 and fight. The black door will automatically open after that.
  • ※ If the Hunger Index reaches 0 during the night search, you will get a game over.
  • Step on the rainbow-colored ● at ★5 to hear a music. After reading the sign in front of the door, the door will open if you play the same tune by stepping on the correct tiles in the right order.
  • The correct answer is Blue, Yellow, Cyan, Blue, Red.
  • Talk to the root spirit at the end of the door and return to the Mayor's mansion to finish Ruins 4.

Monsters that are encountered in D3: Goldfish Tamer (capturable), Magenyan (capturable), Captain Vanilla (capturable), Samerai, Black Hanny, Gates 98 (turns into Gates Me after a few turns [?]), Rommel

OujiLV2 R4 F3

R4 F3: Ruins 4, Floor 3

OujiLV2 R4 F1

R4 F1: Ruins 4, Floor 1

OujiLV2 R4 F2

R4 F2: Ruins 4, Floor 2

■□■ Ruins 5(Deadline: 7 days) ■□■

  • If you've done Hanisuke's subquest, visiting the Lawnmower's shop will trigger the conclusion events of that as you should have already collected all of the fragments necessary at this point. Check the shop regularly to see this substory progress.
  • Stop at J-kin Labo and Ruins 6 before entering Ruins 5. (The price at J-kin Labo fluctuates each time you enter until the Moeru returns.)
  • Encounter with Hakuho on Floor 1's ★1
  • Encounter Great on Floor 1's ★2, then go to Floor 2 using the stairs on the right. You can't enter the corridor below, where Great went, until the story progresses.
  • After talking to Street-pass Hanny on Floor 2's ①, you will be rerouted to ②. ② can be passed after the conversation. If you talk to the Street-pass Hanny at ① or go to the Thieves' tent before going to ②, you will recover the scene.
  • When entering the ★3 room, two battles in a row occur. 1: Frozen 2: Humming (same status as normal)
  • Peek into the party headquarters twice and accept Moeru's errands.
  • Interact with the peach tree next to the Thieves' tent on the lower part of Floor 2, and get the fruit after the event. Return to town, go to the J-kin Labo, get the dango powder.
  • A battle will occur upon entering Ruins 5 again. HP1000 HP800 Exp and G will vary depending on the summoned monster.
  • When all the items are gathered, give them to Moeru at the Can Can party HQ. If you go to ★4 on the north side of Floor 2 before the completion of Moeru's errands, a scene will be recovered.
  • From the stairs at the bottom of Floor 1, go to the ★4 on the north side of Floor 2, where a battle ensues. HP900 HP1000 HP800. Return to the Can Can Party headquarters to collect the scene.
  • ※ After the scene, you must watch the event that occurs at night to proceed, so you must wait until the 3rd day or later.
  • Enter the room at ★5 and an event will occur. Then go to the Can Can Party headquarters. (At this point, you can now go through ①).
  • Examine ③ with Moeru and you will be given the coordinates of the Secret Laboratory.
  • Stopping the search to sleep, you should get an event with Elder who will be giving out coordinates for bonus chests and bonus snacks.
  • Note that if you return to town, Axe will go back to his hideout so you will have to get him back.
  • Go back to ★5.
  • Warp from the magic circle by specifying the coordinates with the device in ④ (The warp destination has a simple structure, so the map is omitted)
  • To get to the Secret Laboratory, input the coordinates 200,150. After talking with Hakuhou, enter the room and fight Noble Scholar. After the battle, get the authentication card from the treasure chest in the back.
  • Coordinates 100,100 will lead to the final room of Ruins 4, and will open thanks to the authentification card. Make contact with the magic circle to fight the boss: Angel Knight HP3700 Exp400 G450. After the battle, the root spirit is found in the room ahead. Return to the Mayor's mansion and this will be the end of Ruins 5.
  • 100,160 - Viagro, Manga Meat, bonus snack
  • 140,150 - Photo Treasure chest, bonus snack
  • 180,120 - Exploding mushrooms, bonus snack
  • ※Jump to these three first to collect the scene.
  • Subquest: Moeru's request (萌流さんのお願い): Occurs when you visit the J-kin Labo twice after Moeru's return. She will ask you to capture boymonsters, regardless of if you've already captured them or not. First, bring a DEATH Boy, then a Frozen. You will get a photo the next time you visit.

Monsters that are encountered in D3: Frozen (capturable), DEATH boy (capturable), Kaminaga Ouji (capturable), Humming, Noble Scholar-san, Brutal Hanny, Shiitake-kun, Gates Me (turns into Gates XP after a few turns [?]), Korokke (Can turn into Canaan or Celeste clone)

OujiLV2 R5 F1

R5 F1: Ruins 5, Floor 1

OujiLV2 R5 F2

R5 F2: Ruins 5, Floor 2

■□■ Ruins 6(Deadline: 10 days) ■□■

  • Talk to the minion on Floor 1's ★1 to enter the room with the stairs, then go to Floor 2. After talking with Hakuhou on Floor 2's ★2, the room becomes accessible.
  • You will be damaged if you approach the bells in the area. Green bells hit you from one tile away, blue bells from two tiles away, and red bells from three tiles away. It is easier to walk around without worrying about them and heal just before a fight
  • Get the passwords at each desk in the orange section on the upper part of Floor 3. The passwords are as follow: ① Aburaage (あぶらあげ) ② Mimikaki (みみかき) ③ Wakadanna (わかだんな). Each of these can open the door corresponding to the number (the correct answer choice will not be displayed unless the respective desks are examined).
  • When you get on the magic circle on Floor 3's ★3, a fight with Angel Knights will start. Fight the two in order, but the battle will stop after you deal a certain amount of damage.
  • Make contact with one of the bell to get a new scene. Go to ★3 again with Canaan equipped with the Snow Laser Skill (requires energy for the snow laser so make sure you take a Viagro if your energy is low). If you brought a Frozen with you, Canaan will fight.
  • After winning the battle, you will be able to proceed to the back.
  • As soon as you descend to Floor 4, a tree root is blocking the way. Collect the leaves and return to the Mayor's mansion. You will get herbicide the next morning.
  • ※Because the events will be more sudden after that, level up and capture boy monsters before proceeding. The last boss battle is lvl 20, it is recommended to take an Odin with you.
  • Open the gate to Floor 4 and proceed to the back, where an event will occur. After the event, go down the stairs to the lower level.

The map is a straight path. You will encounter an Angel Knight, a Dragon Knight and a Galland.

  • Enter the hall at the bottom of the floor (where the Save Lion is located) to proceed to the event. A battle ensues, but you cannot win.
  • Subquest: Moeru's request continuation (引き続き、萌流さんのお願い): Bring her a Odin first, then a Kamikaze. The order matters so it won't work if you bring a Kamikaze first. If you want to sell them to the Character Shop, you will have to bring a second set of each of the boymonsters (unless you don't want to do the subquest, then when you have a choice, select the second option). The next time you come into the shop, get a picture.

Monsters that are encountered in D3: Kamikaze (capturable), Humming (capturable), Odin (capturable), Dragon Knight, Galland, Mini Hanny, Cute Q

OujiLV2 R6 F3

R6 F3: Ruins 6, Floor 3

OujiLV2 R6 F1

R6 F1: Ruins 6, Floor 1

OujiLV2 R6 F2

R6 F2: Ruins 6, Floor 2

■□■ Ruins 7 ■□■

  • Get ready in town and head to the last dungeon. Go to Lowell's mansion to go to the last dungeon (you will get a choice if you're not ready to go yet, but if you wish to proceed, select the first choice)
  • The dungeon is a single path with no enemies (and no decrease in the Hungry Index).
  • The last boss battle will be restarted twice; defeat him on the third battle to end the game.
  • Left: HP 4100 (physical attacks can't affect), Middle: HP 7000, Right: HP 4100 (magic attacks can't affect)
  • Strategy: The first and second times, aim at the center and reduce the HP until he heals. The third time, if you defeat the middle one before the left and right ones, the left one then the right one will absorb the remaining HP and revive, so prefer attacking the middle one. It's best to use Canaan's White Destructive Beam. Exploding Mushrooms are extremely useful for this boss.