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Ouji-sama Lv1.5
Ouji-sama Lv1.5
Ouji-sama Lv1.5 box
(c)アリスソフト Box art
Brand Alice Blue
Release date 2002/02/22
Genre / Rating RPG+ADV / 18+
Base price ¥5300
Voice PC: no PS1: yes


Ouji-sama Lv 1.5 is a collection of smaller games based solely on Ouji-sama Lv1. It's akin to an Alice's Cottage.
BL is in by default for the PC version in most minigames.

The PS1 version very closely resembles the PC version, with the exception of 1 minigame replacing Cheshire's room, the general lower quality and voice acting.

Ouji-sama 1 month after[]

This is the main small game of the pack, being that it actually has a story. The main characters also had their art redone.
The gameplay is like a Rance 4.x game, except even shorter and with even less to do. It's mainly a really short ADV game with some very basic gameplay mixed in which slightly expands on the story.
It has a coupling option for the BL part of the game in the settings.


Celeste's Father, the knight commander, is fiercely against his daughter's marriage.
It's up to the master and servant to find out a solution to this. Mostly up to the servant.


Very simplified version of the original game. The small dungeon (5x5) is a doodled map with a handful of pre-set encounters and healing spots. Your goal is to beat the boss of the dungeon, win an event encounter at the hot springs and find someone back in the dungeon.
Movement is done by choosing a direction to go.
Combat is very simple and your only option is to attack an enemy of your choice.
The only noteworthy mechanic is the accident feature, where if someone attacks they might mess up and attack a different target (even dead ones).


The party consists out of 4 members in this game instead of the previously possible 3.

Portrait Power HP Accident %
Ouji-sama1MA Celeste


5 10 0
Ouji-sama1MA Canaan


3 6 20
Ouji-sama1MA Cheryl


1 4 40
Ouji-sama1MA Eric


2 3 80


Enemy Power HP Notes
Ouji-sama1MA Yankee


1 4
Ouji-sama1MA Green Hanny

Green Hanny

1 3 Resists magic
Ouji-sama1MA Bari Yankee

Bari Yankee (ばりヤンキー)

2 10 Boss
Ouji-sama1MA Drak


3/1/2 3/12/6 Boss, consists out of 3 parts

Stats are from left to right.

Ouji-sama 1/16[]

This is a raising sim, though it's probably more similar to a Tamagotchi. The game ends after 4 weeks. Every 6th day of the week, you can choose to have little prince fight an enemy, winning increases his level.

You do tasks to either get money, or change stats. You can feed him and give him stat items. The stats are from top to bottom: mood, hunger, nobility, intelligence, innocence and body weight.


One day, the knight Celeste found a mysterious fallen egg in a bush. When he brought it back home, a little prince hatched from it.
Can the young Celeste really take care of this tiny prince?


Some enemies are based off the code, kept getting the same enemies so it's probably not entirely based on RNG.

Ouji-sama1/16 Green Hanny

Green Hanny

100 200
Ouji-sama1/16 Chatsumi


90 200
Ouji-sama1/16 Blue Hanny

Blue Hanny

150 250
Ouji-sama1/16 Watermelon Hammer

Watermelon Hammer

150 250
Ouji-sama1/16 Shampoo Hanny

Shampoo Hanny

250 300
Ouji-sama1/16 Magenyan


250 300
Ouji-sama1/16 Brutal Hanny

Brutal Hanny

350 350
Ouji-sama1/16 DEATH Boy


400 350


Item GOLD Stat changes Accident %
Ouji-sama1/16 Special Snack

Special Snack

100 Mood +20
Hunger +60
Ouji-sama1/16 Manga Meat

Manga Meat

80 Mood +15
Hunger +70
Body weight +30
Ouji-sama1/16 Cheesecake


60 Mood +15
Hunger +50
Body weight +20
Ouji-sama1/16 Ikanago


50 Mood +10
Hunger +50
Body weight +10


All items cost 250 GOLD.

Item Stat change
Ouji-sama1/16 Hechima Water

Hechima Water

Nobility +7
Ouji-sama1/16 Shimashima Bandana

Shimashima Bandana

Nobility -7
Ouji-sama1/16 Reference Book

Reference Book

Intelligence +7
Ouji-sama1/16 Mail Order Catalogue

Mail Order Catalogue

Intelligence -7
Ouji-sama1/16 Harisen


Innocence +7
Ouji-sama1/16 Plush Doll

Plush Doll

Innocence -7
Ouji-sama1/16 Ab Flexer

Ab Flexer

Body weight +7
Ouji-sama1/16 Sauna Suit

Sauna Suit

Body weight -7

Hakuhou's Minion Hitting[]

This game is basically Whack-a-Minion.
Get higher scores and get some more plot/cgs.

The only thing to note is that you get a bonus for certain combinations. You can normally see this at the score screen, but here's the image.

Hakuhou's Minion Hitting Combinatiation listing

Itou's Quiz[]

It's a quiz game about the various happening and things in the game (and some other stuff). Beat a quiz and get a CG.
There's 6 in total and you can start from a higher one when it's unlocked.

Battle Jigsaw: Prince's masterpiece theater[]

This minigame is PS1 exlusive and seemingly replaces Cheshire's room 1.5.

The story is basically a parody of Cinderella featuring Ouji-sama Lv1 characters, with Prince Canaan being Cinderella. Character art is SD.

The gameplay is like the title suggests "Battle Jigsaw". You play versus the computer to complete a jigsaw faster than them. After beating them in the story mode, you get a Puzzle piece as reward. After 5 battles, you've won the scenario mode.
There's still the normal mode to beat though, where you have to beat 10 puzzle battles for a second CG. These battles are a bit harder than the scenario mode.


It's not just about finishing the puzzle quickly though, there are various powers on the playing field, which activate when a piece is put on them.

Item Name Effect
Ouji-samaBJT Reverse
Reverse Reverses controls
Ouji-samaBJT Drop
Drop Drops held piece
Ouji-samaBJT Stop
Stop Stops opponent's movement.
Ouji-samaBJT Star
Shakeshake Shakes the cursor around.
Ouji-samaBJT Change
Change Changes held piece.

Cheshire's Room 1.5[]

Basically an Alice's Mansion with the typical things in there like staff commentary, manual supplements, music mode and the like.

Wallpapers and others[]

This collection also includes a set of wallpapers listed in the gallery below at their highest resolution (both 800/1024 were available).
Apart from that, DirectX7a and 8.1 are on disc as well as a local copy of the Alice Blue website at the time.