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Otome Senki
Otome Senki - banner

General Info

This page will have maps for each of the 10 floors including some event information where applicable. The game plays simply enough, so this should help walk you through the game too.

These maps are player made however, so it is entirely possible that there is a mistake or something was missed.

Map legend[]

  • lighter Green=stairs tiles
  • Red=event/warp tile
    • Some warp tiles were darker green before I switched over.
    • Warp exits only are shown in red text with no red event tile, red tile indicates it can be warped from again.
  • Blue=chest
  • Yellow=boss
  • X through door means lock or otherwise inaccessible
  • Arrow through object means you can go through it in that direction
  • Arrow on floor means you are pushed in that direction
  • Dotted lines are one-way walls
  • circle arrow is a spinner

Floor 1[]

Otome senki Floor 1

Event 1: Elevator whose handle spins uselessly. This gets unlocked later.

Event 2: Balatack the medicine salesman.
It sells Seirogan 1-3 , Return wood and a Revival coin
Recovers 30/100/300 HP for 200/500/2000G, teleports you to base for 50G, resurrects for 10000G
Prices double when you buy from it.

Event 3: Maid-san the equipment seller. Sell various equipment depending on which character asks.

Event 4: Prison.

Event 5: Transfer device. Can't be used until you reach F10.

Event 6: Switches. Left one causes something to clatter and the right one caused activation of the transfer machine.

Boss: Blue Hanny guards the exit.

Floor 2[]

Otome senki Floor 2

Event 1: tip sign

Event 2: Take care sign

Event 3: Teleport home sign

Event 4: Prison

Event 5: Elevator

Event 6: Warehouse sign

Event W2: Has a teleport home sign

Boss 1: Musashibou. drops the key to F3.

Floor 3[]

Otome senki Floor 3

Locked door: is actually just a wall.
To get in that room you need to get the magic mirror and go to !

Event 1: Signboard (this place is a miss)

Event 2: prison

Event 3: paper warning for false wall (be careful)

Event 4: Jackpot, get 幻破の鏡 (magic mirror)

Event 5: Elevator.

! strange wall

Floor 4[]

Otome senki Floor 4

Event 1: Balatack the medicine salesman again.
It sells Seirogan 2-3/Manga meat, Ryukakusan and a Revival coin.
Recovers 100/300/Full HP for 500/1000/5000G, Recovers MP for 1000G, resurrects for 10000G

Event 2: Equipment shop.
The maid-san will also give you some 幡桃酒 to take to the castle.

Event 3: Watchman. He will open the gate for you if you have the sake from the maid-san. Be sure to face the right direction.
You can also visit him in his little cube, he doesn't say much.

Event 4: Prison.

Event 5: Giant tree. Tengu will speak to you. If you try to enter the door he will attack if you persist.
You can go through after beating him.

Event 6: Lever. This should activate the elevator.

Event 7: elevator.

Boss: Tengu

Floor 5[]

Otome senki Floor 5

Event 1: Elevator

Event 2: Pedestal. Has a fan on it that you can take. Doing so gives you the Tomoe's fan key item.
The other pedestal has a Hanpou (sort of helm) on it that you can take. Doing so gives the Yoshinaka's Hanpou key item.

Event 3: Warning. Don't approach pillars or get hurt.
Floor pattern indicates where it damages you. It will half your health and it can kill you if it halves 1.

Event 4: Prison.

Event 5: Empty pedestal. You can put Yoshinaka's Hanpou and Tomoe's fan there, but you will then have to fight them.
They don't actually do anything, the items should be glowing after and you can take it again.

Event 6: floating baby, seems illusory.

Event 7: Warning about the next room. Entering the room will result in your party being ejected back out with 1 HP.
You can get in there by beating a boss on F10. Their item will dispel it.

Event 8: Baby corpse.

Boss 1: Marsh/マーシュ (guards the area near the prison).
Boss 2: Yoshinaka and Tomoe.

Floor 6[]

Otome senki Floor 6

This map was mapped upside down. Normally not an issue except that you are supposed to read numbers.

Event 1: Transfer device

Event 2: Empty cells

Event 3: Prison (regular one)

Event 4: Order sign (松 竹 梅) 5-2-3
This room is filled with signboards. (numbers are marked on map)
Signs with the character are marked on the map.
Wrong combinations send you to the dumbass room (W2).
Correct combination sends you to W3.

Event 5: Hole. Bosses will escape through them if you don't finish them off. Not sure if anything can be done with it.

Event 6: Sign telling you to think it over and teleporting you back home.

Event W1: Old man. You can give him some of the sake from floor 4.
Not sure if you can teleport back from it, be sure to have a return wood just in case.

Boss 1: Yoshinaka (left hallway)
Boss 2: Tomoe (right hallway)
Beating them has the game ask if you want to finish them off. I didn't do so as they are free XP, not sure what changes if you do.

Floor 7[]

Otome senki Floor 7

forcefield at !

Event 1: Prison

Event 2: Transfer device

Event 3: strange device, you can break it to disengage the forcefield.

Event 4: Flames blocking the way.

Event 5: Empty pedestals.

Event 6: Pedestal with incense burner. Place it on empty pedestals to go through a hallway.

Event 7: Pedestal with the fire key. Open the locked door near the stairs up.

Boss 1: Yoshinaka (blocks access to strange device)
Boss 2: Tomoe (blocks access to incense burner)

Floor 8[]

Otome senki Floor 8

Event 1: Gourds. You can pick them up.

Event 2: Prison.

Event 3: Pedestal. Contains the 8F key.

Event 4: Suspicious child (Hakuinkyouki). She will ask you to find gourds containing pieces of Kiratouki.

Event 5: Demon warning, if you go this way you'll run into Kiratouki if he has been revived.

Event 6: Transfer device (only accessible after getting the transfer headband on F10)

Boss 1: Dog (drops a gourd)
Boss 2: Monkey (drops a gourd)
Boss 3: Pheasant (drops a gourd)
Boss 4: Plum's Ghost (accessed from the other stairs on floor 9) if you got all the gourds and handed them over.

Floor 9[]

Otome senki Floor 9

Bottom left stairs goes to extra area on F8.

Event 1: Transfer device

Event 2: Prison

Floor 10[]

Otome senki Floor 10

All the warp hallways seem to force an encounter on the 2nd tile in the warp room once.

Event 1: Pedestal with takeable headband. Lets you use the transfer device.

Event 2: Prison

Event 3: Warp home sign

Event 4: Transfer device

Boss 1: Tengu
He will drop his fan as he disappears.
You can use this to gain access room in floor 5 that would eject you with 1 HP.

Boss 2: Yoshitsune. 3 times.
twice in his normal form. The 3rd time in his final form.