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Otherworlds are parallel realms that exist beyond the existence of The Continent. In the wide and infinite array of dimensions that exists in the entire plane of existence, there are many worlds separated from each other. From the perspective of Ludo-Rathowm's world, there are two different types of worlds: Alternate Worlds, parallel dimensions that exist within the larger universe of Ludo-Rathowm's sphere, and External Worlds, outward realms that exist completely independently and distinctly separated from the influence of the Gods of the continent. The Alternate Worlds are also separated but more closely connected from each other as they were formed by the larger beings of the universe, such as the Gods Realm or the Devil Realm. These dimensions may also be much smaller in space, typically created by much weaker beings like the Anise Wonder Maze created by Anise Sawatari. External Worlds have no connection with Ludo-Rathowm and the Gods and were instead formed through other unknown means. The difference between the two may not be as clear at first so as explained by Miracle Tou; Alternate Worlds are like different rooms within a large house that is the universe governed by the Gods, while External Worlds are other independent and disconnected houses. For the majority of the beings in the continent, these "hidden rooms" are inaccessible and usually only higher beings are able to move freely between each.

Gateways to Otherworlds are known as "Gates". There is a mysterious phenomenon in which a Gate randomly appears in dungeons or some other unusual area, often bringing lifeforms from other universes. These connections are temporary however and they tend to fade on their own after some time. There are some extremely rare Gates that are firmly placed, such as at the bottom of the Ragnard Dungeon connecting to Hell or the Ancient Ruins housing a secret passage to the Gods Realm, but these were artificially crafted by the Gods and only lead to Alternate Dimensions. Some of the strange living beings that have appeared from Gates to External Worlds have settled in the continent and then continued to breed and expand their numbers to the point that they became accepted as another race. Humans tend to classify these as Monsters though, as they're visually indistinguishable to them (especially if they're non-sentient). Over the course of history, many types of creatures have been pulled from External Worlds and they tend to be wildly different and absurd in shape and structure to the local lifeforms, like Poly Monsters.

There is an inconceivably large number of Otherworlds in the vast plane that conforms the entirety of existence, but there are a handful of beings in the continent that are capable of accessing some of these Otheworlds. The first and most famous one is the Demon King, who, granted immense magical power by the Supreme Gods, is able to use a magic called "Gate Connect" to open Gates to Otherworlds as they desire. The other and perhaps more impressive example is Miracle Tou, a Lv3 mage from the Tou Family gifted with an extraordinary talent that enabled her to study, comprehend and utilise the "Gate Connect" magic; effectively granting her the mythical ability to travel through otheworlds. Unfortunately, this form of magic is extremely complex and an extensive amount of information is required in order for her to be able to open a Gate to an Otherworld. Through her research she has been able to discover a fair number of worlds and opening a Gate to these takes her no time at all, as she has been extensively studying them, but finding the precise coordinates to open a Gate to a world she doesn't know is a complicated and time-consuming process. The power to use Gate Connect is considered catastrophically risky however, since Otherworlds may prove extremely dangerous to contact for various reasons. Someone may invite an invader that is far beyond their capabilities or gain access to elements that would prove immensely beneficial to them and, in the wrong hands, it could very easily change the continent forever. In fear of potentially destroying the balance of the world, Miracle decided to keep her discoveries secret and approaches the Otherworlds with extreme caution.

Beyond the use of Magic, it is also possible to access Otherworlds with technological advancements, though the construction of machinery that enables inter-dimensional travel is of such high-level that no one in the continent has achieved such a task as of yet. Races that have crafted this kind of technology are far more technologically advanced and come from otherworlds, such as the Horus or the Kaiju. The Gods of the continent would classify anyone with access to inter-dimensional travel as a Balance Breaker in order to ensure that their world remains isolated, and thus, unchanged from the way they desire.

There's also a quartet of mysterious beings called "Parasitic Spirits" that continuosly move through many dimensions and are completely unkillable. They can be defeated in battle, but they will instead simply disappear; only to show up in some other location. They're not violent and are usually hiding in remote locations but they will engage in battle if provoked. Not much is known about their origin but they are incredibly powerful creatures. They often appear in several Alicesoft games from different settings, but the most commonly seen is Gunagan.

Other Worlds[]

Dimension 3E2/"Steel Horror" (unofficial name)[]

The World where Kurusu Miki and Ogawa Kentarou originally lived, before being forcibly brought to The Continent by Dark Lord Burksham. It's a very different world to The Continent, and it resembles modern real-life Japan a lot, but not much is known about it. Nunuhara stated that although this world looks very similar to the world that "the player" lives in, the two are still different and should not be confused with each other. Weapons of Mass Destruction have been developed and it seems to be in a state of war. Miracle claimed that the technology of this world is capable of eradicating all life from The Continent.

Dimension 3FB[]

Another dimension that resembles a lot to real-life world, with human civilization a lot more technologically advanced to the one from The Continent. Seems to be pretty similar to 3E2. Internet and streams exist and is prominent in people's lives. A Return Daemon sent Rance and Kanami here for a short period of time during the events of Rance 03

Kaiju World[]

A world inhabited only by monsters and a race of lizard-like people called Kaiju. It is a peaceful utopian world with no conflicts and with its people united. The ultimate ruler of this world is the Kaiju King, a benevolent king greatly admired by everyone.

They have unbelievable technology, so advanced they can use it to travel to other dimensions with ease. Kaiju slip to The Continent and other worlds in order to fight for monsters' rights.

Sumo World[]

A different dimension where the Sumo live. Through unknown means, some of them are capable of arriving to The Continent and, possibly, to other worlds as well.

"Saurus Mall" (unofficial name)[]

A world discovered by Miracle Tou, who named it herself. It seems to be a world where Dinosaurs are the dominant species. Possibly a 3XX dimension that is still in an ancient era, or where dinosaurs never went extinct.

"Slow Giant" (unofficial name)[]

A world discovered by Miracle Tou, who named it herself. A destroyed and apocalyptic world incapable of holding life, with the sole exception of a Great Giant.

"Crazy Plant" (unofficial name)[]

A world discovered by Miracle Tou, who named it herself. It is a dimension where vegetation is extremely prominent and dominates the world, holding sentience and rational thinking. 

"Poly Poly One" (unofficial name)[]

A world discovered by Miracle Tou, who named it herself. It is a strange white world filled with Poly Monsters. Because time flows differently on this dimension, it makes for a great training spot.

Genbu Castle[]

A pocket dimension created by the Apostle Genbu in his personal castle. It is a strange and abnormal dimension where regular rules of reality don't apply. It is very small when compared to actual worlds, but still an impressive work.

Nunuhara mentioned that Genbu Castle is an alternative dimension "within The Continent", and thus not to be confused with the other worlds discovered by Miracle, which are situated out of The Continent and thus are not subject to the same rules and control by the gods there.

Annis's Wonder Maze[]

An alter-dimension created by the absurdly powerful mage, Annis Sawatari.

Dimension between Space and Time[]

A dimension that exists between the realms of space and time, where Demon King Gele was sealed with a powerful spell used by Gi, with the Corrupted Sword Chaos as a catalyst.

It is a void dimension with absolute nothingness, and escape from it is impossible even for a Demon King.


There are countless other worlds that have not been discovered but some creatures from these unknown dimensions have made it to the continent through Gates regardless.