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Org Matio
Japanese オルグ・マティオ
Romanization orugu matio
Race Human
Sex Male
Class Soldier
World The Continent
Affiliation Helman Army, Helman
Appeared in Rance Quest
Mentioned in Rance IX


Org Matio was a commander of the Helman 3rd Army that served directly under the general Minerva Margaret. A lowly and cruel man that found pleasure in tormenting those weaker than himself, Org was a largely unpleasant and detestable person. He was the son of one of the members of the Council of Eight, Bashou Matio, and often used the name of his father for his own benefit, believing himself to be an elite person due to being related with one of the highest political figures of the Helman Empire. His similarly loathsome father thought of Org as his beloved son and regularly indulged him with everything he wanted. Org respected and admired his father, being very proud of his position.

Org violating a Kalar before extracting her crystal.

During the events of Rance Quest, Org was one of the commanders that led a platoon of Helman Soldiers in an assault against the Kalar Forest in an attempt to harvest their crystals. Due to the barrier protecting their village losing its power, and the fact that the Kalar Queen Pastel at that time was going through emotional stress, the soldiers were able to successfully infiltrate in the Kalar village and assault many innocent Kalars. While the soldiers under Amitos's command only captured and restricted the Kalars, Org's platoon brutally raped and killed all the Kalars they encountered, extracting their crystals in the process. Org participated in the rape of the Kalars, being particularly fond of violating the ones that were virgins and tossing them off after he was done, showing lack of interest in the ones that weren't virgins. Eventually, his fun was interrupted by Rance and his party, who appeared in the village in order to save the Kalars, and was killed by the adventurer after a short battle.