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Rance, upon recruiting the ordinary family.


The Ordinary Family (普通の一家, futsū no ikka) is a family consisting of a mother, father, and two children. As their name implies, they are a completely average and unremarkable group of civilians from a small village somewhere on The Continent who are entirely disconnected from the fantastical and chaotic events that constantly occur throughout it.

During the events of Rance X, the ordinary family's village was ransacked by a division of the Monster Army. While the family were able to evacuate from the carnage and escape with their lives, they were forced to navigate their way across the war torn land in search of a safe place to take shelter in.

If the Level Goddess Trainee Mikan is allowed to reduce the Level of Lieutenant-General Melfeis Promenade of the Leazas Mage Corps during the operation to defeat the Dark Lord Lexington, a practice that is considered forbidden among Level Gods, she will be ordered by her supervisor Willis Fujisaki to increase the levels of several people as punishment. To meet her quota more quickly, Mikan chooses to appear before the ordinary family and automatically raise the levels of all of its members without their consent regardless of the experience they had accumulated. While performing the ritual to increase the family's levels, Mikan mistakenly also increases each of their Level Caps to the staggering value of 70, among the highest in all of Humanity. Initially confused and frightened by Mikan's sudden appearance, the family are relieved by the realization that their newfound power will allow them to move across the Continent more safely and thank her for her actions. Before they are able to make their exit, however, the family is approached by the Dark Lord Extermination Squad, an elite fighting force composed of humanity's strongest warriors, and are arbitrarily recruited into its ranks by its leader Rance simply because they "look pretty strong". Against their own wishes, the family is forced to fight on the frontlines of the very war they were trying to flee from.

While very physically strong as a result of their tremendous new level caps, the ordinary family possess no actual fighting ability, and flail around in an ineffectual panic when in battle. Their increased level caps are also only a temporary effect, and will revert back to their natural values after an unspecified period of time. In addition, each family member was given a crippling personality disorder as a side effect of the faulty ritual. Mikan was aware of both of these caveats as soon as she realized she had made a mistake, but consciously chose not to inform the family about them to avoid getting into more trouble.

Family Members[]

Ordinary Father (普通の父, futsū no chichi)

The patriarch of the family. Was given an attraction to young girls, particularly those related to him by blood, as a result of Mikan's faulty ritual.

Ordinary Mother (普通の母, futsū no haha)

The matriarch of the family. Was given a compulsive addiction to shopping as a result of Mikan's faulty ritual.

Ordinary Girl (普通の少女, futsū no shōjo)

The daughter of the family. Was given a severe allergy to several things, including meat, milk, books, and her father's touch, as a result of Mikan's faulty ritual.

Ordinary Boy (普通の少年, futsū no shōnen)

The son of the family. The only member of the family who cannot be recruited into the Dark Lord Extermination Squad, possibly due to Rance's dislike of young boys. As a result, the unfortunate side effect given to him by Mikan's ritual is unknown.


  • The ordinary family utilize the portraits used by all generic civilian characters throughout Rance X. As a consequence of this, they are the only playable characters that use these portraits.
  • The designs used for the ordinary mother and father are, respectively, updated versions of the designs used for the generic "Civilian Girl" and "Civilian Boy" character portraits in Kichikuou Rance.
  • When discussing the design process for civilian characters, Orion, the Rance Series' lead character designer, stated that he deliberately used more subdued colors to emphasize their ordinariness relative to the main cast.