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There's NO WAY I'm letting fuckin' Bird have her!

Rance, moments before creating the plan.



While impersonating Bird, Rance violently has his way with Kisara.

Operation Pervert Bird was a strategy devised by the warrior Rance while investigating the Monster-infested tunnel that had mysteriously appeared underneath the Happiness Pharmaceutical building during the events of Rance 4.1 in order to destroy the budding romance between the Adventurer Kisara Copri and his nemesis Bird Lithfie.

An extremely cruel plan that utilized both rape by deception and sexual violence for the sake of breaking up a couple, Operation Pervert Bird clearly demonstrates both Rance's devious mind and talent for formulating unconventional strategies when under pressure. In addition, it also showcases Rance's intense dislike of Bird, as he was more immediately motivated by his urge to prevent Bird from having sex with a girl rather than his interest in having sex with Kisara while he was conceiving it.



The scheme was created shortly after Kisara and Bird became trapped in a pitfall planted by Arnie Rolento, an undercover member of the Angel Army, the Gal Monster rights extremist group responsible for creating the tunnel, who had been posing as another adventurer hired to explore it. Trapped at the bottom of a pit with no visible means of escape, the two appeared to be in mortal peril. Bird took advantage of the intensity of the situation in order to make overt romantic advances on Kisara, professing his love to her and claiming that he did not want to die with regrets. Kisara, who had been rendered more emotionally-vulnerable by their circumstances, quickly reciprocated his gesture and the two began kissing passionately.

At around this time, the pair was found by Rance and his pet Athena 2.0, who they had been traveling with earlier but had gotten separated from following Arnie's trap. Enraged at the sight of the two of them together, Rance immediately began to think of a way to break up the couple. Realizing that directly interfering would simply delay the intimacy of their relationship, Rance instead decided to take advantage of the situation to both take Kisara's virginity and discredit Bird by impersonating him and having sex with her that was so violent that it would cause her to hate him.

Strategy Overview[]

Operation Pervert Bird consisted of several distinct parts:

  1. Athena will silently knock Bird unconscious by non-lethally sniping him with an arrow.
  2. Kisara's inexperience with romance will cause her to act shyly and keep her eyes closed long enough for Rance to enter the pit and take Bird's place.
  3. Using Athena's ability to flawlessly mimic any other person's voice, Rance will instruct Athena to tell Kisara in Bird's voice to put on a blindfold.
  4. With his identity now perfectly concealed, Rance will use his most brutal erotic maneuvers on Kisara, all under the guise of being Bird.
  5. After Kisara has been sufficiently bullied, Rance and Athena will silently exit the scene, leaving Bird as the obvious culprit.
  6. Out of disgust, Kisara will break up with Bird and come running to Rance for comfort.

The Players[]

The Targets[]



The success of Operation Pervert Bird allows Rance to win Kisara's affections easily.

Operation Pervert Bird proved to be a resounding success, with Kisara losing any and all trust and affection that she had previously placed in Bird and cutting off all ties with him immediately afterwards. In addition, it also led to Kisara reevaluating her opinion of Rance, who she had previously viewed as a bad person due to Bird's dislike of him. Kisara never at any point realized the true circumstances of the experience and continues to maintain a high opinion of Rance to this day.

Bird was left completely oblivious to what had occurred while he was unconscious to make Kisara suddenly hate him, causing him to quickly abandon any further attempts at investigating the tunnel beneath the pharmaceutical building out of depression. While Bird to this day has no concrete idea of what exactly happened, he eventually came to assume that Rance had something to do with it, causing him to resent the other man even further. Following this event, Bird dropped any remaining level of civility he had previously attempted to maintain around Rance, responding to his presence exclusively with understated hostility and intense paranoia for the remainder of their encounters.


  • This is the only instance in the Rance Series of Rance himself being directly responsible for Bird's female companion losing interest in him, with all other cases being instead the result of Bird's own personality or other outside factors only tangentially related to Rance.