Only you -Re Cross- Official Guide Extra Disk was an extras disc which came enclosed with the Only you Official Guide (ISBN: 9784797318654).

It contains a data track which includes an html mini promotional guide. The guide might be a backup of a promotional website for the game, it consists out of:

  • A small instructional guide.
  • Character profiles
  • Game CGs
  • LimeOS, which is a little mockup website, it even includes "Sorry! Japanese Only...".
  • A promotional opening video, which wasn't used in the game.
  • Character festival promo movie.
  • A BGM sample, it's 5:43 long and only appears on the data track, it seems to be a mix from various bgms.
  • A promo notice page

The disc also includes a few wallpapers as well as a version of the Alice clock desktop widget with various themes relating to the game.

Credits are courtesy of VGMDB


No. Title Length
01 Only You-Demo musics-(c)Alicesoft (Data track only) 5:43
02 Crossed Destiny -Original Arrange- 6:37
03 Crossed Destiny -Original Arrange-(Karaoke ver.) 6:37
04 Crossed Destiny -Original Arrange-(Instrumental ver.) 6:37
05 Crossed Destiny -FISH中坪 arrange- 5:30
06 Crossed Destiny -FISH中坪 arrange-(Karaoke ver.) 5:30
07 Crossed Destiny -FISH中坪 arrange-(Instrumental ver.) 5:30


Track 2 - "Only you -Re Cross-" Insert Song
Vocal/Lyrics: KOTOKO
Composition: Shade
Arrangement: Kazuya Takase & Tomoyuki Nakazawa

Track 5 - "Only you -Re Cross-" Insert Song Remix ver.
Vocal/Lyrics: KOTOKO
Composition: Shade
Arrangement: FISH TONE