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Tiger Joe: "Mm! Fine choice!" Reiran: "Hm, seems you've a good eye."

The popularity poll for Only You - Re-Cross - was included in a mail-in questionnaire packaged with copies of the game. The poll was divided into seven categories: "Favorite Female Character", "Favorite Male Character", "Overall Rating of the Game", "Most Memorable Scene", "Favorite Song", "Preferred Type of Woman", and "Number of Punches You'd be Willing to Take from Tiger Joe". An additional question asking whether users had played the original Only You - Seikimatsu no Juliet-tachi - or not was also included in the survey.

The results of the poll were featured in the 20th issue of the Alice's Battery Bomb newsletter along with commemorative artwork of the "Favorite Female Character" and "Favorite Male Character" polls drawn by Mucchi.

Favorite Female Character[]

Favorite Male Character[]

Overall Rating of the Game[]

Preferred Type of Woman[]

Number of Punches You'd be Willing to Take from Tiger Joe[]

Have You Played the original Only You?[]


  • The results of the poll were hosted by Imam, the scenario writer of Only You Re-Cross.
  • While the exact results of the "Most Memorable Scene" category were not given, Imam stated that they were overwhelmingly in favor of Tiger Joe's introduction, with Megumi's death placing second. The results of the "Favorite Song" category were similarly not given, but Imam claimed that Tiger Joe's theme music "Like A Whirlwind" had also won by a sizable margin, with the opening, map, and special move music also receiving some votes.