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One-Armed Knight
Japanese 片腕の騎士
Romanization Kataude no Kishi
Race ????
Sex Male?
Class Knight
World The Continent
Affiliation Rance



Once upon a time, many many years ago, there was a quiet tribal village named Gomorrah town, just another small town among many others.

...That all changed one day, when an injured, one armed warrior arrived at the village, tired and exhausted. In his arm, he clutched a four year old boy. 

The one armed warrior did not mention the boy's name, only ever referring to him as 'Rance'. Some days later, the warrior succumbed to his injuries, and the young boy was taken in by the village. Since nothing was ever discovered about him, 'Rance' became his only name, and though they did not know it, this young boy was to change the course of history.

Nobody, not even the dying One-Armed Knight, would know what the young Rance would become...Some people would call him a hero, others a villain, some would call him a savior, and some still, would brand him a devil.

Rance spent ten years growing up in the village, before his antics caused him to be chased away, and so after a fateful encounter, he would start his life as an adventurer that the world would never forget.