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General Info
Game mechanics
Concept Art

The objective of the game is to see how far you can make Emiri "behave" within the span of 9 weeks.

General game flow[]

平日 Monday~Saturday 日曜日 Sunday
Chika's Game

Command Selection, Thoughts

Command Execution

Day End

Phone Call

Day End

Chika's Game[]

Ojousama Behaving Game - sys01


Chika's Game consists of 8 cards - Ace through 4 of Hearts and Spades. You are to bet on whether the next card flipped is going to be bigger, smaller, or have equal face value as the last flipped card.

Bets are made by dragging the chips from the lower left onto one of the three betting rectangles on the lower right. Note that the chips will have different values (the values are written on the face of the chip). You can only use each chip once, and are given a new set of chips after you run out.

When you win, you gain "Desire Points" for use of commands later.

TIP: always keep one high value chip for good occasion. When few cards remain you can risk and gain more easly.

Command Phase[]

Ojousama Behaving Game - sys02

Command selection screen

On the bottom there are the button to Save and Load if you need.

In this phase you can choose one of the girls, and every one of them will have several actions in different colors (NB: i have problem with colors so if someone check them to correct me is better^^) :

Dark Grey: you have not yet "bought" this one and you still don't meet the requirements.

Light Grey: you have not yet "bought" this one but you can buy it if you want.

Dark Green: You have bought this one but you still have not yet used it. (the first time you use one command you gain better reward)

Light Green: You have bought this one and already used it once. You can use it.

Green with red writing: You have bought this one but you don't have enough "Desire Points".

To buy a grey command you need to spend the special point that you gain when using the commands on the girls. Each girl give you different special points.

Sometimes to buy a grey command you need olso to meet some other requirement, i'm not sure wich they are, but just use the other girls for a bit and you will met them for sure.

To use a green command you need to spend the "Desire Points" that you gained from the Chika's game.

Phone Call[]

Nothing particular here. Just as before you will have some commands (not many).

More commands will became avaible while the girls level up. Not sure if there are other conditions.