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When I hear about someone else working hard, I can't help but feel like I'm slacking off.
I know that I don't exactly have a job right now, but that's just the way I am.
At the very least, I should try to act like a cop.

—Ohno Yoshiro, reflecting on his circumstances.

Ohno Yoshiro
Japanese 大野喜郎
Romanization ōno yoshirō
Race Human
Age / Birth 35 / GI0987
Sex Male
Ht. / Wt. 168cm / 63kg
Status Alive
Class Gunner
World Dimension 3E2
Affiliation Dimension 3E2
Level limit 8+
Skill levels Gun Combat Lv1 (?)
Appeared in Rance X


Ohno Yoshiro is an officer of the Osaka Prefectural Police Department stationed in the Namba district of Japan in Dimension 3E2. After a catastrophic encounter with the Dark Lord Extermination Squad, he was abducted to the fantasy world of The Continent and made to cooperate with its various strange inhabitants.

During the events of Rance X, the forces of the Dark Lord Extermination Squad traveled to Dimension 3E2 through gate connection Magic in an attempt to return the Demon King Kurusu Miki and her boyfriend Ogawa Kentarou, two natives of the dimension, to their home. Upon its arrival, however, the group's leader Rance quickly started a commotion by killing three young men who had tried to sexually harass his slave Sill Plain, causing a nearby student who had witnessed the incident to call the police. Ohno was among the first group of officers that responded to the distress call, and attempted to convince Rance and his allies to stand down by drawing his gun at them and threatening to shoot. His warning was ignored by the mysterious army, who instead attacked him and his fellow policemen in defiance.

The police were quickly overwhelmed by the Dark Lord Extermination Squad, whose use of magic confused and frightened Ohno. In his panic, he requested for backup but was met with skepticism from his dispatch, who doubted his fantastical claims. Ohno was eventually knocked unconscious after being hit by an offensive spell, after which his body was collected by the Dark Lord Extermination Squad as it continued its rampage in the direction of Tokyo. The group's actions soon attracted national attention, with the Japanese military being mobilized to stop them under suspicion of being a terrorist threat. After half a day of fighting, Rance finally called for a full-scale retreat back to the Continent after the superior numbers and technology of his opponents became apparent to him, bringing an abrupt end to the conflict. Ohno's body was still in the Dark Lord Extermination Squad's possession when it returned to the Continent, inadvertently transporting him to another world.

After regaining consciousness, Ohno awoke inside of Rance Castle, the headquarters of the United Human Army and was made into a member of its forces against his will to assist in its battle against the Monster Army. Rance, the leader of the United Human Army, made no effort to contact Ohno due to having little interest in speaking with a man, leaving the policeman largely to his own devices as he adjusted to the new world. Without anything in the way of an explanation for his circumstances, Ohno resolved to put aside his confusion and accept the land of Monsters and sorcery at face value in favor of focusing his attention toward learning to live as a part of it. Along with the expected difficulties of adapting to the Food and Technology of the Continent, Ohno also found himself at a loss for companionship, as his status as a resident of another dimension was further compounded by the abundance of scantily-clad young women that made up the majority of Rance Castle's residents making him feel awkward about interacting with them. He eventually struck up casual friendships with Tolstoy Bato, a soft-spoken knight of the nation of Helman who he often ate lunch with in the cafeteria of Rance Castle, and Lei, a reticent Dark Lord and one of the only other members of the United Human Army that shared his smoking habit. Ohno also became an object of fascination for Nagi su Ragarl, an energetic young mage who often pestered him for information on his world's technology.

While acting as a member of the Dark Lord Extermination Squad, Ohno gradually began to feel uneasy about no longer performing his responsibilities as a policeman, and elected to begin patrolling CITY, the area that surrounded Rance Caste, to mimic the duties of his former profession. During one such patrol, he noticed a suspicion-looking man and decided to follow him from a distance. Just as he began to doubt his intuition, he saw the man turn into an alleyway, where he met up with another man who had been harassing a young girl. Drawing his gun, Ohno leapt into the alley and called for the two men to stop what they were doing, but was met with mockery and had a fire arrow spell launched at him. Ohno attempted to evade the attack by ducking for cover, but was followed by the spell and struck in the back, knocking him unconscious yet again. After regaining consciousness, Ohno found that he had been rescued by a group of Haniwa, who came to his aid due to their appreciation for the reading glasses he had happened to have been wearing at the time. After returning to Rance Castle to have his injuries treated, he was given a letter written by the girl he had saved that thanked him for helping her. Filled with a sense of contentment for the first time since he had arrived on the Continent, Ohno earnestly continued his efforts to fit in with his new world.

At the conclusion of the 2nd Dark Lord War, Miki was freed from her status as Demon King and allowed to return to her homeworld with Kentarou. It is unknown whether Ohno also returned with them, leaving his ultimate fate a mystery.

Personality and Appearance[]

Ohno is a middle-aged man of average height and build with short-cropped black hair, thick black eyebrows, and brown eyes. His clothing consists of the uniform worn by members of the Osaka Prefectural Police Department, comprised of a light blue collared shirt bearing the emblem of the department, a dark blue vest with a matching hat and pants, and a copper police badge pinned on the left side of his chest. Ohno also carries a small handgun in a holster on his left hip and has a remote radio attached to his left ear and wrapped around his chest.


Ohno is an ordinary man struggling to adjust to the fantastical world of the Continent.

Describing himself as a "run-of-the-mill middle-aged guy", Ohno is a reserved and practically-minded man with a humble disposition. He possesses a strong sense of duty as a police officer, expressing discontentment at not being able to act as one while trapped on the Continent and taking it upon himself to perform patrols around CITY to uphold the peace as he would in his home world. While he is somewhat self-deprecating about this behavior, wondering to himself if he is simply a bored workaholic, he never hesitates to take action when he sees innocents in danger, making him both brave and reliable in times of crisis. It is only after he finds fulfillment as a policeman that Ohno is able to begin to feel at ease on the Continent, further suggesting that he considers his role as an officer of the law to be a central aspect of his identity.

After being transported to the Continent with no clear means of escape, Ohno chose to resign himself to blending in with the world around him rather than fret over his circumstances. He is relatively quick to accept the existence of a world where magic is commonplace, and shows more fascination with the strange similarities that it has with his own world, such as its development of certain technologies like vacuum cleaners and indoor lighting and use of a language that sounds nearly identical to modern Japanese. Ohno experiences much greater difficulty socializing with the residents of the Continent due to his status as an outsider making casual conversation difficult. In particular, he has a very hard time interacting with his fellow members of the Dark Lord Extermination Squad, as he is unable to completely forget that they are all subordinates of Rance, a man he was called to arrest on multiple counts of homicide, and thus his accomplices by association. He also finds it awkward that so many of the group's members are young women dressed in revealing clothing, as he can't speak with them without feeling slightly perverted. In spite of these barriers, he is gradually able to find common ground with some of his new comrades, and remarks that with the exception of Rance they all seem generally polite and amiable.

In his free time, Ohno enjoys watching movies, particularly western-made blockbusters. Though he notes that he can recall seeing fantasy books and manga that depicted worlds similar to the Continent in his home world, he admits to having had little interest in reading them, causing him to lack much preexisting understanding of the genre and its mechanics. He does not particularly regret this, however, and quips that any knowledge he may have gained from reading them would have likely gone to waste, as they generally depict protagonists who awaken to amazing powers after arriving in a fantasy world rather than remaining exactly the same as in his case. After becoming a member of the Dark Lord Extermination Squad, Ohno began reading the Zanageth Saga, the longest-running and most popular book series on the Continent, on the recommendation of Tolstoy Bato. While Ohno was apprehensive about starting the 472 volume series, he eventually convinced himself to do so as a means of deepening his understanding of the Continent and its people, beginning with its 227th volume at Tolstoy's suggestion.


A completely ordinary man, Ohno lacks anything in the way of outstanding traits or abilities that would set him apart from any other person his age. After being transported to the Continent, he managed to reach the average Level of 8, which is assumed, but not confirmed, to be his Level Cap, giving him no greater potential than most civilians. Ohno himself notes his relative frailty compared to the other members of the Dark Lord Extermination Squad, and expresses relief over simply being able to avoid serious injury while fighting alongside them. Despite this, he is also implied to have a fairly sturdy body, as he was able to survive a skirmish with the Dark Lord Extermination Squad in a conflict which killed 18 officers and seriously injured several more, as well as recover from being crushed beneath a pile of rubble created from Anise Sawatari misfiring a spell without needing medical attention.

As a police officer, Ohno has been trained in the use of firearms and carries a small handgun on his person while on duty. He is a skilled marksman, and was assigned the Gun Combat Lv1 Skill Level upon arriving on the Continent, making him proficient at using his weapon. Ohno's handgun is the best asset he has while serving in the Dark Lord Extermination Squad, as its fast reload time, high rate of fire, and ballistic force are considerably greater than most other projectile weaponry that can be found on the Continent.


  • Ohno is the protagonist of "I'm a Mediocre Osaka Prefectural Police Officer in Another World", a short story featured in Hanihon X, a special edition of Hanihon magazine released to commemorate the end of the Rance Series.
  • Ohno is near-sighted and requires glasses to read.
  • Ohno is a habitual smoker, and began using Tohacco in the place of tobacco after arriving on the Continent.
  • Ohno's character portrait is listed as "Modern-Day Person 2" (現代人2) within Rance X's game files rather than by his own name. Despite this, he is the only character that appears in the game to use this portrait.
  • Ohno's character card in Rance X has a fully-written profile that can be found within its files but is not used in the game itself. This profile states that he has a 35-year-old wife and a 12-year-old son, something that is otherwise not stated in the short story that he stars in. The profile also lists his age as 37, which conflicts with his given age of 35 in the short story, calling the accuracy of the rest of the information given within it into question.