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Yeah, that's right. No matter what happens, I'll protect Miki-chan. We'll find a way back to Japan somehow, I'm sure of it.

—Ogawa Kentarou, vowing to protect his girlfriend.

Ogawa Kentarou
Japanese 小川健太郎
Romanization Ogawa Kentarou
Race Dark Lord, Human
Age / Birth 22 / GI0999
Sex Male
Ht. / Wt. 176cm / 60kg
Status Alive
Class Warrior
World The Continent
Affiliation Miki's Party
Level limit 100
Skill levels Sword Combat Lv2 (?)
Appeared in Little Princess (game), Little Vampire, Kichikuou Rance, Rance VI, Sengoku Rance, Rance X
Mentioned in Rance I, Rance 01


Ogawa Kentarou is a human from Japan of Dimension 3E2 (Japan of modern day Earth, not to be confused with JAPAN in Rance World). He is a childhood friend of Kurusu Miki (Little Princess), but he is ignorant of her romantic interest in him. He is the wielder of the Holy Sword Nikkou. Formerly practiced Kendo in 3E2 (which explains his sword skills).

During the events of Sengoku Rance, he was heavily wounded by the Apostle Seiryuu and became a Dark Lord after Miki gave him her demon blood in order to save him.

Personality and Appearance[]

Kentarou is an outgoing, goofy and friendly individual that lives his life careless and optimistically. He's very nice and kindhearted with everyone, including strangers. He's very naive though and doesn't realise when someone is using him or taking advantage of his friendly disposition.

His personality contrasts a lot with Rance's, something inevitable due to their complete opposite personalities. Rance doesn't like him, but Kentarou thinks of him as a nice and helpful person. He often takes his advices and opinions very seriously (even when Rance is just making a fool of him).

He's not very bright, usually making mistakes that would be avoided with common sense. He's also completely oblivious to how others think or feel but doesn't think about it too much either and is usually the only one shocked and surprised over trivial and obvious things. He sometimes acts or talks in a way that many find him weird, like fighting in a very bizarre and flashy way, naming his attacks, making victory poses(and naming them too), say that it's time to have a flashback aloud, among other things.

He does legitimately care about his friends and those around him though. He cares dearly for Miki, and will do anything to protect her.

He has a short brown hair and seems to retain his old clothes from his original world, wearing more modern and casual clothing. Above it however, he's protected by some light armor he's found in his journeys around The Continent. He usually keeps his sword, the holy katana Nikkou, hidden and protected with some sort of big bag and is always carrying it with him.


Kentarou is a very weird but powerful fighter.

He won the state championship of Kendo at the age of 15 in his world. This experience in Kendo is the foundation of his current swordsmanship and helped him adapt quickly to the fighting in The Continent. He's very skilled with the sword and has Sword Combat Lv2 skill.

While efficient, he has a pretty weird fighting style. While his swordsmanship is certainly impressive, his moves and weird decision making tend to confuse his opponents. This makes him more unpredictable though, so it's not a bad thing. During the events of Sengoku Rance, he managed to learn a unique skill of his own, which was named by Miki the "Kentarou-kun Slash". While the name is pretty bad, it's a powerful attack rather equal in strength to Rance's iconic Rance Attack.

Before turning into a Dark Lord, he had a level cap of 100, which is one of the highest caps for any human in history, and his current level by LP0005 was 45, making him a very competent fighter. He also wields the Holy Katana Nikkou, which is one of the only two swords capable of shattering the invincibility field of the Dark Lords. Unlike Rance however, he's not strong enough to take down a Dark Lord yet and has a lot to learn. In Sengoku Rance, he was incapable of defeating a half-awakened Xavier even with the holy katana and with the help of Seigan, and was defeated rather easily.

After he was turned into a Dark Lord by Miki, he gained an invincibility field, which allowed him to fight more recklessly and carelessly. As he has only recently become a Dark Lord, however, he has yet to develop any additional abilities and his strength is more or less the same as it was when he was still human.


For more in depth gameplay information of each game refer to:

Personal History[]

  • GI0999
    • Kentarou is born in a modern day Japan in 3E2, a different universe similar to our own.
  • GI1011 12 years old
    • Kentarou is growing up with his childhood friend, Miki.
  • GI1014
    • Wins the state championship for Kendo.
    • A friend of him gives him a porn book.
  • GI1015 (= LP0000)
  • LP0001
    • Tries to find a way to return to their world.
    • The two factions of Demons led by Kayblis andHornet are busy waging war with each other, resulting in no pursuits from either factions this year.
    • Looks for clues in Helman and Leazas .
  • LP0002
    • Kentarou and Miki are running away from the Demons and living in Leazas .
    • Dark Lord Silky attempts to convince them to join the Hornet Faction, but they run away.
    • Dark Lord Kessrlinks maid army capture them, but they manage to get away.
    • They go to see The Eternal Hero Wizard Ho-Laga.
    • Somehow, Kentarou gets away without losing his ass virginity to Ho-Laga.
    • Ho-Laga tells them how to open the dimentional gate to their world
    • They head to Zeth, to find the requirements for the spell.
  • LP0003 Kichikuou Rance (WHAT IF)
  • LP0003
    • After an adventure in Zeth, they finally find the way to get back to their world.
    • They return to modern day Japan in the world of 3E2.
    • One week after returning, Hirami Lemon runs out, and Miki almost turns into the Demon king.
    • They rush back to this world, but the gate is destroyed in the process.
    • Pursuits by the Kayblis forces have become more fierce.
    • Hornet sends Satella & La Hawzel to protect Miki & Kentarou.
    • Kentarou befriends Satella and La Hawzel.
    • They seek refuge at the Headquarters of Church of AL, but Arios attacks them there. They were cornered, but somehow manage to get away.
  • LP0004
    • Parts with Demon Satella and La Hawzel.
    • Returns to Leazas and starts a restaurant. They become popular due to the strange dish they serve (recipe from different universe)
    • Miki absorbs the Blood Soul of Demon Noce at the castle ofLeazas.
    • Kentarou develops an intimate relationship with Awasa (18), a part time worker at the restaurant.
    • But decides to break up due to his love for Miki.
    • Monsters appear and destroy the restaurant, but they manage to get away.
  • LP0005


Little Princess /Little Vampire (non-canon games)[]

Five years ago, he confessed to his childhood friend Miki, and they became a couple. But one day on way back home from their date, Demon King Gi(in the original game he's called Dracula) shows up and kidnaps Miki through a dimensional gate. Kentarou chases after then through the gate, and ends up in this universe.

He found himself in an unfamiliar land, but being used to the fantasy world through video games, he quickly found himself at home. Being a winner of a state championship in Kendo, he was already adept with the sword, and got stronger and stronger as he approached Gi's castle.

On the way, he encounters a party of strong adventurer, one of which was wielding the Holy Sword of Nikkou. The party was wiped out and the warrior died leaving Nikkou in the hands of Kentarou.

Kentarou finally finds himself in front of Gi, but Gi does nothing to stop the blade, and dies at the hands of Kentarou willingly. The two escape the castle, but the passing on of the Demon King blood was already completed.

In Little Vampire Miki is kidnapped again by the Dark Lord Berksham, but Kentarou manages to trap Berksham and rescue Miki. 

In the end of this Little series, the two finds the way home to the dimension 3E2, and happy end. However, these two games are placed as a "prototype" to the Rance universe, and so the story diverges from here. In the canon story, the two did not return to their world, and are still looking for the way home.

Rance 1[]

He is mentioned by Miki when you meet her in the castle.

Toushin Toshi 2[]

He only appears in the storyline.

Kichikuou Rance[]

He was severely hurt when running with Miki and Nikkou and they seek shelter in Leazas's castle. This result in Kamilla leading a few other demons attack Leazas to get Miki back.

Sengoku Rance[]

He appears along with Miki, still looking for a way to stop her from becoming the Demon King. During the course of the game, he is mortally wounded by one of Xavier's Apostles. Miki saves his life by turning him into a demon, strengthening him in the process (permanently).


  • Due to the original Little series games having strange "gag" commands, Kentarou's personality seemed strange and outlandish, almost to the point of insanity. (such as randomly eating grass on the street, digging holes wherever he is, starts having conversation with rocks, grass, and river)
    • This characteristics were absent in Kichikuou Rance, but in the canon storyline of Sengoku, he seems to have similar weirdo personality of the original back. 
  • He is the youngest of all current Dark Lords.
  • He's pretty much a parody to every shonen protagonist ever. He has many traits that would qualify for a classic main character. Unique demon killing sword, the demon king for a girlfriend, get trapped in another world, dumb hero, oblivious to love, etc. 
  • He was the last of the miki party to lose his humanity. 
  • He and Abert Safety are the only dark lords to be created over the course of the games. 
  • Back in the real world, Kentarou's younger brother is the protagonist of Gakuen Senki and two of its spinoffs, Gakuen Drifting Story 1 and 2.