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Who the fuck thinks octopi are the greatest species in the world?

Rance, on the Octoman.

Japanese オクトマン
Romanization okutoman
Race Monster
Sex Male
Class Guy Monsters
World The Continent
Strength Medium
Appeared in Toushin Toshi II, Rance IV, Galzoo Island, Rance VI


Octoman are a species of aquatic Guy Monsters that look like a hybrid betweenhuman males and red octopi.

They are a very arrogant race that claim to be the world's strongest species. In reality, this is far from even remotely true. Their actual strength is mid tier among monsters, but they often attack in numbers so they can still pose a threat to adventurers. 

In battle, they rely in their physical strength, employing mostly punches. Their arms are actually stretchable and seem to lack bones, so they usually use this to their advantage to twist their arms and stretch it around it to increase the velocity and strength of the attack. They can also breath under water and swim at high speeds. 


They are a very anti-social and solitary race that doesn't interact with other monsters much, likely due to how obnoxiously narcissistic they are, coupled with the fact that they believe they are too great to live with other races. Their leader is the Octoking, a white type of Octoman that is stronger and even more arrogant than the rest. All the other Octoman are greatly inspired by him and look up to him immensely as if he was a god. He's actually pretty strong, comparable to a Dekant in power, but his strength is not nearly as big as his ego.

Despite their supreme arrogance, when defeated they turn into cowardly and submissive creatures that will lose all of their pride and shamelessly beg to be spared by their opponent. They are truly one of the most obnoxious monsters.