Oama Motohide
Japanese オアマ・モトヒーデ
Romanization oama motohīde
Race Human
Sex Male
Class Scientist
World The Continent
Affiliation Helman
Appeared in Rance IX



Oama Motohide, usually referred to as Dr. Oama, is a scientist and professional with expertise in biology. His great mind has accomplished quite a number of achievements but his mad genius is hard to be comprehended. He holds little value towards human life and his nihilistic smile portrays it easily. 

He has a weird and completely demented obsession over Squids, being extremely fond of the race of Guy Monsters, the Squidman. He believes them to be the greatest of all species and his obsession with them is tremendous, dressing himself with squid-like clothing, and attempting to genetically modify other living beings to be closer to Squids. 

The Helman Empire has given him a concentration camp that serves as his research facility to investigate with his personal projects, being his goal to create the Ultimate Soldier. Despite his obsession with Squids, he also works with many other species of Monsters. He's the one that mixed Pigu's body with that of a Puryo.

The reason for his obsession with Squids is due to a ridiculous divine revelation he received one day that the Squidman would become the next Protagonist Race in the future. According to it, after the Apocalypse is brought, humanity will be reduced to tremendously small numbers and the world will be filled with Squidman. In order for human beings to not become extinct in this world, they would have to evolve and change into creatures more similar to Squids. It's for this reason that Oama became so obsessed with his research of turning humans more squidlike.

Before working with Squids, he needs to make experiments with other monsters and humans. It's for this reason that he turned Pigu's body Puryo. His assistant is a cockroach human type called Gokinken that has also been through his experiments. Stessel has been providing to him prisoners, rebels and the like as experimental material.


  • In the Rance IX popularity poll he was ranked 5th in the Other Males category.
  • His character's design and use of squids is a reference to Doctor Shinigami, one of the most famous Kamen Rider villains.
  • Oama was invited to join Miracle's Twelve Knights, (likely to serve as a replacement for the deceased Nobunaga). She intends for him to be the groups researcher.
  • In one of Rance X bad endings, when the Horus forget to wake up Rance from the cryogenic chamber, they end up waking up in a future where the Squidman ended up becoming the Protagonist Race. They also raised a monument in honor of Dr. Oama, whom they considered their god.