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Japanese ノロイ
Romanization noroi
Race God
Age / Birth Unknown
Sex Male
World Beat Blades Universe
Affiliation Noroi Faction
Appeared in Beat Blades Haruka

About[edit | edit source]

Noroi is the god of the Noroi Faction, the main antagonist of Beat Blades Haruka, and the final boss of the Love Routes. He is a malevolent being who despises all humans and can give power to those who share his hatred, with all of the Noroi Faction owing their power to him. Though he is really made of pure energy, he possesses animals in order to house his essence, but needs sources of energy to maintain his existence which usually comes in the form of the fear and despair he and his allies inflict upon others. Though the Tetra Sealers believe that his power will eventually bring peace to the world by subjugating it, Noroi really only cares about wiping out every single human on the face of the earth.

It is later revealed that Noroi is actually the other half of the Dragonian: back in another world, the creature was a benevolent god whose gifts were misused by humanity until the world was destroyed. The loss of his world caused the being to split into two, the Dragonian half choosing to keep believing in humanity while being more selective on those who received his power, the Noroi half despising humanity for the destruction it had brought and swearing to protect this world by preemptively destroying them.

During the Brutal Routes, a corrupted Takamaru can become one with Noroi, becoming an even more powerful being than either Noroi or the Dragonian. Indeed, as the Dragonian he can empower those he has sex with and as Noroi he becomes physically powerful and can empower the Noroi Faction, but if he sleeps with a woman who has accepted darkness in her heart, she can become a Dark Blade, a terrible being that can decimate hundreds with seemingly little effort and outclassing normal Blades.

Abilities[edit | edit source]

Noroi beast.png

Noroi can give immense power to any and all beings that deeply hates humans, making them virtually immune to most types of weapons and giving them great new powers ( though what those are exactly depends on each individual). With this, Noroi empowered his Tetra Sealers and the Kainin. Those he empowered can create powerful creatures called Genin that are completely subservient to the Sealers and the Kainin, and when Noroi is at full strength he can create even mightier creatures himself.

Noroi himself can be extremely powerful, but only when he gains a massive amount of energy. When he does however, he has great strength and is almost completely invulnerable even from the power of the Blades. He can then also turn into the more powerful form of a giant two-headed beast. When he reaches this level only the power of the Beat Blade can damage him.

As Noroi is actually connected to the Dragonian and his power, if he were to delve into the darker side of his personality, Noroi could speak to him directly.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

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