Lieutenant Ninomiya
Japanese 二宮警部補
Romanization Ninomiya keibuho
AmbivalenZ Ninomiya.png
Race Human
Age / Birth ?
Sex Male
Status Alive
World AZ World
Affiliation Humans
Appeared in AmbivalenZ, AliveZ


Ninomiya is a police officer assigned to the murder division in the town above the Lid of Kettle of Hell. He is a very understanding man, and knows not to ask too many questions when things involve Shou Ky or her friend Shura. He does however warn Yura not to be too reckless.

Spoiler Warning: The following section contains spoilers.

He was assigned to the murder case of Katsuragi Karin's parents. The case continues to haunt him and he keeps working on it despite it being a cold case.

He is also under the spell of the real murderer Kudorusuchisu, who took the identity of his daughter who died at her hand 10 years prior to the events of the game.

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  • During the Crystal Palace incident in 1994, he was a Lieutenant (警部補).
  • During the Punisher incident in 1998, he advanced to Captain (警部).