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(Now's the time to have my revenge on the world that made a fool of me, the world that refused to look at me...
The world didn't love me. So it's my right to take revenge on the world...)

—Nimitz Leak, contemplating her powers as a Dark Lord.

Nimitz Leak
Japanese ニミッツ・リーク
Romanization nimittsu rīku
Race Human, Dark Lord
Age / Birth 17 / GI1005
Sex Female
Ht. / Wt. 146cm / ??kg (Human form)
232cm / ??kg (Dark Lord form)
Status Unknown
Class Civilian, Warrior
World The Continent
Affiliation Leazas, Kayblis Faction
Level limit 3+ (Human form)
180 (Dark Lord form)
Skill levels Information Magic Lv1 (?), Hammer Combat Lv0 (?)
Appeared in Rance X


Nimitz Leak is a miserable girl from Apemunta village, a small rural community located along the outskirts of western Leazas. After being subjected to a series of pitiful events, she fortuitously came to acquire the powers of the Dark Lord Lexington.

Throughout her childhood Nimitz endured relentless bullying and ridicule from her peers, who would often mock her for her unkempt appearance and awkward mannerisms. Both of Nimitz's parents were largely inattentive to her well-being, causing them to provide her with little emotional support through her suffering. This combination of a poor home and school life steadily led Nimitz to close herself off from the rest of the world, isolating herself from others to stew in contempt and self-hatred.

In the year LP0003, Nimitz became a student of Melfeis Promenade, a recently hired teacher at the village schoolhouse. Observing Nimitz's unhappiness, Melfeis would often approach her after class to talk with her about her thoughts and feelings in an effort to make her feel more at ease. While Nimitz was initially reluctant to open up to her teacher, Melfeis' compassion and attentiveness caused her to gradually open up to her until she started to view her as a confidant she could place her trust in. Over time, Nimitz began to view these visits with Melfeis as the highlight of her days, and would even schedule them of her own accord as a means of venting her frustrations and receiving constructive advice.

Later on into the school year, a boy named Amades Kakades transferred into Nimitz's class after his family moved to Apemunta village from another town. Amades differed from the rest of Nimitz's peers by always treating her kindly, and would come to her defense whenever he witnessed her getting harassed by their classmates. Nimitz was unused to such positive treatment, and quickly became infatuated with Amades in response. Unsure of how to act on her newfound attraction, she revealed her feelings to Melfeis, who encouraged her to be honest and upfront about them. Despite Melfeis' advice, Nimitz remained too shy confess her love to Amades, and chose to instead settle on being his friend. Despite the abuse she continued to suffer from others, the warmth brought into her life by Melfeis and Amades allowed Nimitz to feel hope and fulfillment for the first time ever.

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The happier life that Nimitz had found for herself came crashing down two months after the conclusion of the 7th Leazas-Helman War, where she visited her school after hours for her usual consultation with Melfeis to find her teacher in the process of having sex with Amades. Seeing the teacher she had come to trust with the boy she loved filled Nimitz with an overwhelming combination of betrayal, confusion, and humiliation which made her retreat even further into her mind and away from the world than she ever had before. In her trauma, she abandoned school altogether and spent the next several week locked in her room wallowing in a near-catatonic state of despair. Her isolation caused her to grow even more estranged from her parents until she felt as though she had lost her place in their household. No longer capable of bearing the bad memories she associated with either her school or home life, Nimitz eventually fled Apemunta Village in the middle of the night without a word in search of a new beginning for herself.

After leaving her home village, Nimitz traveled to a neighboring community and began working at a part-time job that provided live-in housing. Though at first cautiously optimistic about starting her life anew, she found her situation to be no different than it had been in her hometown, as the older women that she worked with started to speak ill of her much in the same way her classmates had. Alone and unloved, her misery reached new heights in the year LP0007, when she was attacked by a group of thugs while on her way home from buying groceries. While the thugs initially motioned to assault her, they abandoned the act after see her face more closely, dismissing her as being too ugly to be worth the effort. The incident reinvigorated the grief and humiliation of seeing Melfeis and Amades together that Nimitz had repressed in her mind to such a degree that she lost all hope and resolved to take her own life as an escape. Purchasing a knife and a pair of sweet buns, she ate a final meal to calm her nerves before slitting her wrists.

Just as Nimitz began to cut herself, she was called out to from behind Atlanta, an Apostle of the deceased Dark Lord Lexington. Seeking an individual with a strong proclivity for performing evil acts, Atlanta acknowledged Nimitz as an ideal host for her master due to her deep-seated resentment of the world. Atlanta offered Lexington's Demonic Blood Soul to Nimitz, claiming that consuming it would be much easier to do than dying. Lacking the reason to question Atlanta's intentions in the moment, Nimitz obliged and ingested the blood soul, welcoming Lexington's being into her body in the process. While Atlanta had intended for Lexington's will to overpower Nimitz's and gain full control over her body, the extent to which the young girl had kept her Soul guarded from others miraculously prevented the Dark Lord from reaching it, creating a strange equilibrium within herself that enabled both her own soul and Lexington's to coexist without either overwriting the other.

The power of Lexington's demonic blood soul transforms Nimitz into a female oni.

Imbued with Lexington's power, Nimitz's figure transformed into that of a towering female Oni, leading Atlanta to mistakenly assume that her master had succeeded in possessing her. While frightened by her sudden change in appearance, Nimitz feared how Atlanta would retaliate if she learned the truth even more and chose to pretend as though she were Lexington to remain beneath suspicion. Eager to return to spreading carnage with her master, Atlanta sent a message to the Elite Dark Lord Kayblis, who had at the time ordered a full-scale invasion of the Human Realm by the forces of the Monster Army in an event that would come to be known as the 2nd Dark Lord War, reporting that Lexington had been revived and was willing to lend his strength to his cause. Kayblis made no effort to validate this claim, trusting that Lexington would do anything for an opportunity to fight, and agreed to give Nimitz authority over a division of the Monster Army attacking Leazas. Stationing their army in the city of Prettiria, Atlanta began preparations to attack the Leazas Army while Nimitz hid away in her private quarters panicking over her new circumstances.

During the events of Rance X, one month after the beginning of the 2nd Dark Lord War, the forces of the Human Realm were, through various circumstances, formally united under the warrior Rance to create the United Human Army. Due to possessing the Dark Sword Chaos, one of the only weapons capable of penetrating the Invincibility Field that protects Dark Lords from all forms of damage, Rance was able to form a specialized squad made up of humanity’s finest warriors designed to fight against and defeat each of the Dark Lords invading human territories. Titled the Dark Lord Extermination Squad, this group allowed humanity to begin to mount a more effective resistance against the Monster Army, providing hope in a seemingly hopeless situation.

With Rance's aid, the Leazas Army was able to subdue one of the enemy Dark Lords and secure a more advantageous position against the monsters. As both of the Dark Lords that had initially been charged with invading Leazas previously had ties to the Hornet Faction, the group that had opposed Kayblis during the War of the Factions for control of the Monster Realm, he feared that defeated Dark Lord had betrayed him to assist the Human Army and ordered the second to be removed from the battlefield to prevent further mutiny.

As the sole remaining Dark Lord in Leazas, Lexington's army was called to take action for the first time in the war by capturing the city of Scale. Before heading out to battle, Atlanta held a rally in honor of the revived Lexington intending to reinvigorate the dejected spirits of her soldiers. Atlanta praised her master as possessing strength rivaling an Elite Dark Lord, but was met with doubt by her subordinates, who only knew Lexington as the sole Dark Lord to have been killed during the previous Dark Lord War. Nimitz was brought in front of the soldiers in an effort to inspire more confidence in them, only to further weaken their resolves by acting awkward and timid before them. While Atlanta attempted to justify Lexington's timidity by claiming he had not yet fully regained his strength, the damage had already been done and the monsters marched toward Scale full of uncertainty and drained of any enthusiasm.

Nimitz is overwhelmed by Rick's transcendent swordplay.

When Nimitz's army arrived at Scale it was greeted by the forces of Leazas' Black and Red armies, which immediately engaged it in battle. Lacking any combat experience, the confused and frightened Nimitz swung at the enemy soldiers randomly using Lexington's large golden rods. To her surprise, she found herself to be surprisingly effective as a combatant, as Lexington's tremendous strength enabled her to swat away her attackers with a single strike while the invincibility field surrounding her body prevented her from taking damage. Her fear gradually transformed into excitement as she realized she could now take out her frustrations on others without fear of retribution, and she gleefully began to pursue the terrified human soldiers as though it were a game.

Nimitz's rampage was quickly halted by the appearance of Rick Addison, the general of the Red Corps and the strongest warrior in all of Leazas, who nimbly dodged each of her attacks before launching a barrage of blows of his own at her. Despite lacking a means of damaging Nimitz, Rick's superb swordsmanship made him able to disorient her through sheer speed and precision until she collapsed onto the ground in a fetal position, too scared to continue fighting. Rick was caught off guard by Nimitz's strange behavior, causing him to hesitate for just long enough to allow Atlanta to temporarily blind him with the Magic spell fire blast, opening an opportunity for Nimitz to retreat.

Despite the battle ending in the Leazas Army's favor as a result of Nimitz's actions, the impressive power she displayed during its early stages nonetheless inspired confidence in her soldiers, who greeted her with cheers when she returned to Prettiria. Her cowardice had infuriated Atlanta, however, who questioned why she was unable to defeat a single human. While Nimitz was able to placate Atlanta's suspicion by insisting that she had not yet replenished her strength, it did nothing to convince Lexington's other Apostle Juno, who had traveled to Leazas after hearing of his master's revival and remained dubious of her identity. Atlanta dismissed Juno's claims of Lexington being an imposter as a product of his hatred of large-breasted women, causing Juno to cryptically tell her that she would come to regret her decision to live in denial. Juno gave a final glare in Nimitz's direction and coldly stated that he looked forward to seeing her performance in the next day's battle before leaving the Monster Army's base, followed closely behind by Atlanta, who demanded that he show more respect to their master.

After the two had left, Nimitz hurriedly returned to her personal quarters, locked the door, and reassumed her human form. With the high from the day's battle still ringing through her head, she affirmed to herself that she would utilize her newfound powers as a Dark Lord to take her revenge on humankind. Taking out her diary, she opened a list of people that had wronged her and made a vow to brutally kill each and every one of them. She also added Atlanta and Juno's names to the list, intending to kill them after gaining all the information about Lexington needed to continue impersonating him to prevent them from exposing her.

Rance's bullying frightens Nimitz into retreating.

The next day, Nimitz assumed Lexington's appearance once more and led her army toward Scale. On the way to the battlefield, Atlanta reported that Rance, the United Human Army's leader, was present among the Leazas Army's forces. Atlanta revealed that Rance possessed Chao and was thus capable of damaging Dark Lords, but reassured Nimitz that he was no match for her power. Having lacked any prior knowledge of Chaos, Nimitz was shocked to learn that there were weapons that could still harm her as a Dark Lord, but was forced to take action before she could fully process this information. Nimitz fought off the Leazas Army with the same untrained fury as she had the previous day, deriving a particular amount of sadistic glee from hearing the panicked human soldiers vainly call for help as she killed them. She eventually crossed paths with Rance, who eagerly led his allies into battle against her after seeing the glamorous appearance of her Dark Lord form.

Without the aid of her invincibility field, Nimitz stood no chance against Rance in combat and was steadily beaten into submission. Rance mockingly derided her lack of skill as the battle continued, claiming her to be the weakest Dark Lord he had ever encountered. The cruelty in his eyes made Nimitz recall painful memories of the people who had mocked her, which, in conjunction with her growing terror of the possibility of getting killed, prompted her to run away in fear yet again. Her retreat was seen by her subordinates, who followed suit by fleeing behind her, ending the battle overwhelmingly in Leazas' favor.

The night after the second failed attack on Scale, Nimitz sat in her room despondent, berating herself for causing yet another major loss for the Monster Army. She was comforted by Atlanta, who reassured her that she would make up for her failure when she fully regained her power. The meeting was interrupted by a monster soldier, who informed the trio that a large pack of Oni had appeared requesting to see Lexington. The oni introduced themselves as former followers of Lexington who had escaped from Hell after hearing of his revival, and cheerfully asked to fight alongside him once again. Along with praising Lexington's tremendous strength, the oni commended the beauty of his newfound female form, which flattered Nimitz immensely and compelled her to accept them as subordinates. With both her army and her confidence buffered by her new minions, Nimitz called for another assault on Scale, determined to make up for her previous losses.

The next morning, Nimitz led a large army of oni to attack Scale, refraining from taking the frontlines herself for fear of getting attacked by Rance. The Leazas Army was unprepared for the Monster Army to launch a counterattack so soon after its previous loss, placing it at an immediate disadvantage in the battle. Its efforts were further complicated by having to fight against oni, which were both several times stronger than the average monster soldier and completely devoid of any kind of fear of death, allowing them to fight ferociously until their last breath. In spite of the apparent direness of the situation, the human forces were able to gradually wear down the oni by luring them into gathering together and firing at them with the Tulip #2 Maresuke, a high-powered cannon that had recently been commissioned by Leazas to be used as part of the newly-created artillery branch of its military. As the oni were blown away by the cannon, Rance and his allies steadily closed in on Nimitz's location, driving her to run away in fear for a third time. Her sudden disappearance made the oni also withdraw due to lacking the interest to continue fighting without Lexington, ending the battle with Leazas victorious.

After returning to Prettiria from her third successive failure, Nimitz was confronted by an infuriated Atlanta, who demanded to know why she continued to flee from battle. Nimitz attempted to justify her actions as strategy, but was quickly countered by Juno, who quipped that Lexington would never speak of such a thing. Juno's comment ignited Atlanta's suspicion, constraining Nimitz to field their questions for much longer than she ever had to previously. While she was eventually able to get the Apostles to leave her alone in her room, she did nothing to placate their skepticism and feared that she would soon be exposed as an imposter. She soon convinced herself that the only way to rid herself of their skepticism was to bring positive results on the battlefield, only to immediately feel great reluctance to do so after the fear of having to face off against Rance again swept across her mind. Finally, she came to the decision that she would instead infiltrate the Leazas Army's base during the night and assassinate Rance in his sleep, allowing her to achieve her goal without requiring her to face him directly, and anxiously headed out in the direction of Scale to put her plan into action.

Upon arriving at Scale, Nimitz effortlessly broke through the barricade surrounding the city using the strength of her Dark Lord form. While the sudden disruption alerted the guards on patrol of a possible attack, she managed to avoid their attention by returning to her human form and hiding among the shadows. She was spotted several times by various members of the nightwatch, including Rance's personal Ninja Kentou Kanami, but was assumed to have been a girl that Rance had personally summoned to have a late night tryst with and did not draw any of their suspicion, with some even offering her directions to Rance's quarters. The ease with which she was able to progress through her mission gradually filled Nimitz with a sense of dread as she began to worry that she was walking into a trap, but she steeled her nerves as she continued toward Rance's location.

Nimitz is embraced by Rance, feeling the acceptance of another for the first time in years.

Nimitz eventually found Rance in his room lying in bed and seemingly asleep, and quietly started to approach him with her knife drawn to deliver a killing blow. To her surprise, Rance had actually been awake and feigning sleep to surprise another woman he had called to see him that night. Unable to see clearly in the darkness of the room, Rance mistook Nimitz for his intended visitor and forcibly embraced her, stripped her of her clothing, and pinned her onto his bed. Though Rance quickly realized that Nimitz was not the person he was expecting after turning his bedside light on to see her face more clearly, he nonetheless cheerfully declared her to be cute and proceeded to attempt to have sex with her anyway.

Along with being terrified, Rance's sexual advances reminded Nimitz of the humiliation she experienced during the previous time she had nearly been assaulted and caused her to express vocal concern that her would be disgusted by her body. Lacking any perspective on her past, Rance showed confusion at why she believed herself to be ugly and declared all of the world's beautiful women to be his regardless of who or what they were. The unconditional acceptance that Rance showed Nimitz, along with his acknowledgement of her long-discarded womanhood, caused her heart to suddenly erupt with unexpected feelings of tenderness that steadily overtook her feelings of fear and pain.

As Rance continued to indulge in her body, Nimitz became more receptive to him until she was able to feel pleasure alongside him. When the two had finished, all previous thoughts of taking revenge on Rance had dissipated from Nimitz's mind, which was now filled with a sense of contentment and belonging that she had not experienced in years. The brief calm was interrupted soon after Nimitz had dressed herself once more, when the room was entered by the woman who Rance had originally intended to spend the night with. To Nimitz's shock, the person was none other than Melfeis, who had become the lieutenant-general of the Leazas Mage Corps in the time since their previous encounter and was currently working under Rance.

Reunited for the first time since the incident that destroyed their relationship, the teacher and student stared at each other in disbelief for several moments before Nimitz attempted to flee. Before she could exit, Melfeis grabbed her by the arm and uttered a quiet apology, her voice quavering with a variety of emotions. Nimitz responded with defiance and questioned why Melfeis had discarded her feelings so thoughtlessly by having sex with Amades. Melfeis hesitated to respond until Rance answered on her behalf, revealing that she had been placed under a Curse that augmented her magical power at the cost of killing her if she did not sleep with a man at a higher Level than herself once every two months, and that she was forced to do so with Amades to prevent herself from dying. As the realization that the root of her hatred was based on misunderstanding swept through her, Nimitz fell to her knees in grief and began to cry as she remembered all of the people she had killed.

Before the reunion could continue, Kanami burst into the room and reported that a large army of oni led by Lexington's Apostles was moving toward Scale under the belief that their master had been captured by the Human Army. Before leaving to battle the new threat, Rance ordered Melfeis to stay at Nimitz's side, stating that she was needed there most.

If the Dark Lord Extermination Squad succeeds in defeating the invading oni army, Juno is able to finally convince Atlanta that the person she believes to be Lexington is a fraud and persuade her to abandon her attempts to rescue her. The disheartened Atlanta then announces to the surrounding oni that Lexington had gone far away and grants them permission to disband until his return. As the oni begin to disperse, the two Apostles also exit the battlefield, enabling Rance to return to his room and continue speaking with Nimitz and Melfeis.

Reunited with Melfeis, Nimitz finally overcomes the darkness in her heart.

When Rance returns to his room, Nimitz, who had remained silent since being left alone with Melfeis, pleadingly asks him what she is supposed to do. Rance tells her that she can do whatever she wants, but recommends that she stay by his side and offers her a position as a maid at his residence of Rance Castle, believing her to be unsuited for combat. His answer suddenly reminds her of her status as a Dark Lord and causes her to beg him to kill her, transforming her body into Lexington's in an attempt to pressure him into doing so. Rance is surprised to learn that Nimitz and Lexington are one in the same, but incorrectly assumes that she had fallen in love with him after encountering him in battle and shows no further concern with keeping her around. Nimitz is then asked by Melfeis if she truly desires to fight Rance, which leads her to realize that the urge to harm others no longer exists in her heart. As she comes to this realization, she is embraced from behind by Melfeis, who offers a heartfelt apology for having hurt her and asks for her to never endanger herself again. This unconditional display of affection finally melts away the remaining traces of Nimitz's hatred and makes her break down crying into Melfeis' chest.

With the bond between teacher and student at last restored, both Nimitz and Melfeis give their thanks to Rance for reuniting them, which he takes as a signal to instigate a threesome. Though the two are reluctant to do so, they are quickly coerced into relenting by Rance and spend the night in bed with each other. After a passionate night of sex, Nimitz and Melfeis happily start to converse after Rance falls asleep, making up the time they spent apart in a matter of hours.

The next morning, Nimitz is presented to the commanding military officers present in Scale by Rance, who introduces her as the Dark Lord Lexington. While Rance's comrades are surprised to learn that such an ordinary-looking schoolgirl could be Lexington, Rance's claims are supported by both Chaos and the Dark Lord Satella, who confirm that they can feel faint traces of a Dark Lord's energy emanating from her body. Instead of taking any further questions, Rance has Nimitz appear in Lexington's form on the battlefield in front of the gathered Monster Army and mockingly proclaims over a loudspeaker that the Dark Lord Lexington had become his subordinate. The sight of Lexington on the side of the Human Army completely breaks the spirits of the surrounding Monster Army soldiers, throwing their forces into disarray and allowing the Leazas Army to recapture Prettiria. After the successful battle, Rance tells Nimitz to stay by his side as his woman, which she accepts with Melfeis' encouragement, solidifying her place among the ranks of the Dark Lord Extermination Squad.

As a member of the Dark Lord Extermination Squad, Nimitz lends her great power to assist in defeating the Monster Army on the battlefield and makes steady progress in becoming a more contented and sociable person off of it. Along with her rebuilt relationship with Melfeis and newfound one with Rance, she is able to reconnect with Amades, who had also been recruited into the Human Army, as well as forge a new friendship with Sachiko Centers, a schoolgirl of a similar age to herself whose oblivious personality prevents her from thinking enough about spending time with a Dark Lord to experience any hesitation about it. Despite these great strides, her natural pessimism causes her to remain anxious about interacting with others under the belief that they will instinctively hate her for her actions while posing as Lexington. She begins to overcome this negativity when, at Rance's coaxing, she uses the strength of her Dark Lord form to move a large boulder that had been blocking the entrance to the Free City of CITY, earning her the praise and gratitude of the local populace.

If the Dark Lord Extermination Squad is unable to defeat the invading oni army, Atlanta will call for a temporary retreat and end the fight. Before Rance is able to return to check on her, however, the guilt-ridden Nimitz flees from Scale and returns to the Monster Army's base in Prettiria under the belief that her actions as a Dark Lord have made her incapable of returning to her former life. Her fate following this is dependent on whether or not Rance chose to defend Apemunta village from a small squad of monsters she had ordered to attack it during the beginning of the operation to defeat her.

If Rance did not choose to protect Apemunta village, Atlanta will approach the dispirited Nimitz and attempt to cheer her up by reporting that Apemunta village and all of its inhabitants, along with several neighboring villages around western Leazas, had been exterminated as ruthlessly as possible per her request, with an estimated body count within the tens of thousands. Faced directly with the consequences of her actions, Nimitz is flooded with a sense of despair far greater than she had ever felt before, and sneaks away from Prettiria the next morning to see the remains of her former village for herself. The sight of her hometown in ruins causes her to scream in agony and begin hyperventilating until she vomits Lexington's demonic blood soul from her body, returning her to body to that of an ordinary human. Rather than show any interest in the discarded blood soul, she returns to her feet and begins running wildly away for her village. As she runs, she reflects in shame over her actions before throwing her body off of a cliff to her death. The sudden disappearance of Lexington throws the Monster Army into turmoil and forces it to retreat from Prettiria, securing victory for Leazas. Unaware of Nimitz's fate, Melfeis asks around several nearby villages about her whereabouts, but is unable to find her. Melfeis mourns being unable to say all that she wanted to Nimitz, but is calmed by Rance, who confidently tells her that the two of them will be reunited again someday.

If Rance chose to protect Apemunta village, Atlanta will report to Nimitz that the squad she had sent to destroy it had failed to accomplish its mission. Relieved by this news, Nimitz orders Atlanta not to send anymore soldiers to attack the village and dismisses her attempts at preparing another attack on Scale. Atlanta is shocked to hear her master turn down an opportunity to fight, which prompts the frustrated Juno to assert once more that Nimitz is an imposter. While Atlanta at first denies his claim, she is finally made to face the truth after Nimitz hesitates to offer a rebuttal, causing her to angrily demand that the girl return her master to her. Her identity exposed, Nimitz attempts to reason with the two Apostles that she simply wants to return to her former life, only for both Atlanta and Juno to scoff at her naivety and remind her of the atrocities she had committed as a Dark Lord. The intense verbal abuse emotionally corners Nimitz, creating an opening in her heart that allows Lexington's soul to overtake hers. Though somewhat displeased by being reborn in a female body, Lexington shows no concern for the specifics of the situation and instead calls for a feast to be held in preparation for his return to the battlefield.

The next day, Lexington leads his army into battle and engages the Dark Lord Extermination, where he is ultimately defeated and reduced to a demonic blood soul once more. Soon after their master's defeat, Atlanta and Juno attempt to persuade Rance to consume his blood soul, pushing the irritated warrior into throwing it far off into the sky to get rid of them. With Lexington and his Apostles gone, the Monster Army is thrown into disarray and forced to retreat, securing victory for Leazas. Unaware of Nimitz's fate, Melfeis asks around several nearby villages about her whereabouts, but is unable to find her. Melfeis mourns being unable to say all that she wanted to Nimitz, but is calmed by Rance, who confidently tells her that the two of them will be reunited again someday.

If the Dark Lord Extermination Squad is able to defeat Nimitz during its first encounter with her, she will be knocked on her back and begin bracing herself for death, mournfully thinking about her failure to ever make friends or find love. To her great surprise, Rance declares that killing her would be a waste and instead bursts out of his clothing in preparation to assault her. The fear and panic triggered by Rance's actions corners Nimitz's heart enough to allow Lexington to overwrite her soul and gain full control over her body. Before Lexington is able to take action in his newfound body, however, he is suddenly struck from behind by Rance, who declares the Dark Lord to sound too much like an old man for him to have any remaining interest in having sex with them, and reduced to a demonic blood soul. Rance then claims ownership of Lexington's demonic blood soul and uses it as leverage to force his Apostles into becoming his servants under the promise that he would allow them to reclaim it after one hundred years.

If the Dark Lord Extermination Squad is able to defeat either of the other Dark Lords invading Leazas during its first encounter with them, Lexington succeeds in overwriting Nimitz's soul and gaining full control over her body through unknown means. Under Lexington's leadership, the Monster Army is able to regain its lost morale and push back against the Leazas Army's attempts at reclaiming its captured territory. Lexington's army is eventually surrounded by the Leazas Army in Sakamori Park, temporarily trapping it and creating an opening for him to be attacked and defeated by the Dark Lord Extermination Squad. Though Rance is at first enthusiastic about getting to have sex with Lexington, he inadvertently uses too much force and lethally wounds the Dark Lord before having the chance to do so. Lexington's body is reduced to a demonic blood soul after his defeat, which his Apostles quickly collect before noisily making their exit. Without either Lexington or his Apostles to guide them, the Monster Army fails into disarray and is quickly overtaken by Leazas' forces.

If Nimitz has not been defeated prior to the beginning of the "Breakthrough" ending route, she will be called to the Monster Realm by Kayblis to block the Dark Lord Extermination Squad's charge toward the Dark Lord Camilla's Castle to prevent them from interfering with her birthday celebration. Posing Lexington, she ambushes the group from behind by suddenly charging at them through a clearing of trees and declares that she will kill them. While the Dark Lord Extermination Squad is thrown into a slight state of confusion by Lexington's unexpected appearance, Rance defiantly states that he will kill her for standing in his way, frightening Nimitz. After a fierce battle, Nimitz is defeated by the Dark Lord Extermination Squad and reduced to a demonic blood soul, allowing the group to continue moving toward Kayblis' location.

Nimitz does not appear or get mentioned at any point during Rance X: Part 2, leaving her ultimate fate ambiguous. Despite this, Atlanta is shown to have regained possession of Lexington's demonic blood soul, suggesting that Nimitz was either killed or somehow able to expel Lexington's blood soul from her body.

Personality and Appearance[]

Nimitz is an awkward and timid girl twisted by abuse and resentment.

Nimitz is an adolescent girl with a petite build, pale, freckled skin, green eyes, unkempt dark gray hair that extends onto her back, and slouching posture. Dark circles surround each of her eyes, causing nearly all of her expressions to appear dour and hateful. Her features soften considerably after she reestablishes her bond with Melfeis, with the dark circles disappearing from around her eyes and a light pink pigmentation appearing around her cheeks. While she was often teased by her classmates for her appearance, Rance describes her as being "cute" upon first seeing her. Nimitz's clothing consists of a dark gray school uniform with a matching skirt, a black collar with red lining, and a light green neck ribbon. She is never seen without her thick-rimmed glasses, which serve to further emphasize her awkward looks.

When channeling the power of the Dark Lord Lexington, Nimitz nearly doubles in size, becoming much taller and gaining a well-developed muscular physique along with a light brown coloration to her skin. She spontaneously develops several physical features associated with oni while in this state, including a pair of horns protruding from her forehead, distended earlobes, sharp fangs and claws, and a long white tail emerging from her lower back. Though the sheer size of this form makes it appear somewhat intimidating, it is nonetheless seen as being more strikingly beautiful than Nimitz's ordinary appearance, with both Rance and Lexington's oni followers expressing outspoken attraction and excitement when first seeing it. Nimitz becomes much more scantily-clad while transformed, wearing only a white-furred bikini to conceal her chest and crotch, gold-draped black iron armor along her wrists and shoulders tied together by light orange rope, a gold-colored headdress, and a necklace made of large black prayer beads.

Nimitz took a sadistic delight in hurting others as she felt she had been hurt.

A lifelong victim of bullying, Nimitz is a shy and pessimistic girl who was gradually made to close her heart off from the world through a combination of low self-esteem and resentment of the people around her. She is extraordinarily self-conscious and prone to feeling as though she is being scrutinized by others, causing her to instinctively feel victimized during social interactions. This complex led her to develop numerous one-sided grudges, which she kept an extensive record of in her diary. Despite her bitterness, Nimitz's natural timidity largely prevented her from acting on her desire for revenge, as she would shrink in fear at the first sign of aggression or opposition. Being given the powers of a Dark Lord finally provided her with an outlet for her fury, enabling her to take her frustrations out on others through brutal rampages without any fear of retribution. She derived a cathartic glee from spreading carnage during her early days as a Dark Lord, believing it to be her right as a person abandoned by the world to lash out against it, and behaved similarly to a child playing with a new toy when fighting. Even with this newfound power, however, her inherent cowardice remained, making her no less likely to run in terror when confronted by any kind of resistance than when she was as an ordinary human.

Beneath her anger, Nimitz is simply a lonely individual who craves acceptance. Her hatred of the world stems from a perceived rejection by her loved ones, while her heinous actions as a Dark Lord were a misguided attempt to make others understand her pain. She felt immediate guilt for her violent crimes after being given the unconditional affection she desired by Rance and Melfeis, showing that she had simply allowed anger to momentarily cloud her judgement and disassociate her conscience from the suffering she made numerous people experience. The weight of this remorse instantly pushes Nimitz into ending her ties to the Monster Army, driving her to either take her own life or seek atonement by fighting on the side of humanity as a member of the Dark Lord Extermination Squad. Even after becoming an ally to humankind, Nimitz remains ashamed of herself and assumes that others look upon her as a monster, which convinces her to continue to avoid communicating with them. She is gradually able to overcome this anxiety through the encouragement of her rebuilt support network, forming new friendships and earning the praise and gratitude of civilians.

The driving force behind much of Nimitz's character is her relationship with her former teacher Melfeis Promenade. Melfeis is dually responsible for the happiest and saddest moments of Nimitz's life, offering her a compassionate mentor who could listen to and help her work through her problems before seemingly betraying the trust that Nimitz had placed in her by having sex with Amades Kakades, the boy she had told her she had fallen for. This ostensible disregard for Nimitz's feelings undid much of the positive growth that Melfeis' influence had allowed her to achieve and motivated her to completely isolate herself from the world, a decision which ultimately led her to become a Dark Lord. The reality of the incident was far more complicated, as Melfeis had only embraced Amades out of a reluctant necessity to placate the deadly curse she had been subjected to and had no intention of hurting Nimitz in doing so. In spite of this, Melfeis still deeply regrets her actions even years afterward, and desires more than anything else to apologize to Nimitz for failing her as a teacher. When the two are finally reunited, however, she finds herself unable to articulate her feelings for fear of hurting her further, and is only able to do so with Rance's assistance. Learning that Melfeis had never stopped caring for her removes all of the hatred from Nimitz heart, bestowing her with the clarity needed to cease her allegiance with the Monster Army. After reconciling, the two are quickly able to return to their previous dynamic as teacher and student, demonstrating the strength of their bond even after the passage of time and all that had happened between them.


The barrier of misery surrounding Nimitz's soul prevents it from being overwritten by Lexington's.

A notable anomaly in the Planner Scenario, Nimitz is able to simultaneously exist as both a human and a Dark Lord after consuming the demonic blood soul of the Dark Lord Lexington. While lacking the strong force of will needed to overwrite Lexington's soul and completely transform into a Dark Lord, the intense barrier of contempt for the world that had formed around her heart after years of abuse prevented the intruding soul from being able to reach her own, which resulted in her acquiring the powers of a Dark Lord while maintaining her human soul. This strange occurrence allows her to freely call upon her powers as a Dark Lord, transforming her body into a massive oni-like state in the process, and revert back to being an ordinary human at her leisure, an ability displayed by no other Dark Lord. Nimitz is quite possibly the only example of such a lifeform in the history of The Continent, as both the Dark Sword Chaos, one of the most knowledgeable individuals about Dark Lords in the world, and Satella, a Dark Lord herself, express bafflement after learning of her condition. This duality is shown to be highly unstable, however, as sudden dramatic shifts in her mood caused by grief forcibly reject Lexington's blood soul from her body while those caused by fear enable it to penetrate the barrier surrounding her heart and grant the Dark Lord full control. If Nimitz is recruited into the Dark Lord Extermination Squad after achieving a more stable state of mind, Chaos postulates that Lexington's blood soul had "settled" into her body, allowing it to exist within her without fear of it overwriting her own soul.

Ordinarily a weak civilian, Nimitz's potential surges tremendously when channeling the spirit of Lexington, whose power rivals that of an Elite Dark Lord. While transformed into a Dark Lord, her Level instantaneously rises from a minuscule value of 3 to a staggering 125, giving her a monumental increase in strength and durability. In addition, changing into her Dark Lord form also drastically alters her physique to match that of Lexington, who is comparable to Kayblis, the strongest of all Dark Lords, in terms of raw physical power; instantly placing her among the strongest beings on the Continent. Nimitz demonstrates this dramatic increase in her capabilities whenever she is called to the battlefield, where she is capable of effortlessly crushing dozens of armored soldiers with a single attack, killing them with the same ease at which a human swats an insect.

In combat, Nimitz wields a pair of enormous spiked clubs that were previously used by Lexington. Though she possesses the Hammer Combat Lv0 Skill Level, giving her enough innate talent to use her weapons proficiently, she has no formal combat experience or training and simply swings them around wildly when in battle. Though this is normally not a hindrance to her, as her overwhelming power can defeat most opponents in an instant, it renders her completely ineffectual when pitted against someone with enough fighting ability to overcome their difference in strength. This was clearly displayed during her encounters with both Rance and Rick Addison, who were able gain the upper hand against her with relative ease despite being much weaker physically and the latter lacking a means of penetrating the invincibility field surrounding her body. Her performance in these battles is further compromised by her cowardly personality, which instinctively urges her to tremble in fear or run for safety when threatened, making her unreliable against anything that could even remotely pose a challenge to her.

Outside of combat, Nimitz possesses the Information Magic Lv1 skill, giving her exceptional potential for manipulating magic relating to gathering data about other lifeforms. As she is never shown utilizing this skill, however, it is unknown if she has developed it in any significant capacity.


  • Nimitz came in 42nd place in the "Females" category of the Rance X Popularity Poll.
  • Nimitz's name is derived from the Nimitz class of aircraft carrier, which served as the successor to the vessel that served as Lexington's namesake. Her last name, "Leak", is homophonous with a verb that describes any instance of a container losing its contents through a hole, likely in reference to Lexington's half-finished attempt at taking control of her body.
  • According to Orion, the Rance Series' lead artist, there was no basis for Nimitz's design outside of the central concept of "bullied with glasses". Despite this, Orion also remarked that her final design reminded him of a character drawn by the mangaka Coolkyousinnjya due to its small irises.
  • Nimitz lists the Hanny King among the names of people she intends to take revenge on in her diary, likely in reference to the Haniwa race's preference for unfortunate girls with glasses; two of her most defining traits. The two briefly interact during one of the Hanny King's meal ticket events in Rance X, in which the Hanny King declares her to be a false idol to his subjects for transforming into a large and muscular woman despite otherwise perfectly conforming to his tastes, causing Nimitz to transform into her Dark Lord form and declare that she would crush him for saying that.
  • A programming error in the release version of Rance X caused Nimitz's character card to not be included in the player's collection even after they had obtained it. This was fixed in later versions of the game.
  • When asked about Nimitz's fate in a Twitter Q&A, Orion stated that she was initially assumed to have died during the 2nd Dark Lord War, but that the development team later decided that she survived and was somehow separated from Lexington's blood soul. After saying this, Orion clarified that no concrete explanation had been created regarding the character's survival.