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Japanese ニコペリ
Romanization nikoperi
Race Human
Sex Male
Class Mage
World The Continent
Affiliation Free Cities Alliance, Kingdom of Parancho
Appeared in Kaeru nyo Panyon


The royal sage of the Kingdom of Parancho. He is a wise and friendly old man that supported King Peperon Chao throughout his reign, and continues to support his two sons now that they rule the nation.

He is quite youthful for his age and enjoys playing pranks on others, and as Parancho is a nation without conflict he rarely has to take his duties as sage very seriously. Despite this, he cares for the royal family like his own and desires for them to be happy above all else.

Nikopelli's disguise used when tricking prince Poron.

He was a major conspirator in prince Pitten Chao's plan to allow his younger brother Poron to succeed their father as King. He is the one responsible for turning Poron into a Panyon, approaching him in a distant forest in disguise and offering him a Panyon potion, lying that it would greatly increase his luck and allow him to find rare items more easily. Later, he joined Pitten in his false coup against King Peperon, where he battled Poron to test his skill.


Contrary to his old and harmless appearance, Nikopelli is actually a very powerful wizard with enough power to fight alongside Parancho's strongest warrior Pitten as equals.

His most notable magical power in combat is his ability to create Doodle Beasts to fight alongside him simply by drawing them in the air. He is currently the only mage to have been shown to possess this ability, though others are said to exist.

Besides his talents as a mage, Nikopelli is also a surprisingly formidable archer, being able to accurately fire a bow for damaging physical attacks.

Nikopelli also appears to be skilled in potion brewing, as he is the one who created the concoction responsible for turning Poron into a Panyon.