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Japanese 日光
Romanization nikkō
Race Human (formerly)
Age / Birth 1513 / GL0512
Sex Female
Ht. / Wt. 173cm / 55kg
Status Alive
Class Legendary Swords
World The Continent
Affiliation The Legendary Five, Miki's Party
Level limit 71
Skill levels Sword Combat Lv2 (?)
Appeared in Kichikuou Rance, Rance VI, Sengoku Rance, Rance X
Mentioned in Rance III, Rance 03


Nikkou is one of the only two swords on The Continent that can harm Dark Lords and the Demon King by shattering their invincibility field. She was originally a human samurai and one of The Legendary Five. She was born in the year GL0512 in JAPAN, over 1500 years ago. She met British and joined the group after her parents, siblings, village and everyone she held dear were slaughtered by a Dark Lord. She was described as a stunningly beautiful woman, with an incredible aptitude for swordplay and with an impeccable talent to remain calm at all times. Even Ho-Raga, who has no interest in women, admitted that he would have fallen for her if she had been born a man.

The group of the Legendary Five descended to the Ancient Ruins in order to find a method to break the invincibility field of the Dark Lords and challenge Demon King Gele. After they beat a prototype god, Supreme God Planner opened the God's Gate for them and took them to the land of the Gods. He met them there and decided that he would grand them one wish each as a reward for getting so far. Both Nikkou and Chaos wished to have the power to break the invincibility fields of dark lords and the demon king, but as a twist, both of them were transformed into Dark Lord killing swords. She was turned into a Katana (called the Holy Katana Nikkou) while Chaos was turned into a western style blade (called Demonic Sword Chaos).

In Kichikuou Rance, Nikkou could take human form, unlike Chaos who complained that the god is not fair because she can transform back to human form while he can't, even though they both wished the same wish to the god.

She appeared for the first time in canon in Sengoku Rance, along with Kentarou and Miki Kurusu. Kentarou is Nikkou's wielder and is a very talented swordsman that can make the best of her. Chaos felt eager to kill Miki, since he claimed that he turned into a sword with the sole purpose of killing the Demon King and reproached Nikkou for helping them. Nikkou said that she felt pity for Miki because she didn't chose to become the Demon King, so she's willing to help them. She claimed that Chaos should be able to feel the same way.

In the current cannon, she is able to turn into a human in Rance X.

List of wielders[]


Nikkou's human appearance in Kichikuou Rance.

Considering that Nikkou, like Chaos is now nothing more than a talking sword, in order to fight the dark lords and the demon king, she needs a wielder.

Several hundred years ago, Nikkou was wielded by a Hero of the world but during his combat with the recently freed dark lord Xavier, he turned twenty, lost his Hero powers and was killed by Xavier (though Xavier was sealed once again thanks to dark lord sealing techniques taught to members of the Tenshinism sect).

Later a hero used her in the "Operation: Bomb the Mazeel Line" to repel Dark Lord RedEye from the Mazeel Line and save Zeth from destruction.

Afterwards, it is unknown to whose hands she passed to, until eventually she was found by Kentarou in a bandit camp. After Kentarou somehow defeated the bandits, he took Nikkou as his own and was Nikkou's wielder until LP0008. Arms Arc used her in the war of The Brutal King to kill Dark Lord Waluluport and they have been a duo ever since.


  • Since Chaos is listed as a Balance Breaker, it is entirely possible that she's also capable of holding the title, due to her ability to kill Dark Lords.
  • Nikkou's currently canon human-form design first appeared in Sengoku Rance's manual as a rough sketch. Apparently, TADA had said "a human form wasn't on the table", so the design was "rejected" for Sengoku Rance. But Nikkou would later make an appearance in human form in Rance X, and her design is clearly derived from this rejected sketch. Orion says in the Sengoku Rance manual that this sketch was only "his personal idea" of what NIkkou would look like as a human, which suggests it wasn't official until some later point.
  • Her former Sword Combat skill is somewhat ironic, given her current condition.


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