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The Nightmare Eyes is one of the five organizations vying for control over Japan. It controls the nor

Nightmare Eyes Board

theast portion of the country, a particularly snowy and mountainous region. Their forces are made up of forcibly conscripted Ainu warriors and multiple vampires.

They are the most recent of the five factions, having been founded only a year ago by their leader, Camilla Bathori the Vampire Queen. The northern region used to be the territory of the Hokkaidou Union consisting mostly of the indigenous Ainu tribe; however, their leader, Tajiyama Shoumon, had been slowly dominated by Camilla. With the head of the Union under her control, Camilla used her vampiric abilities to bite and turn many members into vampire slaves before overthrowing the entire organization in a matter of weeks. Ever since, Camilla has been ruling her new kingdom from her main base in Transylvania.

Camilla is th

Nightmare Eyes CG v 2

e undisputed monarch of the Nightmare Eyes, as all the vampires she has created are under her control. The organisation has quickly expanded, as her vampire minions keep turning more humans into vampires themselves, making it the only "transferrable" B-ability. Though there are still many humans living in their regions, they all live in constant fear of vampire attacks.

The Nightmare Eyes within the regions of the northeast, with those regions including Aomory, Abashiri, Saporo, Yezo, and Transylvania, where their main headquarters are located.

If left unattended, they will be the second faction to attack Wolf Fang, after the PGG. Their role is expanded in Kunagi's route.


Important Figureheads[]

Other Residents[]

Camilia Bathori: The leader of the faction, she thrives in the suffering of human beings, and even enjoys tormenting some of her own allies.

Pram Bathori: Camilia's "brother", who Camilia is intent on resurrecting, he is seen on Kunagi's route, and is only mentioned in Senna's route.

Millar Bathori: Camilia's faithful servant, she fights using her bat swarms.

Tajiyama Shoumon: The former head of the Hokkaido Union, now a full vampire loyal to Camilia

Tsukiomi Kibito: A mad scientist dominated by Camilia's powers, he is constantly toiling in his laboratory on various creations.

Ulruka: A beautiful woman who used to fight for the Independent region of Yezo, before it got taken over by the Nightmare Eyes, she is then taken prisoner, and is forced to fight for them.

Cat Banchou: An extravagant creature who fights alongside the Nightmare Eyes, rumor has it that he used to rule over his own territory with his species before the Nightmare Eyes gained control of it.

Benishibuki Daimon: A heavy delinquent fighter who was created by Kibito.

Morisawa Marine: A talented banchou and player of "Bowlyball", an odd sport that plays like volleyball, but uses a bowling ball instead.


The places featured in Nightmare Eye areas.

Nightmare Eyes District 5
Transylvania District
Nightmare Eyes District 2
Abashiri District
Nightmare Eyes District 3
Saporo District
Nightmare Eyes Area 2
Yezo District
Nightmare Eyes District 1
Aomory District
Nightmare Eyes Area
Camilia Throne Room