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Demon King Nighcisa. Brutal and atrocious, a savage Demon King that saw living beings as playthings.

—Crook, on Nighcisa

Japanese ナイチサ
Romanization naichisa
Race Demon King, Human (former)
Age / Birth 960
Sex Male
Status Deceased
Class Demon King
World The Continent
Affiliation Monster Realm
Level limit
Skill levels Demon King Lv? (?)
Appeared in Rance X: Part 2


Nighcisa was the 4th Demon King of the Planner Scenario, the system created to bring destruction and despair to the protagonist race of the continent. Originally a human, he was appointed directly to the position of Demon King by the Supreme God Planner, as the previous Demon King Ssulal died prematurely before she could choose an heir.

Unlike his predecessor, Nighcisa was a brutal and heinous man that excelled in his role providing great amount of suffering and destruction upon humanity. His presence was also more prominent among human settlements than that of the previous Demon King, periodically appearing on villages to feed off random people as he pleased. His era was one plagued with warfare and when the Demon King would truly become known and feared among mankind as the ultimate force of evil hunting them, with countless attempts to defeat him taking place with little success. At some point during his time an extraordinarily talented Enchanter known as Kestina would create an incredibly powerful magical tool named RedEye, motivated by a desire to fight back against the Demon King. The tool was a parasitic lifeform with amazing magical potential and with the ability to attach himself on other creatures and take control of them. However, before it could be used to fight against the monster army, Nighcisa heard of the RedEye project and stole it for himself, pouring his blood on it and turning it into his Dark Lord.

Demon King Nighcisa

During the 6th century of his reign the Emperor of JAPAN began a conquest campaign throughout the continent and successfully managed to reclaim many nations under his name, while Nighcisa remaining mostly uninterested and continued acting however he pleased. His expansion got to an alarming degree after having taken over half the continent belonged to the Emperor spreading the Tenshi religion created by one of his allies in the process. Tenshiism is a sect created by a Devil named Geppei, who was using it to steal Souls from the Gods in order to send them to his master the Devil King Rathowm instead. Because of this the Gods were very concerned with the state of the mortal world to the point that they directly requested Nighcisa to stop the Emperor's conquest. He didn't act directly, but he sent his most trusted subordinate Dark Lord Xavier to command an army of 2 million monsters against the JAPANese Empire. A large-scale war never seen before by human up until this point took place, but humanity's forces saw continuous defeats at the hands of the monsters. Eventually, the Emperor Fujiwara was killed and JAPAN lost most the power and territories it had assembled.

Nearly three hundred years later a second attempt was made by the human side. The primal force of humanity, the Eastern Opiros Empire, officially declared war on Demon King Nighcisa and commanded an army to oppose him directly. This time Nighcisa took the challenge onto himself and responded as he felt it was appropriate to humanity's declaration. What followed was a conflict that became known as the Death Toll War, which closer to a carnage than an actual war as Nighcisa savagely murdered humans in large numbers without holding back. Eventually, his slaughter reached the point of killing 50% of the human race, activating the Instantaneous Mode of the Guardian Hero of the World that puts him on the same level of strength as the Demon King when enough humans are dead. In the year NC901, the chosen Hero Quetabuno raises wielding Escudo in order to defeat Nighcisa, and the two engage in a climatic battle with humanity's survival on the line. The battle ends with Demon King's victory, but he was left with a wound so severe that it shaved 40 years from his life. Having received such mortal damage, the Demon King retreated, giving humanity a chance to breathe.

Nighcisa then spent the remaining years of his life looking for a suitable heir that could succeed on bringing ruin to humanity. One day near the end of his term, he disguised himself and went for a walk and came across a girl on the brink of death by the side of the road. The girl, named Gele, had been victim of horrific torture at the hands of other humans, and was missing all her limbs as well as her tongue. Despite appearing to be merely a normal woman about to die, Nighcisa saw great potential within her and selected her as his heir. He performed the ritual on the spot and passed on his knowledge of the Hero System, warning her of the potential threat the Hero could become within the right circumstances. Following the event, Nighcisa returned to being a regular being and while what exactly happened with him after this is unknown he's presumed to have died shortly after.

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During the events of Rance X: Part 2, Nighcisa manifests during the final battle when Blood Memories uses past recollections to imitate the fighting style of the previous Demon Kings, where Crook describes him as a savage monster that treated people like toys for his own amusement.

Personality and Appearance[]

Demon King Nighcisa is one of the most brutal men to have ever existed.

Nighcisa looked like the traditional depiction of a vampire lord. He had curled gold hair, deep red eyes, pasty white skin, and wore aristocratic clothing.

Nighcisa was very in touch with his vampiric side, moreso than other Demon Kings, and he would often appear in villages to feed on random people. No one was safe from his intentions, as Nighcisa could teleport at will to anyone he thought looked delicious enough. Words like mercy and compassion were beyond his comprehension, and he didn't have any remorse in killing countless of innocents for his own pleasure. His bloodlust was quite intense, and would follow his destructive instincts to his heart's content. Despite this however, he seemed to find little interest in actively pursuing a scheduled path of destruction or to methodically operate in order to maximize human death or suffering, and was purely motivated by his most basic desires, killing anyone at any time for no particular reason. This lead to him accumulating a pile of bodies within the years, but not enough to actively threaten humanity as a whole for the majority of his era. He saw humans as playthings for his own amusement, leading him to develop a fierce ego that placed himself as far above conventional human. His pride was large enough that when humanity declared war on him, his rage made his goal to eradicate all human life in the continent, which resulted in the mass genocide that was known as the Death Toll War.

Nighcisa was not only savage and uncaring towards humans but was equally disdainful of the lives of Dark Lords or monsters, unafraid to throw them away on a whim. It was for that reason that brutal Dark Lords like Xavier looked up to him, admiring his cruelty.


Much like any Demon King, Nighcisa possessed a power far beyond any other living creature in the continent, surpassing even 2nd Class Gods. He was also vampiric in technique, often biting and draining humans of their blood. He possessed a violent and aggressive fighting style, very much focused on brutally assaulting his opponents with all his might until they die. He also possessed a special attack called "Voice of Madness", which was capable of instigating a deep fear that borders insanity to everyone in the vicinity.

His powers were proved to the ultimate test when he was forced to battle the Hero Quetabuno, who was at the time wielding the Escudo Sword on its Instantaneous Mode and placed him on equal ground with the Demon King. Despite facing an incredibly powerful immortal opponent, Nighcisa still managed to come out victorious on the encounter, albeit while sustaining grievous wounds in the process.

NC - Nighcisa's Era[]

  • NC0001 - A male human called Nighcisa is appointed as the next Demon King by Supreme God Planner.
  • NC??? - A talented mage scientist called Kestina creates an anti-Dark Lord weapon system called RedEye, a parasitic gem with immense magic potential that can help humanity fight against the Demon King.
    • NC??? - Nighcisa hears about the project and steals the gem for himself. He makes an experiment and pours his blood into it, which turns the tool RedEye into a Dark Lord.
  • NC??? - A Fire Kappa monster called Xavier becomes a Dark Lord upon drinking Nigchisa's blood.
  • NC??? - An Oni called Lexington becomes a Dark Lord upon drinking Nigchisa's blood.
  • NC321 - The Great Eastern Earthquake takes place after the Holy Beast Orochi rampaged. A piece of land is separated from The Continent, but Orochi burrowed into its earth to become its support and avoid its fall. A country called JAPAN is founded in this separated land.
  • NC4?? - The 2nd Class Goddess Amaterasu, manager of Hell, accidentally makes an irreversible mistake and Hell Holes start popping up in JAPAN.
    • NC440 - Amaterasu apologises to JAPANese people by creating the Tenma Bridge, which connects JAPAN to The Continent and serves as its support to avoid its downfall. She also creates the position of the Emperor and teaches the JAPANese how to make Miso Soup.
  • NC46? - An outstanding boy with a genius mind called Pi-R manages to lead armies of humanity to fight back against the Demon King.
    • NC467 - Pi-R invents a technology capable of forcefully extracting a Demonic Blood Soul from a captured Dark Lord. However he uses it to consume the Blood Soul instead, turning into a Dark Lord as a result.
  • NC661 - Fujiwara Ishimaru is born in JAPAN.
    • NC6?? - At some point Fujiwara allies with the 1st Youkai King, Kurobe, and with a Devil who founded the Tenshi Sect, Geppei.
    • NC68X - Fujiwara Ishimaru ventures into a Hell Hole and steals the Emperor Artifacts from the Oni. 
    • NC700 - Fujiwara Ishimaru becomes the first man to display the position of the Emperor after unifying JAPAN under the flag of the Fujiwara House. He starts expanding all over The Continent and conquering most of its lands, spreading Tenshiism as a religion along with Geppei. Additionally he also starts spreading JAPANese to turn it into the main language in the continent
    • NC705 - Over half of The Continent belongs to Ishimaru, which leads the Gods to panic since Tenshiism is a religion founded by Devils to steal Souls from the Reincarnation Cycle. They ask Demon King Nighcisa to kill the Emperor Fujiwara, who tasks one of the Four Elite Dark Lords, Xavier, to attack Fujiwara with an army of 2 million monsters. A massive war is fought between the two forces, but Fujiwara's side continuously suffers crushing defeats. Dark Lord Xavier kills the Youkai King Kurobe in the battlefield.
    • NC706 - Fujiwara Ishimaru and Geppei fight against Dark Lord Xavier himself in a fierce battle. Fujiwara is finally beheaded by Xavier, but the battle left the Dark Lord exhausted and vulnerable, giving Geppei the opportunity to use a spell to seal Xavier.
    • NC7?? - The Fujiwara House still rules JAPAN with Geppei as the head, but with the Emperor's death, they no longer hold influence over the rest of The Continent and other nations are founded from rebellious spits. Geppei spends the last years of his life spreading Tenshiism over JAPAN and passing down tecniques to keep Xavier sealed. The JAPANese language however was successfully implemented on the human society and became the universal language of the race.
  • NC8XX - Many houses within JAPAN start fighting for the position of the Emperor. The 1st Sengoku Era starts in JAPAN.
  • NC901 - The Opiros Empire, humanity's greatest military nation of the time, wages war to Demon King Nighcisa. It ignites a conflict with the Demon King that would be known as the Death Toll War.
    • NC90? - The Death Toll War brings devastating deaths to humanity, to the point at least 50% of the entire human population is brutally murdered by the Demon King. 
    • NC9?? - The Hero Quetabuno unlocks the Instantaneous Mode of the Hero System, which puts him on par with the Demon King in power. He challenges Nighcisa to a fight, but the battle of divine proportions ends with the Demon King's victory, yet he's left with a wound so deep that it shaves 40 years of his lifespan.
    • NC960 - Being in the last years of his life, Nighcisa has been searching for a heir to become the next Demon King. He disguises himself and goes for a walk. He finds a girl named Gele on the cusp of death by the side of the road. Possibly seeing great potential within her, he selects as his successor and cedes the Blood, turning her into the Demon King.
      • The Nighcisa Era ends.

Known Dark Lords Created: Xavier, RedEye, Pi-R (indirectly), Lexington.

Preceded by: Demon King Ssulal

Succeeded by: Demon King Gele


  • His design and character is largely inspired by the famous vampire from the irish novel written by Bram Stoker, Dracula.
  • Nighcisa is the only human Demon King that didn't directly create Dark Lords from humans, showcasing his general disdain for the race.
  • In previous descriptions of the lore, Nighcisa's Death Toll War was originally the reason why Planner created the Hero System after witnessing his brutal genocide, deciding to give humanity a chance to survive in case the Demon King got out of hand. This was retconned after Rance X, where it was instead changed so that it was created along with the Invincibility Field on Ssulal's era.
  • According to Orion, the lead artist of the Rance Series, Nighcisa enjoyed playing baseball and bowling during his free time.



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