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It's true that mages are nothing more than trash. However, even one piece of garbage can ruin a beautiful landscape. To clean it up one piece at a time is a very important job.

—Nelson Server, describing his opinion of mages.

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Nelson Server
Japanese ネルソン・サーバー
Romanization Neruson Sābā
Nelson Server.png
Race Human
Age / Birth 54 / GI0968
Sex Male
Ht. / Wt. 167cm / 43kg
Status Alive
Class Revolutionary
World The Continent
Affiliation Pentagon, Zeth
Level limit 17
Skill levels Conversation Lv2 (?), Magic Lv0 (?)
Appeared in Rance VI, Rance X


Nelson Server is the former leader of the Zeth-based anti-magic extremist group the Pentagon who controlled the organization during its final years of operation, and one of the main figures responsible for the fall of the magic nation.

Born into an aristocratic family, Nelson enjoyed a life of privilege for much of his early years. When required to take the magic exam that decided whether a person became a first or second class citizen, however, Nelson was discovered to have very little skill in the Magic Arts, and failed it even after several weeks of extensive tutoring, resulting in him becoming a second class citizen despite his noble upbringing. Angered at having his entire future ripped away from him in an instant, Nelson made a vow to become the secretary of education of Zeth in order to abolish the magic test. Due to his second class citizen status, however, he was met with only ridicule for his efforts.

In the year GI1015, Nelson's daughter Papaya Server, who proved herself to be a highly skilled mage, became one of the Four Lords of Zeth at age 17. Nelson was initially extraordinarily proud of his daughter and saw it as an opportunity for her to improve his reputation among the nobility, but, as she had been driven to madness by the mysterious Nomicon, Papaya refused to help him. In a single instant, all of the love Nelson had for his daughter turned into hatred, and he decided that equality between magic and non-magic users was impossible, and more drastic actions were necessary if he ever hoped to achieve his goals.

Nelson would go on to join the Pentagon, the largest non-magic user rights organization in Zeth, and quickly became a member of the 8 Knights, the highest ranking members of the group. While Nelson joined the Pentagon with the intention of taking his revenge against the mages who ridiculed him throughout his life, he was disappointed to learn that the group was far more moderate than his goals required it to be, desiring only equal rights between mages and non-mages through methods such as nonviolent protest. Throughout his time in the Pentagon, Nelson would frequently preach his extremist ideals, which successfully stirred the hearts of the organization's more radical members, who saw the group's current tactics to be ineffectual, allowing him to build a large following within the Pentagon.

As the Admiral of the Pentagon, Nelson finally put his extreme ideals into action.

Nelson quickly began to rise through the ranks within the Pentagon, and was appointed the new leader after a very short amount of time, where he immediately began putting his more radical ideas into practice, organizing violent raids on the estates of the nobility and performing public executions of captured nobles. While a portion of the group's members broke off at this point to form the more moderate Ice Flame, Nelson's excellent persuasion skills allowed him to maintain the majority of the organization's members while amassing several thousands more by uniting them under a banner of hatred, leading to the group becoming the single largest non-magic based group in all of Zeth.

Nelson is driven insane by the realization of what his actions caused.

During the events of Rance VI in the year LP0004, Nelson approved of the operation suggested by Pompadour, one of the Pentagon's 8 Knights, known as "Liberate the Motherland". The operation was far larger in scale than anything the group had attempted before and required launching an assault on each of the four towers of the Four Lords of Zeth in order to dismantle the generators that powered the Maginot Line, the nation's ultra-powerful automated defense system, severely weakening Zeth's military power in the process. Unbeknownst to Nelson, however, Pompadour was actually the Apostle Aurora, who had infiltrated the Pentagon in order to allow the Monster army led by the Dark Lord Camilla entrance into Zeth. Following the deactivation of the Maginot line, the monster forces invaded Zeth, resulting in the nation instantly crumbling. Terrified at the realization of what his actions had caused, Nelson suffered a nervous breakdown that rendered him unable to function, causing the Pentagon to fall apart without his leadership.

Following the eradication of the monster army, a crazed Nelson infiltrated his daughter Papaya's tower in order to kill her, believing it to be the only way to restore his daughter's personality to what it was prior to becoming corrupted by Nomicon's influence. Before he was able to reach Papaya's chamber, however, he was caught and detained by Zethan authorities. After his capture, Nelson was admitted into a mental institution, where he remained for several months.

During the year LP0005, Nelson somehow managed to recover from his mania. Following his recovery, Nelson was recruited by the Zeth government to assist in ending a large-scale revolt being led by a person claiming to be Parsley Rig Zeth, the nation's founder, that intended to restore mages as the country's dominant power. His status after the revolt was successfully stopped is unknown.

Personality and Appearance[]

Nelson was a serious, rage-filled man who possessed a powerful presence.

A former nobleman, Nelson carried himself with a very aristocratic air while he led the Pentagon, always standing with elegant and regal posture and a firm, fiery expression in his eyes. His teal-colored hair was styled into several intricate curls that swept to the right side of his face, and he maintained a large and well-groomed mustache to compliment it. He wore a variation of the traditional Pentagon uniform reserved for the admiral, with a light beige coloring rather than the dark blue colors of the standard uniform. Following his mental collapse, however, Nelson's appearance became much more disheveled, resulting in his hair falling out of place and dark circles developing under his eyes.

An extraordinarily ambitious man fueled by anger and jealousy, Nelson was single-mindedly driven to completely destroy the entire social structure of Zeth in order to take revenge against the nobles who ridiculed him throughout his life. He maintained a burning hatred of all mages that resulted in him being unable to view them as anything more than tyrannical oppressors who could only be silenced if completely exterminated. He spent nearly every moment of his life ranting about the evils of magic users, holding weekly rallies and distributing a monthly news letter known as the "Mein Kampf" throughout lower class districts of Zeth, both of which largely consisted of nothing but slandering of mages. He would use whatever means necessary to achieve his goals, and utilized incredibly destructive and needlessly cruel strategies to fight against the nobility. Despite this, however, Nelson was well-intentioned and possessed a deep love for his country, believing his actions to be required in order to improve the state of Zeth, and fell into complete despair after realizing that he was responsible for bringing the nation to ruin.

Though Nelson hated all mages, he carried a particularly burning grudge against the king of Zeth, Ragnarokarc Super Gandhi, believing him to be a failure of a ruler who allowed the nobility to live a life of pleasure and corruption and the lower class to struggle and suffer while he did nothing. Gandhi disliked Nelson's actions and goals, but believed that both were necessary to spurn the genuine societal shift that Zeth needed to improve itself as a nation, and allowed him to continue to operate the Pentagon as a result.

Nelson was initially very close to his daughter Papaya, and was overjoyed when she proved herself to be a skilled magic user. Their relationship was permanently strained, however, after Papaya came under control of the mysterious book known as Nomicon and refused to assist her father in becoming the secretary of education of Zeth. It was because of this rejection by his own daughter that Nelson's hatred of mages became irreconcilable, as he believed it was because of the over-privileged lifestyle of a magic user that caused his daughter to grow apart from him. While Nelson's feelings for his daughter seem to have completely transformed from fatherly pride to outright hatred, he still carries a picture of her with him at all times, showing that he still cares for her.


Nelson was a highly charismatic individual whose words could convince thousands of people into doing violent and objectionable acts.

Nelson was a highly persuasive speaker who was naturally gifted at giving speeches. He is the only person on The Continent known to possess the Conversation Lv2 skill, which grants him amazing potential in the field. His words could inspire a passion for rebellion within even the most passive person and it was through his eloquent and powerful speeches that he was able to successfully amass a massive number of followers who maintained complete and unbending devotion toward him despite his extremist views. The members of the Pentagon were united solely as a result of Nelson's moving words, as the group crumbled almost instantly following the loss of his leadership.

Beyond his incredible persuasive skills, Nelson was fairly unremarkable as an individual. He possessed a Level Cap of 17, which, while high enough to allow him to hold his own in combat, made him generally limited as a fighter. In combat he carried the standard thin rapier used by most members of the Pentagon, though he appeared to utilize it more as a symbol of power and revolution rather than as an actual weapon, and relied mostly on the efforts of his subordinates to defeat his enemies for him.


  • Nelson's name, like all of the major members of the Pentagon, is derived from a class of battleship in the British Royal Navy.
  • Nelson's monthly newsletter, the "Mein Kampf", shares its name with the autobiography of Adolf Hitler, leader of the Nazi party famous for his extremist ideologies and methods of achieving them. It is likely that Nelson himself is in some ways based off of Adolf Hitler as well.
  • He is also very similar to Joseph Stalin, who was a communist leader of Russia who shares similar ideologies about social standings.