Nekomatamata in GalZoo Island
Birthdate ??
Birthplace ??
Height/Weight 156cmcm/46kgkg
B/W/H (Female only) B??/W??/H??
Hair color Pink
Eye color Aqua Blue
Job class Gal Monster
Weapon(s) Claws

Gal Monster Profile Edit

Trivia Edit

  • A nekomata is a monster cat in Japanese lore whose tail has split into two. "mata" can mean both "again" and "crotch/pu**y" (it may be noted that the English word "pussy" is also associated with cats - it is unknown if this is intended to be a part of the pun too), and "matamata" is another way of saying it more cutely/informally. Hence the pun "nekomatamata"!
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