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... Well, I can't expect a commoner to have perfect manners...
Natal March
Japanese ナタール・マーチ
Romanization natāru māchi
Race Human
Sex Female
Class Thousand Knight
World World of Eve
Affiliation Kingdom of Humpty, Snake Crest
Appeared in Evenicle


Natal March is a proud Thousand Knight from the Kingdom of Humpty and the de-facto general of the country's military power. Additionally, she is the daughter of the extremely wealthy March family who own most merchants ships in the kingdom, a fact which grants her a high societal status and often brings up. Despite her high birth, her parents sent her to Knight Academy instead of grooming her to be a noble bride when her great strength terrified most suitors. Despite her rudeness and overconfidence, she takes her job extremely seriously and is one of the strongest fighters in the world.

Personality and Appearance[]

Natal is a tall, blonde woman wearing a marine blue and white dress with a large skirt. Her outfit is mostly remisniscent of 19th century dresses, with additionnal armored additions and epaulieres for physical protection. She wields an extremely large sword and is always seen with a little crown sitting atop her head.

Natal is a very brash and confident woman who can be quite demeaning and rude to those she considers of a lower status, which is most people. She puts vast importance on the proper "noble" way of doing things and was quite surprised at a princess taking a husband of lowly origins. This is partially due to overcompensation as despite her birth in a noble family, her status as a woman prevents her from ever inheriting her parents vast fortune and titles and most of her and most of her accomplishments are instead credited to her brother and father, a fact she long resented.

However, over the course of the game, Natal's pride and arrogance started competing with her growing crush over Aster who ended up saving her life more than once. This started a depression which only worsened as she repeatedly failed to confess her feelings and Aster remained completely oblivious, and made her susceptible to Snake Crest's creed and the power of the Adan's Blood.

Natal Snake

Natal on Adan's Blood

As a Snake Crest member, her arrogance and disdain grew ten-fold but Natal also became extremely lustful and sadistic, raping, maiming and murdering as much as she liked all civilians and subordinates under her control. Her power and persona was so terrifying that the Outlaws under her command referred to her as "Queen Natal" and knew to obey her without question or instantly suffer the consequences.

She was eventually healed from the Adan's blood and her crushing depression with the help of the Queen of Humpty (who adopted her) and Aster, and though she has been very badly shaken by her experiences, she has recovered enough to project her usual confidence to Aster and has vowed to herself to atone for her mistakes (and eventually seduce the ever-oblivious Aster).


Natal is an extremely competent knight, with a great endurance and is one of the few human chara

Natal 3d

Queen Natal fight

cters fast enough to multi-hit. Though she is deemed to be a Thousand Knight, she may have the potential to be a Zero Knight though her chances of a promotion are always stymied by her family's influence who do not want her fame to eclipse that of her brother. She has also shown to have experience leading multiple knights into battle who are always extremely devoted to her, whether it is as a Thousand Knight or Queen Natal. However, she still has her limitations and has been overwhelmed a few times by powerful monsters. Her already impressive power was increased by Adan's Blood, which brought her closer to the power of the Black and White Knight and Aster's party near the end of the game.

Personal History[]

As the only daughter of the March Family, Natal was raised to be a proper noble lady, however when it came time for her family to consider advantageous marriages, all her suitors were too intimidated by her great strength to seriously consider it. Eventually, she was instead sent to the Knight Academy when her parents no longer knew what else to do with her. Natal swiftly rose up among the ranks and reached the power necessary to be promoted to Thousand Knight, but was constantly frustrated that her accomplishments were mostly ignored in favor of the rest of her noble family. When she approached the level of Zero Knight, she found out that her family made sure she would never get promoted, as they feared a Zero Knight would eclipse her brother.

When Aster's quest brought him to the Kingdom of Humpty, they met Natal on a patrol in the small town of Zumpty. She immediately deemed them quite suspicious due to their arrival by hot air balloon, and would have tried to detain them were it not for Riche's intervention. She then pressured them to take a boat even as she was guarding the last boat available, but her group of knights were overwhelmed by a Jellyfish Mk II which slaughtered most of them. Just as she was about to lose her chastity to the monster, Aster's party arrived and destroyed the monster. Natal then tried to do a half-hearted apology before retreating with her knights.


  • Given the number of Lewis Carrol references in the Kingdom of Humpty, it is likely that Natal's birth family was named for the March Hare.