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Hmm, I wonder if I could do 100 push-ups?

—Naruse Yuuki

Naruse Yuuki
Japanese 成瀬有紀
Romanization naruse yuuki
Race Human
Sex Female
World Japan (Big Bang Age)
Affiliation Wolf Fang
Appeared in Big Bang Age


A student at Seijou Academy. Yuuki is a girl, but would much rather be a cool and strong boy. While not good at martial arts, she makes up for it with her skill in using an airgun. She looks up to Rouga and Heita and wishes to become more like them.

While Yuuki is initially hiding her true gender, it is possible to make her secret come out through a series of events in Big Bang Age. This changes her cut-in sprite as well as her abilities.

Battle quote - "Umm, I wonder where I should aim for..."

Personality and Appearance[]

Yuuki is very shy and gentle and frequently appears rather anxious that her cross-dressing secret will come out. She wishes to be cooler and more manly.

When disguised as a male, Yuuki dresses in a black Seijou Academy male school uniform with long sleeves. When she comes out as a woman, she switches to a short-sleeved version of the same uniform. A white shirt can be seen underneath and her chest becomes more pronounced. Around her head is a white headband that appears to be much shorter when she becomes female. Around her waist, Yuuki wears a light brown bag. She keeps a modified airgun concealed on her body.