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Please stop talking. In my heart, you're a kind, strong...And very respectable person. Please don't destroy those memories any further...

—Nanas, giving his last words to his father.

Nanas Alphoria
Japanese ナナス・アルフォリア
Romanization nanasu aruforia
Race Human
Age / Birth 18
Sex Male
Ht. / Wt. 172cm / 57kg
Class Summoner
World Mamatoto World
Affiliation Mamatoto (Country)
Appeared in Mamatoto, Mamanyonyo, Widenyo


Nanas Alphoria is the Prince and General of the small moving nation of Mamatoto and the main protagonist of the game of the same name.

Nanas is a kind but naive person who possesses a keen strategic mind due to a combination of the teachings of his mentor Stourin Wald and his own natural talent. He is the son Kakaro Alphoria, the King of Mamatoto, who he shares a close relationship with. Nanas loves his father dearly and thinks of him as an incredible person, holding immense respect for him. Kakaro in turn deposits an incredible amount of trust in his son, granting him full control over Mamatoto's Army, showing his belief in his skills as both a leader and as a tactician.

During the events of Mamatoto, Nanas makes a breakthrough discovery in magic science when he successfully creates the Kids system: a line of mass produced magically-powered life forms with several abilities to assist in battle. Through the use of Kids, Nanas greatly expands Mamatoto's small forces and begins a campaign to conquer the major nations of the continent to bring peace to the world. Along the way he gains many followers who swear total loyalty to him after becoming inspired by his kindness and determination. In reality, however, Mamatoto's world conquest is not as heroically motivated as Nanas believes it to be, as his father Kakaro Alphoria secretly intends to obtain Pandora's Box, a cursed item with unimaginable power being held in the military nation of Gaston to become a god.

It is eventually revealed that Nanas is not Kakaro's biological son, and was in fact kidnapped by him as an infant from his true family. Nanas plays a key role in Kakaro's plans, and was intentionally raised to be both a strategist amazing enough to topple all of the major nations of the world and a person naive enough to follow Kakaro's orders without question.

Near the end of the game it is revealed that Nanas' true father is actually Kias Titalas, the Emperor of Gaston and Kakaro's former partner and archrival. Nanas only makes this discovery after Mamatoto's conquest of Gaston, when Kakaro had beaten Kias to death and obtained the power of Pandora's Box, becoming an all-powerful demon. The revelation that his entire life was part of Kakaro's scheme, and that his actions directly led to the death of his father and the possible destruction of all life weigh heavily on Nanas, who begins to deeply question his own existence. Despite this, he refuses to give in to despair and leads Mamatoto's forces to defeat Kakaro. Nanas himself confronts the dying Kakaro directly, who callously tells him that he never viewed him as anything more than a puppet and pressures him to kill him. Nanas instead chooses to tell Kakaro that he will always view him as the man who he loved and admired for his entire life and refuses to kill him, throwing Kakaro in despair in his final moments before being killed by one of Nanas' subordinates.


Nanas sets off to improve himself after uniting the world.

Following Kakaro's defeat, Nanas, now King of the united continent, chooses to step down from his position due to his belief that the same naivety that allowed Kakaro to control him would make him a poor leader, and leaves the new country in the hands of Stourin. Depending on the player's actions throughout the game, he will either journey off into the world alone or be accompanied by his closest companion, never to be seen again. Despite this, he is remembered and revered throughout history as the Pure White Sage, a man of incomparable skill and compassion who united the warring world into an era of peace.

Personality and Appearance[]


Nanas is a slim and somewhat petite young man with fair features, bright blue eyes and shining silver hair. He is noted by several characters to be very good looking, and is said to project an air of kindness and warmth at all times. His clothing consists of a black tunic with gold lining under a simple white lab coat. During the ending, Nanas cuts his hair into a shorter style and wears simple brown adventuring clothing.

Nanas is an incredibly talented strategist with a genius mind seen only once in a generation, but is also incredibly naive to most of the realities of the world due to his sheltered upbringing living inside of Mamatoto. As a result of this naivety, Nanas is incapable of seeing the negative qualities of others, and shows boundless compassion to even his enemies. While he desires to unite the world through military conquest, he also believes that he can do so without any human casualties, and becomes incredibly distressed when confronted with the atrocities of war. This kindness has earned him the love and admiration of all of his subordinates, who are willing to abandon their own goals in order to follow him, but also makes him completely oblivious to his father's true nature. Despite this kindness, he has an unshakeable will, and refuses to give up even in the face of seemingly impossible odds. This determination is best showcased during the final battle where, despite the immense emotional pressure he is under, he manages to effectively lead his army to victory.

While he almost never gets angry, Nanas seems to become easily annoyed whenever he is treated like a child by someone, frequently stating that he's an adult and can make decisions for himself. Contrary to his protests, however, Nanas is repeatedly shown to have fairly childish qualities, such as a distaste for alcohol, a tendency to become flustered when discussing adult topics and an affinity for having his head patted.

Nanas has an odd fascination with dwarves, and explodes with somewhat uncharacteristically boyish excitement when meeting Kinggear for the first time, much to the latter's annoyance and his own embarrassment.


Despite his truly remarkable genius, Nanas holds a very low opinion of himself due to his physical weakness. He admits several times that he is ashamed of the fact that he is incapable of fending for himself and claims that he relies on others to do everything for him. While he is reassured that this is not the case several times by his companions, who reinforce that all of their achievements are due to his skill, he refuses to acknowledge them. Following his discovery of his father's true character, he blames himself for being unable to realize it sooner and allowing himself to be manipulated. At the end of the game, Nanas sets off on a journey across the world to learn to become more self-reliant, as he sees himself as unfit for the position of King.



Nanas is a gifted leader and strategist.

Nanas is a highly intelligent and skilled person who is considered to be the greatest strategist in history. He is capable of planning complex and effective strategies on a moment's notice, and can effortlessly predict the actions of others, even when they are intentionally trying to go against his orders. Throughout his adventures, he matches wits with legendary tacticians such as Pitten Chao and Barres Province, and manages to outmaneuver each and every one of them. It is through his strategic abilities alone that Mamatoto is capable of toppling much larger and better equipped opponents to conquer the world.

In addition to his strategic abilities, Nanas is equally as extraordinarily skilled in magic sciences, and is the person responsible for the creation of the Kids system, a highly advanced technological marvel that creates countless disposable soldiers at the cost of magic cards. The Kids are just as instrumental to Mamatoto's success as Nanas' strategies are, as they substantially increase the nation's military power without having to outsource corrupt and untrustworthy monster mercenaries.

Beyond his astounding mental capabilities, Nanas is a fairly talented magic user. He primarily practices the art of summoning, which allows him to summon powerful spirits to support his allies in a variety of different ways, such as increasing their movement or attack power. Nanas can only summon one of these spirits per battle, however, and the cost is fairly high. Besides summoning, Nanas knows a small amount of more basic offensive magic spells, though as he is not an active practitioner of them his skill pales in comparison to more experienced spellcasters such as his sister Arvy Alphoria.

As a trade-off for his several talents, however, Nanas is incredibly weak physically, up to the point of being almost helpless on the battlefield. His frail body and lack of offensive power make him incapable of fending for himself the few times he participates in combat, forcing him to rely on his allies to protect him. In addition, despite being their creator, he is incapable of commanding Kids in battle, meaning even his great strategic ability goes to waste when he is forced to fight.


  • Nanas' name is translated as "Nanus" in the English translation of Widenyo.
  • Nanas is one of the few Alicesoft protagonists that is not required to be sexually active during his game, and can be entirely chaste should the player avoid having him pursue any of the heroines.




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