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Mamatoto is attacking Buron? Have they gotten desperate, feeling that their destruction is imminent?

Kinggear, surprised by Mamatoto's sudden move.

Nanas's Prediction
Type Interception x2
Objective Defeat Buron's Eastern Invasion Squad
New Units Kinggear, Cocona White
Chapter's Protagonist Hero
Location Mamatoto (Country)

Nanas's Prediction is the 3rd Chapter of Mamatoto: A Record of War.


After replinishing in materials to have a solid army of Kids and obtaining a new Ally, Mamatoto made their way towards the lake near Zazam once again. Their goal was to reach Buron. Jamos is dubvious wether Mamatoto would be able to win against Buron, which Nanas confirms, as he states that their current objective is to eliminate the Eastern Invasion Squad rather than the capital. They are confident that most of their forces should be stationed to the north, as the country is currently at war with the Gaston Empire, so they should be able to defeat a smaller Squad. 

Their conversation ends when Jamos sights two Moving Fortress from Buron's Eastern Squad advancing towards Mamatoto's location. Nanas claims that they can win against two small models, but if they call reinforcements, their defeat is guaranteed so they have to make sure to win quickly enough. In the opposing Fortress' Sortie Room, a conversation is being held with its main commanders. A dwarf called Kinggear is surprised to see Mamatoto attacking Buron, believing that they have probably grown desperate. He's accompanied by a Knight named Gamnam, who's eager to crush Mamatoto. Lastly, a young girl named Cocona White arrives, apologizing for being late. Gamnam is going to lead one squad along with Cocona while Kinggear leads the other one, attacking Mamatoto from two fronts. One last member is lurking in the shadows, with Gamnam ordering him to "operate as he always does".

Meanwhile, in Mamatoto's side, Nanas is giving his commanders encouragement for the upcoming battle, but Murat points out the sudden dissappearance of their most recent ally Hero. Wang points out that he probably ran away, as it was expected from a monster. While some are dubvious and Nanas remains silent, he simply tells them not to worry and to fight to their fullest. The battle between Buron and Mamatoto begins!


Nanas's Advice[]

"The enemy has two offensive squads. Defend on two fronts!

The first squad will charge from the front. Of their 19 units, 2 are combat engineers. 

The commander is a huge dwarf. He must be a warrior. There are also some insectoid enemies with high movement, but don't just focus on those. One of you will go out in the front battle. I'll have you take Kids with you.

The second squad is attacking from port. Of their 18 units, 2 are combat engineers.

The Commander is a Buron Knight. He has a warrior with him that appears to use a staff. Besides them, it's the same as the 1st Squad. One of you will go out in the port battle. I'll have you take Kids with you.

The enemies that break through both front lines will converge inside Mamatoto for the final battle. Try to take out as many as you can here."


1st Squad

  • Total Number: 19
  • Commanders: Kinggear
  • Initial: 5 Goblins, 2 Orcs, 2 Poison Bugs, 1 Minotaurus
  • Reinforcements: 2 Mageman, 2 Orcs, 2 Combat Engineers, 2 Poison Bugs, 1 Goblin
  • Treasure Chests: Persistent Candle ,Hairpin
  • Gold: 21

2nd Squad

  • Total Number: 18
  • Commanders: Gamnam, Cocona White
  • Initial: 1 Mageman, 2 Orcs, 2 Goblins, 1 Poison Bug
  • Reinforcements: 2 Goblins, 1 Ham, 2 Orcs, 1 Poison Bug, 2 Combat Engineer, 2 Mageman
  • Treasure Chests: Agate Ring
  • Gold: 21


Despite defending from both fortresses, Mamatoto managed to come out successfully repel the invading attack. Nanas, who usually commands from the King's Room, this time remained alone in the Command Room on the deck. Optimistic and determined, Nanas is euphoric for Mamatoto's victory over Buron. However, men wearing black clothes appeared behind Nanas without making a single sound and cornered Nanas, who didn't notice them until they were right next to him. It was Buron's Assassination Squad, the Dark Crows. Its leader, the man boasting the nickname of Dark Crow, laughs at Nanas, claiming that for someone that is highly regarded as the world's most talented tactician, being in the commanding room on his own was a very foolish and naive move on his part. He's about to take Nanas's life when suddenly the floorboards between Nanas and the assassins rise. The Lizardman Hero came out from underneath them, who quickly safeguards Nanas. Dark Crow is astonished by the event, incapable of comprehending why is a monster in a place like this. Hero presents himself as a Mamatoto Commander, much to the assassin's surprise. The Lizardman proudly boasts about his General's accurate prediction, as he intentionally exposed himself in this room to bait the Dark Crows and ordered Hero to hide beneath the ground. Furthermore, the back door had a device previously set by Nanas that makes it impossible to open from the inside, preventing the Assassination Squad from getting away. With only one door to exit, Nanas runs away from the remaining door. The whole squad fights Hero, as Dark Crow orders that all they need to do is get one to pass through the door to take Nanas's head, but Hero guards the door and fights them all from that spot without moving an inch, eventually taking them all out on his own. With Nanas successfully surviving, he was able to lead the remaining commanders in the final battle within Mamatoto to secure their victory.

After the battle was over, everyone gathered in the Sortie Room with their hearts relieved. They were all worried about Hero's dissappearance and Nanas remained quiet about it. He stated that he chose to remain quiet because he didn't know if they were already lurking and the plan would have flopped if he had revealed it back then. Stourin was the only one that realized Nanas's intentions, claiming that "to deceive your enemies, you must first deceive your allies". After Hero saved Nanas's life, Wang was forced to apologize and accept him as a reliable ally, going back on his previous words and underestimating his loyalty for his status as a monster.

Nanas returned to the Throne Room, where Kakaro expressed concern for his son's well-being after hearing that the Dark Crows attacked him mid-battle, but Nanas claims that everything went fine and that this battle represents Mamatoto's first major victory. Despite this, Mamatoto is still far from being able to have a large-scale battle against a big country, but Nanas is optimistic that they will manage to gradually increase their power over time. Soon after in the Sortie Room, Wang is seen grumbling because no-one listens to his advice, as Nanas ignored his warnings and decided to go meet with the prisoners. Arvy tries to cheer him up by preparing tea, inviting Maitrea and Raisen as well.

In the prison cell, Nanas appears along with Stourin in order to talk with the prisoners. He's facinated by meeting a dwarf but Stourin tells him to remain composed after Kinggear started being increasingly irritated. The three held a conversation over his reasons for becoming a Buron commander and Kinggear is striked by curiosity for working under Nanas when he realized how much Stourin admires and loves him. Since Kinggear holds a great respect for the famous One-Eyed Ice Dragon from Mamatoto, he's curious to see what the man he admires the most is capable of, joining as a commander as a result.

The two then meet with a younger green-haired girl named Cocona White, who's from a Buron Military Family. Meeting with the General of the Army, Cocona makes a rather audacious request. She asks to work in Mamatoto's Cafeteria, which completely takes by surprise the two genius tacticians. She requests to do the laundry, or cleaning or other such house-chores, but Nanas states that Mamatoto isn't really needing maids but commanders. They reach an agreement in which Cocona joins as a Mamatoto commander in exchange of being allowed to the chores, which they find strange but accept regardless.

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