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Nyohohohoh! I, Nanari, bringer of justice, shall punish them!!

—Princess Nanari, about to attack Mamatoto for the first time

Nanari Seikyuzan
Japanese 勢久山 奈菜璃
Romanization seikyuzan nanari
Race Human
Age / Birth 15
Sex Female
Ht. / Wt. 147cm / 40kg
Measurements B79 / W60 / H79
Status Alive
World Mamatoto World
Affiliation Rikyu, Mamatoto (Country)
Appeared in Mamatoto, Widenyo


Nanari Seikyuzan, otherwise known as Princess Nanari is the master of the Nanari fortress, the fastest fortresses in the world, but also one of the smallest. While most fortresses rely on wheels, the Nanari fortress uses three legs to quickly run across the landscape, with its speed even surpassing the extremely mobile fortress known as Mamatoto. With her men in tow, Nanari uses this powerful tool to wrong perceived misdeeds around the continent and plundering the defeated "evil" adversaries in exchange of gold.


Upon hearing of the attacks Mamatoto has made on different fortresses, including defeating the nation of Zazam itself, Nanari takes it upon herself to defeat Mamatoto and its general once and for all, unaware of Nanas's ambition to bring peace to the war-torn world. She has two henchmen that help her on her self-proclaimed mission, Duke Ete and Goricky. Much like Nanas himself, Nanari pairs her fortress's mobility with stratagems in order to beat her opponent, though this mostly just involves sending the stealthy Duke Ete to kidnap someone. However, her plans were torn asunder everytime by Nanas's superior tactics and her own seemingly terrible luck. Eventually, her last attack relying on brute force used up all of her remaining resources including her amazing fortress, which was incapacitated by Nana's ploy and Iron Horse's prowess with a bow. After this final defeat, she along with her underlings are convinced to join forces with Mamatoto.

Personnality and appearance[]


Nanari is shown to have an extremely flamboyant personality, sharply contrasting the demure Nanas. She is enthusiastic in her endeavours, usually punctuating her statements with a surplus of exclamation points, but when these fail she tends to fairly easily blame her own fumbles on to her henchmen, though they remain utterly devoted to her through it all. Though she is a somewhat decent leader, coming up with over-arching plans and strategies while backing up her men and displaying decent combat ability, she is rather scatterbrained and easily fooled, a fact which only helped her repeated failures. She also doesn't sweat the details very much and is easily disoriented, which only leads to her generally pestering and demanding for help navigating Mamatoto, always with a very commanding (and spoiled) tone. Her attitude somewhat softens when getting to know Nanas and being touched by the selflessness he displays towards her.

As both her looks and personality are fairly tomboyish, Kakaro was initially uninterested as his preferences lie more towards the extremely feminine.


Nanari wields a naginata in battle which mostly works as a melee weapon but can be used for some distance. Her actual skill as a warrior, though not bad by any means, remains below average when compared to the highly-skilled commanders of Mamatoto's army. Her commanding ability is quite good however and is further helped by the fact that she can use her two allies Duke Ete and Goricky in her battles in addition to the Kids.


She is also very unique is that her skill, Nadeshiko, has the power to heal allies, unlike any other power known in the Mamatoto World. By somehow cheering towards another soldier, all his wounds are instantly healed no matter what they were, making of her an extremely valuable ally even without her own fighting abilities.

Common Route[]

Though initially angry, Nanari started working under Nanas (along with her two henchmen if Raisen captured them) as an "exchange student". However, when Nanas came to visit her in her room, Nanari smacked him with her naginata, berating him for his carelessness as a supposedly master tactician. Though Nanas tries to mention that reflexes and tactics are not actually related, she cuts him short before inspecting what he brought her. Since she is officially a student here, Nanas thought to bring her books telling of Mamatoto's history, but she quickly rejects them and asks instead for "a book with animals in them" before summarily dismissing him, leaving Nanas standing outside quite confused.

When Nanas returned with her request however, Nanari seemed to completely ignore Nanas as he knocked on her door. When he enters her room anyway, he is shocked to see her trying to jump off the window. Panicking, Nanas somehow manages to pull her back inside, but as he tries to catch his breath once more, the princess suddenly starts crying of homesickness as she tells him of the tatami mats and miso soup from her homeland. As he tries to dry her tears, Nanas mentions that as an exchange student, she still has not finished studying Mamatoto, asking if she is willing to give up before having finished her goal.

Unwilling to accept failure in anything, Nanari regains her composure as Nanas proposes to be her new "study-buddy" to cure her loneliness. As Nanari boisters that of course it's really Nanas that needs to be friends with a wonderful princess like her, Nanas makes her promise never to jump off the window again.

Though Nanas brings her more books and studies with her for a while, she quickly grows bored and decides to go explore Mamatoto, however the princess quickly gets lost everytime, even occasionally bumping into the surly King Kakaro. Eventually, Nanari brusquely comes in Nanas's room to see him, loudly proclaiming her boredom. As he proposes visiting the library, she declares she is sick of books and asks for him to accompany her on her exploration and they decide to meet up in an hour on the ship's deck. However three hours la


ter, Nanas waits alone under the unrelenting rain as he starts to worry about her. However, Nanari had just decided to come right back inside due to the rain, assuming Nanas would do the same, and was ironically engrossed in a book. Eventually however, she sees the other commanders with worried looks near Nanas's room, as she discovers that he had grown terribly sick after waiting for her for hours under the rain. She tries to rush in to see him, but Stourin objects, telling her that only those looking after him may see him.

Back in her room, Nanari worries about Nanas, wondering if he'll die and suddenly realises that Nanas is in fact the only reason that she is staying here, and that she may have feelings for Nanas. Later in the night as Nanas was sleeping alone in his room, Nanas feels something soft beside him and is shocked to discover a naked princess Nanari beside him. Apparently she'd heard that this was the fastest way to cure a fever and had decided to look out for him like this, particularly as she feels responsible for what happened. As the hours went on, Nanari eventually hugs him and whispers a love confession, as she assumed he was sleeping. An embarassed Nanari tries to leave, but Nanas convinces her to stay instead for the rest of the night.

Not long after, Nanas is reading alone in the library as Nanari approaches him. As Nanas asks her what she's reading, she reveals an old-fashioned romance novel. As she tells of how fun and romantic it is, she describes a proposal where the groom had decorated the room with red roses before kneeling in front of her, kissing her hand and saying "I'll love you forever. Please marry me.", deeming it cool and over the top.

Nanas Good Ending[]

Shortly after discovering Kakaro's true character, Nanas asks Stourin to summon princess Nanari to his chambers. Though Nanari starts fearing the worst, even considering that Nanas is considering suicide after all this, she is surprised to see the room covered with roses, as Nanas recreates the moment she described for her. Nanari is at first shocked by the sudden proposal,


before eventually falling into blushes and her trademark laughter. She then decides to do a pinky swear with Nanas as a promise to love each other forever before proclaiming that they must now "hug and kiss like crazy!!". They then move to the bed as Nanari explains that sex must follow a wedding and that it's a good way to soothe his troubled soul. Soon afterwards, Nanari decides to clean the sheets as a wife-ish thing to do. However, she notices something odd about Nanas and decides to work hard to ease his troubled expression.

When Nanas decides to leave following Kakaro's defeat, saddened to leave Nanari so soon after his confession, he hears a shout from behind him, followed by a slap on his cheek. Apparently Nanari had a feeling he would do something like this, and quickly berates him for betraying his pinky-swear so soon after having made it. She then exclaims that as his wife she will follow him everywhere and cheer him up when he's down as she does her trademark laugh. They then leave Mamatoto behind, with Duke Ete and Goricky in tow.

Kakaro Bad Ending[]

As Kakaro was wondering what Nanas's new commander would turn out to be like, a curious Nanari wanders into the throne room demanding to know the location of the cafeteria. After Kakaro gives her some directions, she ended up giving him a grasshopper as thanks, telling him to treasure it as a gift from a princess. This constant petulant behavior combined with her tomboyish behavior goes against his tastes for the refined, and Kakaro quickly dismisses her as a target.


Over the next few weeks, Nanari would occasionally bump into him as she explored the ship, always irritating him everytime they met whether it was by wandering into his appartments or calling him an old man. She eventually realises that he is actually the king, though she still acts dismissively. Eventually, however, Tamocchi told him of her recent closeness with Nanas and their talk of marriage proposals, thus arousing Kakaro's sadism and interest in her. As she is summoned to his rooms he asks her about this marriage proposal before saying that as a father-in-law she has to obey him. He then grapples her to the bed and rapes her. Soon afterwards, he tells her that she doesn't deserve Nanas, as she is "no longer pure", thus solidifying his hold on her. Over the next few weeks, this cruel treatment and the despair at losing Nanas at the same time slowly makes her reach her breaking point.

Shortly after Nanas discovers Kakaro's true character, Tamocchi finds out that one of Kakaro's sex slaves escaped. This turned out to be princess Nanari, stumbling the halls only covered in a tattered robe and rambling all the while. As her condition was investigated, the conclusion was that she may have forever lost her sanity due to the emotional abuse.