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Pigu-mini-spoils-2 Spoiler Alert: This page contains minor spoilers from the events of the games.
Don't worry too much about them but take it into account.


—Nalzgeis, usual response

Japanese ナルツガイス
Romanization narushigaisu
Race Human
Age / Birth 19
Sex Female
Ht. / Wt. 171cm / 50kg
Measurements B90 / W61 / H92
Class Mage
World Mamatoto World
Affiliation Buron, Mamatoto (Country)
Appeared in Mamatoto, Mamanyonyo, Windenyo


Nalzgeis is an extremely powerful mage that serves under Buron, greatly feared for her unmatched magical powers and her cold nature, well-known for exterminating all her enemies without batting an eye. She's typically called "Buron's Guardian Deity", since her moving fortress resides in the canyon that borders the territories between two of the biggest nations, Buron and Sigmason. She's an incredibly silent and emotionless girl that almost never talks and when she does it's only an affirmative and blunt "Yes" to affirm others questions or statements.

The fortress where Nalzgeis belongs has an impeccable reputation for remaining completely undefeated, and since the canyon is a stretch passage with little options but fighting, no-one has ever been able to enter in Buron's territory from the east by force. The fortress is led by the Wizard Zabus, who is Nalzgeis' only boss. Commanding an elite team conformed by Nalzgeis, the Knight Dashirom and Valentine, the fortress has never lost a battle and word of the might of Nalzgeis has turned her into one of the most imposing figures in the current warring era.

During the events of Mamatoto, the small country Mamatoto set their sights towards Buron and attempted to cross the path claimed to be impenetrable. While the small army led by the General and Prince Nanas Alphoria was hesitant and nervous of facing the famous Witch, they were confident that they would be able to win and crossed the path directly towards her fortress. Zabus, aware of the direct challenge the country had given them, accepted it and deployed an unit led by Dashirom to fight the opposing army. However, their Ace, Nalzgeis, was not deployed, which confused and concerned Mamatoto's side until their alert and observant tactician Nanas managed to find out their strategy and found Nalzgeis attacking Mamatoto's Heart, the core of the fortress that would immediately make it fall apart if it was destroyed. He quickly moved all of his top available commanders to fend against the Witch of Buron, who used a magic spell to make clones of herself and proved to be an incredibly tough opponent. The group managed to repel her attack and she withdrew for the time being. Night arrived and the battle stopped, with the two fortresses avoiding to make a move at night. Nanas realized that this strategy is how they managed to defeat their enemies up until now, but that it was probably hardly all they had up their sleeve and they had to be more cautious than ever.


Nalzgeis carries a strange bird-like creature on her shoulder at all times.

The following day, Nanas visited the throne room with Stourin and his father Kakaro to converse about the upcoming battle, and debate about the best course of action. However, mid-conversation, they were surprised by a Magical Nuke launched by the Witch Nalzgeis to Mamatoto's throne room, bringing tremendous damage to the fortress in the process. Nanas woke up immediately after to find his mentor, Stourin Wald, covered in blood and mortally wounded, noticing that he covered him from the attack as he remained mostly unharmed. He worriedly checked on his father as well but he soothed when he noticed he was unharmed, albeit unconcious. Nalzgeis then headed to attack Mamatoto through the hole now opened in the Throne Room, along with a platoon she commanded. Nanas immediately responded by summoning his own commanders to fight off the witch in a battle where he was present himself. Being forced to protect their weak General, Mamatoto's commanders didn't have an easy fight against Buron's Guardian Deity, but they managed to come out victorious thanks to the leadership provided by Nanas and Nalzgeis was finally defeated, being captured and locked in Mamatoto's prison as a result. Having lost their trump card, Nanas led the remaining members of Mamatoto's army to invade the opposing fortress this time, robbing them from their undefeatable status for good.

After the long fighting was over, she was visited by Nanas in the prison cell, where Mocha was as scared as confused by her due to her dreaded reputation, but the fact that she remained completely impassible and just remained in silence without moving. She's accompanied by a strange-looking animal that is bird-like in appearance, but she doesn't respond to Nanas at all and is a completely one-sided conversation, which results in it being really awkward for him. Nanas intended to convince her to join Mamatoto and help them to unite the continent and, much to everyone's surprise, she quietly says "yes" when asked to join and fight as a Mamatoto Commander, although she would then say nothing else to anyone.

From this point, Nalzgeis remains with Mamatoto as a commander and follows all his orders in the battlefield, but remains a completely irresponsive individual that holds no conversations with anyone.

Personality and Appearance[]


Nalzgeis is an incredibly serious and dull person who doesn't talk at all. Despite this, she still comes out as an extremely attractive woman, making apparent that her status as "Goddess" doesn't just come from her advanded magical power. With a long dress opened in the belly, a perfect hourglass figure, and a beautiful pair of golden eyes, she's a woman that would be described as gorgeous by any sane man. She has a long and beautiful green hair and dresses in an almost divine fashion.

Her personality makes her look very mysterious and intriguing due to her lack of communication, and doesn't seem to hold affective feelings for anyone, as she was willing to swap sides immediately after her fortress was defeated and joining Mamatoto instead for no apparent reason. The only one she seems to be attached to is the creature that accompanies her all the time. He's protective with her and drives away those that molest her, grumbling to them by making sharp and loud noises. Nanas tried to futilely talk with her to know her better, as he believed that as the general, it was his responsibility to get to meet and relate properly with his subordinates, but he saw little success as she barely responded to him and only resulted in awkward and uncomfortable scenarios for him.


Being the woman known as Buron's Guardian Deity, her power as a mage is obscenely high, so powerful that many look up to her as a Goddess. In battle, she makes use of her incomparable magic power by wielding a strange-looking item to channel her powerful magic. She makes use of Water Magic above all, assaulting enemies with huge waves of water and razing with huge numbers of enemies. Her damage is incredibly high and can make use of special magic attacks, such as a cloning technique to split herself into multiple water clones to attack enemies in different locations, although these are likely weaker than the original.


Nalzgeis special move.

Her standout move is a unique attack of her own that launches an incredibly devastating long-ranged water wave to destroy all her enemies in a front line. The raw damage of this attack is certainly high, but what makes it more impressive is the absurd reach of this ability, as the move continues its march indefinitely and is seemingly unstoppable, capable of attacking all the enemies it hits without loss of power. This move is so deadly it can be used to decimate armies, but enemies that have high endurance or magical resistance are perfectly capable of enduring it.

Her power as a mage is among the mightiest in the world, probably matched only by Kias Titalas and Kavachahn the Lightning, yet she probably holds much greater talent and potential than they do, since they are highly experienced and powerful mages that have gotten where they are after many years of training and self-improvement. Nalzgeis carries an incredible talent and innate potential that allows her to be around their level despite being in her twenties.

Nalzgeis biggest weaknesses are that of a typical spell-caster, being a fragile fighter with little agility and endurance, very vulnerable to fighters once in close-range. Also, while her magic is very powerful, with the exception of her special move, water magic lacks high range and requires her to get relatively close to her targets, forcing her allies to protect her.

Nanas Route (Good)[]

In Nalzgeis' Route, Nanas will start regularly visiting Nalzgeis. As he is very thankful to Nalzgeis for using her power to aid Mamatoto in their dream, he endeavours to spend time with her despite her muteness, trying to develop a more solid relationship with her. Of course in all their conversations, Nanas is the one that does all the talking, with Nalzgeis just silently staring at him, listening to him. He sometimes asks questions about her, hoping to get to know her better but as Nalzgeis won't ever respond, he discovers little. However, as he has the (correct) impression that she enjoys his company, he keeps seeing her anyway as thanks for her invaluable help. He notes the strange bird that is with her at all times, who holds a wary disposition towards Nanas but not entirely hostile. 

At some point, Sabuz, who had ran away after the defeat his Fortress faced in Mamatoto's battle against Nalzgeis fortress, is captured by Mamatoto forces and presented to Nanas. Fearful for his life, he starts claiming that Nalzgeis the Witch would avenge him, but when he discovers that Nalzgeis is now an integral part of Mamatoto's forces, he then asks for employment. He then claims to be Nalzgeis' master and creator, as Nanas and Stourin listen to the rest of his tale. In the past, Sabuz came across a young girl that showed an absurdly high magical potential. He was eager to train her power but she was a gentle soul despite her might and was useless in a fight. In order to turn her into a powerful weapon anyway, Sabuz, who specializes in mind magic cast a secret spell on her to seal her heart away, robbing her from emotions and feelings. Now essentially an automaton, Abel was forced to obey any order given to her with those coming from Sabuz taking priority, and with all of her other actions like eating and sleeping being automatic actions. When enemy fortresses appeared, Sabuz would unleash her to destroy it in one stroke, while other times he would use her as a mere sex doll. Incapable of feeling anything, the re-christened Nalzgeis became the ruthless Deity that is now so feared in the world. As Sabuz explained that Nalzgeis would follow any command but that only he could unleash her full power, he attempts to convince Nanas to join Mamatoto's army so that he can be Nalzgeis's master once more. He also tries to persuade them by saying that she would also practice any type of sexual intercourse she was ordered to as well. As Sabuz tells a shocked Nanas and Tourin of all these "wonderful" possibilities, they both order to have him imprisoned instead, much to Sabuz's rage.


Due to her lack of a "Heart", Nalzgeis is incapable of expressing her sorrow through anything but dry and cold tears.

Immediately after, Nanas will run to Nalzgeis' location, aware of the truth behind her strange and seemingly apathetic behavior, and tries to talk with her once more. He then solemnly swears to release her from her curse no matter what. As he says this, Nalzgeis responds for the first time, by the few tears coming forth. As he claims that he wants to be able to talk to her, to listen to her voice and to meet her true self, Nalzgeis continues to silently weep. While she lacks a [Heart] Nanas notes how there's still emotions within her and that the sorrow she's going through must be unimaginable, proceeding to further insist on his promise. This scenery caused the bird on Nalzgeis' shoulder to suddenly talk, telling Nanas that the name of Nalzgeis is just another invention of Sabuz to intimidate enemies and that her true name is Abel, "a much better name" as he puts it. He presents himself as Capra and claims to be "Abel's knight". He states that he decided to trust in Nanas after seeing his legitimate will to help Nalzgeis recover her [Heart], and that he will support him in doing so. Despite his will to help, Capra lacks knowledge over where Abel's [Heart] was sealed in, only knowing that it is stashed inside a bottle hidden by Sabuz.

Knowing this, Nanas will start visiting Abel regularly to give her company, as he knows that even though she's incapable of expressing her feelings, she's still able to feel them and spends time with her everyday and that she needs to have hope that he will be able to somehow restore her [Heart]. Capra converses with him as well. In order to find a way to restore her [Heart], Nanas will also go to Sabuz's prison cell to try to convince him to reveal its location. Sabuz at first will be confused by the request, wondering why he would want to turn Nalzgeis back into a peaceful entity instead of the Magical Warring Goddess she is now. However, Sabuz lets out a loud laugh after thinking that Nanas must have fallen in love with her, making fun of him and remarking to him that she's nothing but a doll and that he has already violated her body several times himself. With little pride or shame, Nanas will start begging him to tell him the location of Abel's [Heart] but he will refuse to do so. Sabuz's lack of intention to give him the location of her [Heart] is clear when he starts asking for impossible demands in exchange of the information, like granting him total control of Mamatoto, which Nanas obviously can't grant. Just to make fun of him, as he still holds an intense grudge over Nanas since he's the man that defeated him, he continuously asks him fussy requests everyday. Capra is very annoyed by this, expressing his irritation over the situation, since Nanas is forced to lower himself to mundane tasks in a hopeless attempt to restore Abel's [Heart]. He claims that he has no idea even how the bottle that keeps Abel's [Heart] sealed looks, but that he feels that he would be able to recgonize it on the spot if he saw it.

As Nanas, Abel and Capra are standing outside, Capra sadly states that he's not even certain that the bottle still exists and that Sabuz may have long destroyed it. As Nanas reproaches Capra for saying this right next to Nalzgeis, they suddenly hear an odd noise from below, followed by a shout that Sabuz escaped with Mocha as a hostage. Sabuz then appears before them, shielding himself with Mocha. Sabuz is ecstatic to have found Nanas and Nalzgeis, boldly claiming that he is Mamatoto's new master with Nalzgeis's power at his side. He then reveals that his orders for Nalzgeis supersede all others and then orders her to use anti-human magic on Nanas. Despite Nanas and Capra's cries, her blast sends him flying but much to Sabuz's shock, Nanas still lives as Nalzgeis intentionally pulled her punch as much as she could. He then orders her to shoot him again, this time insisting on her using her full power to kill him for good, but Nalzgeis says "No" for the first time. A furious Sabuz starts shouting "Kill him!" over and over, and a teary-eyed Nalzgeis then slowly starts charging her shot once more. But just as she was about to launch her deadly attack, Sabuz is sent flying by the timely intervention of Hero who came running as fast as he could. As Sabuz was gargling on the ground, he ends up violently vomiting a bottle that rolls to Hero's feet. Nanas and Capra instantly recognize it as Nalzgeis's [Heart] and asks Hero to hand it over as Sabuz begs him not to, saying that Nalzgeis would become useless once more. Hero of course obeys Nanas, though has some apprehension in losing such a powerful ally, but Nanas just says that it will all be fine with everyone else's power. Nanas then breaks the bottle as Sabuz weeps and Abel finally awakens.


Upon recovering her Heart, Abel was able to express her emotions again.

Abel's emotions fly into her, allowing her to talk and laugh, and she then recounts her grief at being unable to respond to all of Nanas's kindness, thanking him for the unconditional love he showed her before claiming that now that she can hear his real words, she wishes to listen to them forever. As the two lovebirds look at one another, Capra, Hero and Mocha shuffle away, dragging Sabuz along and leaving them alone. Nanas and Abel then kiss for the first time.

As Nanas visits Abel, he notices that she is upset by something which she quickly denies. Capra however threatens to tell him instead and Abel eventually tells him that she is saddened by a feeling of uselessness, as she now sits in the sidelines while others fight, arguing that she was much more useful as a puppet than as she is now. Nanas then tells her she is being ridiculous: seeing her smile after all makes him happy and redoubles his zeal in protecting her. However, Abel then follows up with one request: having Nanas's child. After all, Nanas and Capra are always protecting her, so she wants for something to protect as well. Capra then awkwardly leaves as Nanas acquiesces, and the two lovers fall on the bed (with Abel having some shyness due to it being her first time doing this with her emotions). Later on, Capra returns saying he is glad that Abel has someone who loves her. Abel and Nanas then spend their time off talking outside and speaking of the future. During the battles though, Abel continues expressing some distress at her own uselessness, particularly when facing the complex Gaston defense system.


After Kakaro's transformation, Abel visits Nanas in his room. As Nanas puts on a brave face, Abel forces him to reveals his inner turmoil, as such a shock made him feel disconnected from reality, even though as a general he must be focused on the moment and the trials to overcome. Abel tells him that even though today he is suppressing his heart, he wouldn't, shouldn't break. Nanas then states that he'll make sure to fight against any opposition if it is to protect her along with all of Mamatoto, as Abel asks him to return alive.

After Kakaro's defeat, Nanas decides to go on a journey, but Abel and Capra catch up with him and insist on tagging along, just as Abel reveals that she is indeed pregnant with Nanas's child. The soon-to-be parents and their talking bird then leave on their journey.

Kakaro Route (Bad)[]

Kakaro brusquely enters Nalzgeis's room, eager to see the witch so powerful that managed to knock him down. As he relishes the idea that such powerful magic was now at their service, he also notes her great beauty and starts caressing her. As she poses no resistance, he follows it up by groping her breasts. When even this doesn't provoke a response, his cruel grin returns as he decides to have sex with her then and there, but as soon as he starts stripping her, Nalzgeis's faithful bird Capra violently starts cawing and pecking Kakaro. Dejected, Kakaro decides to leave, though warning that he will soon return.

Sure enough, Kakaro comes into her room some time later only to find it empty. As he wonders where the witch could have gone, he hears water flowing and finds her naked in the shower. He enters the room, glad to have Nalzgeis to himself without the vexing bird and starts rubbing her shoulders. As Nalzgeis remains silent, Kakaro starts finding her behavior strange and wonders whether she actually wants to sleep with him and is acting submissive or if something else is behind her muteness. He soon ignores this and starts washing her breasts while asking her to moan for him, but even as she keeps silent, an infuriated Kakaro decides to simply rape her. At this statement however, Nalzgeis obeyingly makes herself ready much to Kakaro's confusion. Before he has a chance to sleep with her however, Capra enters the bathroom and violently pecks Kakaro once more. Enraged, Kakaro punches the bird into the ground, but the ensuing ruckus draws Nanas to the room forcing Kakaro to abandon his endeavour for now. As Nanas starts worrying, Kakaro simply states that Nalzgeis slipped in the shower which caused the bird to panic and violently caw and draws Nanas away from Nalzgeis's room.

In the following days, Kakaro starts arpenting her room, hoping to find her and finally make her his, only to find her room empty save for her panties. Eventually however, he comes to find the captured Nabuz, glaring at the disgusting man. Pleading for his life, Nabuz responds that his counsel could help Mamatoto exploit all of Nalzgeis's power as her full potential is locked away by a spell of his design. Kakaro's interest grows and starts asking what Nalzgeis is and why she obeys him. Sabuz tells him of how he found Abel, then a kind little girl with great magic potential who's benevolent nature made her unable to cast offensive spells without crying, and how he sealed her heart away so she would finally respond to whatever was asked of her, including for "nightly activities". Sabuz then pleads to be used by Mamatoto in order to control Nalzgeis once more, then grows ever bolder as he follows it by a proposal to become Kakaro's faithful "number 2" and to have a threesome with Nalzgeis as he would "let" Kakaro use her. Infuriated by his presumptiveness, Kakaro brutally slaughters Sabuz, though he immediately realises his mistake in not discovering the release spell first. However, he then spots the bottle containing Nalzgeis's heart spilling from the eviscerated Sabuz and laughs, knowing that as long as he possesses this Nalzgeis will remain his faithful slave.

Kakaro then returns to her room, bragging of Sabuz's death and the discovery of her heart, claiming that she is now his puppet. He then orders her to strip, which she automatically obeys even as Capra flies into the room, shouting that he would protect Abel and demanding the return of her heart. However Kakaro simply punches the poor creature into a wall and Capra apologizes to Abel for his failure before breathing his last. Kakaro then starts H-ing the almost completely unresponsive but obedient Nalzgeis, claiming her as his new sex slave.


  • During her appearance in Widenyo, she appears as Abel, having already regained her soul. She explains this by saying that one of Mamatoto's commanders had defeated Sabuz offscreen and begins working under Mamatoto as thanks. Unlike in the original game, she retains all of her magical ability even after being freed.
  • She's noted for being somewhat similar to the character Hornet from the Rance Series, being remarkably identical to her in looks.
  • Her real name is translated as "Eibell" in the English translation of Widenyo.
  • In Rance IX, her role in combat as a powerful mage with a special skill that covers a straight line with unlimited length is filled by Shizuka Masou.