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Nakanishi Kendo
Japanese 中西 剣道
Romanization Nakanishi Kendō
Race Human
Sex Female
Class Swordsman
World Japan (Daibanchou)
Affiliation Wolf Fang
Appeared in Big Bang Age, Big Bang Beat


Nakanishi Kendo is a powerful and headstrong special student from Seijou Academy, and an expert at Kendo. She is the older sister of Nakanishi Kyudo. Though the duo are opposites in looks, personality and even fighting style, they are quite close, with Kendo often being very protective of her sister.

Though she considered herself to be one of the country's strongest swordsmen for years as she grew up, she was eventually humbled during a sword competition a few years ago where an upperclassman, Murakumo Shizuri defeated her with superlative skill. However, this defeat only made Kendo redouble her efforts, securing her spot as one of the strongest swordfighters in the nation.

As such, the local banchou of the academy Yamizaki Akito often tried to recruit her, but the headstrong Kendo refused him every time. During Zanma Rouga's quest to unite the academy, she grew interested in him and his cause, leading her to either eventually join him when they first meet, or end up serving Akito instead when he threatens her sister.

When she joins Wolf Fang, she grows quite close to Rouga and ends up becoming one of the stronger members of the group. When fighting the NPI, she discovers that her old adversary Shizuri has become one of the NPI's strongest fighters, though she no longer possesses all of her mind. Eventually, Rouga and her challenge Shizuri to a fight and eventually restore her mind, and Kendo starts regularly sparring with Shizuri, improving her skills even further. Though they grow quite close, Shizuri and Kendo eventually have an intense duel to determine who is the strongest sword fighter in Japan.

Personality and Appearance[]

Kendo is a young woman most often seen with her school uniform and her twin bamboo swords (竹刀, shinai). Like her sister, she has blue hair, though she keeps hers quite short, which combined with her defiant smile gives her a bit of a tomboyish appearance despite her ample features.

Kendo is a very determined and outspoken woman, always ready to fight for a good cause and quite forward in almost all of her interactions. She is particularly proud of her swordfighting skills, and constantly trains to improve her swordsmanship. However, though she is quite interested in sex, she had little to no relationships due to her lack of confidence over her own looks that she judges not feminine enough to be attractive. She is also still somewhat naive as she lacks real combat experience, and her combative spirit can easily shatter when her own sister is concerned.



Kendo strike (end-game)

Kendo is a very powerful mid-range fighter and one of the strongest members of Seijou academy, with only Yamamoto Burai and Akito being near her level. Though her strikes are powerful enough on their own, she can use her special abilities to increase her strength even further. However, she has not yet reached her full fighting potential and can still be battered with long range attacks.

Her special ability, Hard Hit, allows her to deal a more powerful hit at increased stamina cost.

She is of the Normal type and has a bonus against the Dark type.


  • Nakanishi Kendo appears in the fighting games Big Bang Beat and Big Bang Beat Revolve, as the main fighter of the "Nakanishi sisters " playable character (Kyudo providing powerful support attacks).
  • As she appears in three different H-scenes, Kendo is the character with the most scenes in the game, not counting the main hero/heroines. 
  • The defeat of either Nakanishi sister leads to a special event concerning the other, but Kendo is the only character in the game whose defeat AFTER recruitment leads to a CG or another character's boost.
  • Kendo is named after the disclipline she practices, Kendo (剣道, Kendō). This martial art involves fighting using bamboo swords and is often taught in Japanese schools.